Purple Team Assessment Service: A Collaborative Approach to Security Assessments

Read why Russel Van Tuyl’s says that companies should have a collaborative approach to security assessments on Security Info Watch : In the realm of information security, there is a growing movement to enhance security assessments with a more collaborative model of testing. This approach supplements the traditional penetration testing services that are the foundation of […]

Security Monitoring and Analytics: Faster Time to Action

Read why Derek Brink says that it is time for fast action in security monitoring and data analysis on Security Intelligence : In highlighting the difference between tools and platforms for security monitoring and analytics initiatives, one of the biggest benefits of a platform approach is that it lets your security analysts be analysts instead of […]

Guarding against ever-present ATM threats

Read Steve Cocheo’s article about ATM threats on Banking Exchange : Willie Sutton never actually uttered that famous line about robbing banks, “because that’s where the money was.” But had he still been around now, as the 50th anniversary of the ATM was marked, he might have said something about cash machines being even handier places […]

The Triple Threat Of The Internet Of Things

Read  H. Michael O’Brien’s article about the three threats of Internet of Things on Law 360 : The recent WannaCry ransomware cyberattack provided another chilling reminder of the potential disruptive power behind the internet of things. Even before the WannaCry attack in May 2017, a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on a domain name server provider, Dyn […]

Cybersecurity Firms Warn of New Malware Threat to Electric Grids

Two cyber security companies said they have uncovered a sophisticated piece of malicious software capable of causing power outages by ordering industrial computers to shut down electricity transmission. Read about the new malware threats to electric grids as warned by two cyber security companies on Fortune.

Cyber insurance coverage must be appropriate to perceived risk

Read why Greg Reber says that cyber insurance must cover all the perceived cyber risks to the company on Security Info Watch : Public agencies and businesses around the world are making cyber risk a top priority. Insuring companies against data breaches is becoming a huge industry even as its nascent role and impact in […]

How Real are the IoT Security Concerns?

Read Maria Marinina’s article about the Internet of Things security concerns on Business : While there are real consequences for neglecting IoT security, it’s a mistake to feel as though nothing can be done about it. Users, network administrators and developers alike can take steps to make sure their assets are protected in the age of […]

Oil and gas industry on guard for cyber attack

The scale and severity of the recent international ransom-ware cyber attack has elevated urgency in the oil and gas industry to detect and defend against potentially debilitating threats and actions. Those with specialist knowledge suggest that in most cases, cyber and physical attacks are disassociated, although “cyber physical” attacks, where control systems are hacked to cause […]

How to protect yourself from ransomware attacks

A decade-old form of malicious software known as ransomware has been making headlines after cybercriminals hijacked hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide. Ransomware, which is often transmitted by email or web pop-ups, involves locking up people’s data and threatening to destroy it if a ransom is not paid. Read how to protect yourself from ransomware attacks […]

What we can learn from the Google Docs hack

Read Rick McElroy’s article about the new phishing attack using Google Docs on CSO Online : An interesting new phishing attack emerged last week, on Google Docs. “The vulnerability was exposed for only about one hour, and a spokesperson told NBC News that it affected ‘fewer than 0.1 percent of Gmail users’ — which would still […]