Understand Your Risk, Then Invest in Your Small Business Cybersecurity Plan

Read why Michael Guta says that small and medium businesses should understand cyber security risks before investing on Small Biz Trends : Do you know the cost/benefit breakdown of the cybersecurity you have in place for your small business? To be more precise, how much should you invest in cybersecurity protection in relation to your actual […]

The Three Pillars of Hypothesis-Driven Threat Defense

Read Oliver Rochford explain the three pillars of hypothesis driven threat defense on Security Week : Threat hunting is the act of proactively identifying and counteracting an adversary that has gained a foothold in an organizations environment. This contrasts with Threat Detection, that focuses on identifying a threat by approaches such as signature-based detection or the […]

7 Cybersecurity Questions Every Leader Should Ask

Read the seven cyber security questions that every leader should ask according to Kimberly A. Whitler on Forbes : I recently interviewed the former CIO for the White House (under the Bush administration), Theresa Payton, about why marketers must start engaging in cybersecurity before crises like the recent Equifax cybersecurity incident emerge. Read her full article […]

Ransomware is the top threat to business data

New research from research organization the SANS Institute reveals that frontline IT professionals consider ransomware to be the top overall threat to data availability. Insider threats and denial of service are also considered top threats to sensitive data. Read about the new research by SANS Institute which reveals that majority of respondents considered ransomware to be […]

Don’t dismiss insider threats when assessing security

Read why Thomas Fischer says that companies should not dismiss insider threats while assessing cyber security on Beta News : When we think of a cyberthreat, we often imagine a nation state hacking group, or a virus trying to work its way into our company network. After all the media is full of depictions of incidents […]

The Cybersecurity Threats Presented by Financial Services Remote Employees

Security and IT professionals at large enterprises across all industries are faced with the daily task of having to secure an expanding attack surface. Vulnerable points of entry used to live within the organization’s walls, where firewalls and inline security tools could protect them. Read about the cyber security threats by remote employees in financial […]

Getting a start on cyber threat hunting

“We live in a world where the adversaries will persist in getting into an organizations environment, and they only have to be successful once. And, on average, companies are breached for more than 200 days before they realize they are compromised,” notes Mark Terenzoni, CEO at Sqrrl, a company dedicated to simplifying effective cyber threat […]

Cybercriminals Are Targeting Small Businesses That Don’t Take Cybersecurity Seriously

Read why Brian Hughes says that cyber criminals are targeting small and medium businesses who dont take cyber security seriously on Entrepreneur : Could your business recover from an abrupt loss of $256,000? Because that’s how much a single cybersecurity hack could cost a small business, according to a recent analysis in Tech Republic. Read […]

The 5 cyber attacks you’re most likely to face

Read Roger A. Grimes list five cyber attacks that every company is most likely to face on CSO Online : As a consultant, one the security biggest problems I see is perception: The threats companies think they face are often vastly different than the threats that pose the greatest risk. For example, they hire me to […]

Special events demand strategic security planning

Read why Don Campbell says that companies need strategic security planning for special high profile events on Security Info Watch : High-profile events have always been viewed as high-value targets for potentially malicious acts, making heightened security measures standard operating procedure at large venues around the world. This is particularly applicable for major sporting, entertainment […]