Insider Threat Fear Greater Than Ever, Survey Shows

Despite continued spending on security measures for controlling and monitoring access to sensitive data, more organizations than ever feel vulnerable to breaches caused by insiders with legitimate access to enterprise systems. Read more about the survey conducted for  Haystax Technology by LinkedIn’s Information Security Community and Crowd Research Partners which reveals that 74 percent of […]

Here are the top 6 ways websites get hacked, according to Google

In 2016, the number of hacked websites rose by 32%, according to a recent blog post from Google. And, unfortunately, the search giant said it believes that number will continue to rise as hackers become more sophisticated. Read about the top six ways in which any website gets hacked according to Google on Tech Republic.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Is Not New, But More Necessary Than Ever!

Read why every company should have a security operations center (SOC) on Tech Times : Does everyone seem to talk about Security Operations Center (SOC)? Are you thinking of hiring or outsourcing a SOC team because everyone else is? Well, not before you get your facts right! If anyone tells you that they have something new to […]

How to patch your security blind spots

Read Robert Gibbons’ article about how companies can patch their blind spots on Help Net Security : One of the most challenging – and interesting, and frustrating – aspects of cybersecurity is the sheer unpredictability of industry developments still to come. Sure, analyzing recent history, preparation strategies and common mistakes can offer some direction forward in […]

Some thoughts on vulnerability management

Read Marko Ruotsalainen’s article about vulnerability management on Liquid Information Blog : In this blog post I will briefly discuss about vulnerability management, what it is from a high-level perspective and what it generally requires from an organization. The processes probably varies a lot between organizations based on the size and the industry the organization operates […]

Is Your Business Taking Security Seriously? 5 Checks To Make

Read about the five checks companies can make to check their cyber security preparedness on Business Matters : There’s no point having your cyber security up to date if your physical security doesn’t match it; you still need to take the threat of a break in very seriously because an easy-steal is hard to resist […]

Biggest fears for businesses? Cyber attacks, data breaches

Read why Tim Ross says that cyber attacks and data breaches continue to be top fears for businesses on Daily Herald : The threat of cyber attacks and political instability resulting from rising populism are among the biggest worries for businesses around the world, according to a study of companies in 79 countries. The No. 1 issue […]

5 Data Breach Threats Your Small Business Should Prepare For

Securing sensitive information has never been more difficult with new malware threats that seem to pop up every single year. Data breaches affect even the most renowned companies like Yahoo, LinkedIn and Dropbox, to name a few. Read more about the five data breach threats small and medium businesses should prepare for on Business News […]

A New Mantra For Cybersecurity: ‘Simulate, Simulate, Simulate!’

Read why Danelle Au says that simulation of real life situations is the best mantra for cyber security on Dark Reading : Over the long holidays in December (and thanks to the massive California storms) I had the chance to re-watch some great movies, including Apollo 13 – one of my all-time favorites. Apollo 13 […]

Proactive vs. Reactive Compliance Management

Read Ben Schmerler’s article about how regulatory compliance is treated by businesses on Tripwire : Much of my time spent working is focused on performing technology assessments against some kind of baseline. Most of the time, these are specific government or industry standards like HIPAA, NIST, ISO and PCI. But when some of my clients reach […]