Enterprise network management and security require collaboration

Read David Geer’s article about why should see value in collaborating on enterprise network security management as cyberthreats to the network increase on Tech Target : Powerful forces are driving networking and security professionals together. And it’s about time. Cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015, according […]

Cybersecurity Strategy, Risk Management and List Making

Read  Charles Kolodgy’s article about risk management and cyber security strategy on Security Intelligence : When confronted with the daunting task of developing a cybersecurity strategy, many people don’t know where to start. The quick answer is to make a list of the tasks required to accomplish the project, organize them by functional categories and […]

Security Think Tank: Security analytics can provide serious value

Read Raef Meeuwisse’s article about how security analytics can provide useful cyber security information to businesses on Computer Weekly : As a tool for the construction of stable and useful cyber security practice in an organisation, security analytics is as versatile as they come. With multiple uses, if deployed correctly and efficiently, it can set the […]

Tips For Protecting Your Business From Ransomware Threats

Read Chalmers Brown’s tips for protecting your business from ransomware attacks on Forbes : Hackers are becoming increasingly aggressive about what they want. While many online fraud attempts have been somewhat covert, the latest trend is ransomware, including an incredible increase in mobile ransomware attacks. Read his full article here.

Firms look to security analytics to keep pace with cyber threats

Read why Nicholas Fearn says that firms need to look at their security analytics to keep pace with cyber threats on Computer Weekly : Security has changed dramatically over the decades. Companies can no longer risk focusing just on protecting physical assets such as offices and stock. With firms becoming increasingly reliant on technology and software […]

Assessing Risks and Remediating Threats With a Layered Approach to Vulnerability Management

Read why Brian Evans says that companies should take a layered approach to vulnerability management on Security Intelligence : Companies need to do more than just scan for known problems and provide huge vulnerability reports to system and network administrators for remediation. According to Gartner, known vulnerabilities still comprise 99 percent of all known exploit […]

Corporate Cyber Risk Disclosures Jump Dramatically in 2017

More public companies described “cybersecurity” as a risk in their financial disclosures in the first half of 2017 than in all of 2016, suggesting that board and C-suite fears over data breaches may be escalating. Read about the Bloomberg analysis which found that  436 companies cited “cybersecurity” as a risk factor in their Securities and Exchange […]

Taking a Cognitive Approach to Unified Endpoint Management

Read why Wes Gyure and John Harrington Jr. say that companies should take a cognitive approach to unified Endpoint management on Security Intelligence : If you function like most IT organizations, you’ve spent the past few years relying on mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM) and client management tools to get the most out […]

Why Your Enterprise Security Strategy Needs to Evolve

Read why Scott Koegler says that every organisation needs a security strategy to evolve on Security Intelligence : Creating a defensive and protective strategy is one of the core responsibilities for a security leader, but this is a tall order for any professional. That’s because security measures need to evolve as threats change over time. A static […]

Threat Intelligence and Analytics: Staying Ahead of Cyber Criminals

Read why Drew Robb says that threat intelligence and analytics can help organisations to stay ahead of cyber criminals on eSecurity Planet : The concept of cyber threat intelligence is really not much different from other areas of the intelligence field. In national security, intelligence gathering techniques seek to detect potential situations and draw conclusions that […]