The advent of GDPR could fuel extortion attempts by criminals

The number of exploit kit attacks is, slowly but surely, going down, and malware peddlers are turning towards more reliable tactics such as spam, phishing, and targeting specific, individual vulnerabilities. That’s the good news. The bad news is that everything else is on the rise: BEC scams, ransomware, stealthy crypto-mining, the number of enterprise records compromised […]

LoopX pulls exit scam, walks away with $4.5m in investor cryptocurrency

LoopX has pulled an exit scam after launching a series of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) which earned the startup roughly $4.5 million. The cryptocurrency startup promised to give traders consistent, high returns for investing in a proprietary trading algorithm. According to a cached version of the LoopX website — which has now gone dark — a series […]

Fake News: Could the Next Major Cyberattack Cause a Cyberwar?

Fake news — we’ve all heard about it, but sometimes we struggle to grasp the extent of its impact. With more people moving online and social media becoming the go-to news source, and with a good chunk of what is put on social media being fake, the reader must determine whether information is true or […]

Lazarus Group, Fancy Bear Most Active Threat Groups in 2017

The busiest threat actor groups of 2017 were Sofacy (otherwise known as Fancy Bear or APT28) and the Lazarus Group, security experts report. As these groups ramped up activity, threat actors operating out of China became quiet. Analysts at AlienVault leveraged data from its Open Threat Exchange (OTX) threat intelligence sharing platform to take a […]

Cloud computing: Why a major cyber-attack could be as costly as a hurricane

The destructive tropical cyclone hurricane Katrina hit the US in 2005, causing $108bn in damage — but that could be exceeded by the cost of a major cyber-attack, according to one expert. “To compare the degree of economic cost, estimates now are that if attackers took down a major cloud provider, the damages could be […]

CISOs’ Cyber War: How Did We Get Here?

Jack Miller, Chief Information Security Officer of SlashNex, has spent a great deal of time on the front lines of the biggest conflict of our age: the cyber war. In almost 20 years as a security professional, he has reached the conclusion that while we are all fighting the good fight and winning some battles, we […]

The key to success with prevention strategies like remote browser isolation

It is tempting as a security practitioner to think you can prevent every attack. Especially in a people-strapped industry, why wouldn’t you want to? If we could just use technology and prevent attacks, we wouldn’t need that many new security practitioners after all. Prevention is definitely a good strategy, and has prompted much investment from […]

Insider threats and the misuse of privileged credentials

IT professionals may understand what their most valuable assets are, but they are still struggling to safeguard IT assets against the unpredictability of human behaviour. Whilst HR and finance departments are the easiest target for social engineering, it is in fact IT staff who pose the biggest insider risk to networks, whether caused by accidental or intentional actions. […]

How to survive the worsening cyber threat landscape

Read Michael Nadeau’s article about the current worsening cyber threat landscape on CSO Online : Don’t expect the cyber threat landscape to get safer anytime soon. That’s the message given by speakers at two recent Boston-based events. “By any measure you want to use, the trend line is going the wrong way,” said Rob Joyce, […]

The need for better proactive cyber defense

Read why  Lloyd McCoy Jr. says that there is a need for better proactive cyber defense on CSO Online : After years of theorizing about “proactive cyber defense,” talk is finally starting to be put into action. Let’s not delay. As cyberattacks become frighteningly more commonplace (the Equifax hack of 143 million consumer IDs is […]