Not all malware is created equal

Lastline’s Q4 2017 Malscape Monitor Report delivers previously unavailable trends and actionable insights into malicious behaviors and how threats unfold. Reflecting the objects analyzed in the last quarter of 2017, the report found that enterprises use over a 100 different file types every day to do business, with malware prevalent in over 40 different MIME […]

Threat Actors Turn to Blockchain Infrastructure to Host & Hide Malicious Activity

In a troubling trend for enterprises and law enforcement, threat actors are ramping up their use of blockchain domains to hide malicious activity and improve their ability to withstand takedown efforts. Security vendor FireEye says it has observed a recent uptick in interest in cryptocurrency infrastructure in the cyber underground over the last year. Many different software […]

2.5 billion crypto mining attempts detected in enterprise networks

The volume of cryptomining transactions has been steadily growing since Coinhive came out with its browser-based cryptomining service in September 2017. Some websites have embraced the option and are giving their visitors the choice between viewing ads or sharing their CPU power to mine cryptocoins. Unfortunately malicious, covert hijackings of computer power are much more common, […]

HTTP Injector Steals Mobile Internet Access

A new attack in the wild leans not on email nor ransom, but on YouTube, Telegram, and HTTP headers intended to confuse an ISP. Researchers at Flashpoint found that hackers have developed HTTP injectors that gain them free Internet access on mobile phone networks — and that they’re trading these injectors like cents-off coupons at […]

Verizon DBIR: Ransomware Attacks Double for Second Year in a Row

After doubling in 2016, the frequency of ransomware attacks doubled again in 2017, according to findings in the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). The 2018 DBIR is the 11th edition of the report, and includes data not only from forensic investigations conducted by Verizon, but also 67 contributing organizations. In total, the report […]

Crypto mining runs rampant in higher education: Is it students?

The higher education sector exhibited a startling increase in potentially damaging cryptocurrency mining behaviors, according to Vectra. The Attacker Behavior Industry Report reveals cyberattack detections and trends from a sample of 246 opt-in enterprise customers using the Vectra Cognito platform, across 14 different industries. From September 2017 through January 2018, Vectra monitored traffic and collected metadata from […]

Attackers Shift From Adobe Flaws to Microsoft Products

Recorded Future recently analyzed code repositories, the Dark Web, underground forums, and other sources to identify the vulnerabilities that cybercriminals exploited most commonly in 2017. The exercise revealed a marked shift in attacker preference from Adobe to Microsoft product exploits: in contrast to previous years where Adobe Flash flaws dominated Recorded Future’s list of the 10 most […]

Looking Back to Look Ahead: Cyber Threat Trends to Watch

Organizations today face an unprecedented volume of increasingly sophisticated threats as they conduct online operations. As the potential attack surface expands and attack volumes increase, it is imperative to track the most popular and successful strategies of cybercriminals to stay ahead of their malicious intentions. The quarterly Fortinet Global Threat Landscape Report gathers the collective […]

SamSam ransomware attacks have earned nearly $850,000

First emerging in late 2015, the group believed to be responsible for the SamSam ransomware family has targeted small and large businesses, healthcare, governments, and education. Over time, the ransom prices set by this group have changed some, but they’ve remained consistent when it comes to general affordability, which is why many victims have paid. […]

Applications & Identities Initial Targets in 86% of Breaches: Report

F5 Labs recently examined 433 data breach incidents to better understand attack paths from the initial attack to the root cause of the breach. Specifically, they looked at breaches where there was a known attack type, root cause, data type and count of records breached, or cost of the breach. Not all of the cases included every […]