A DIY Security Assessment

Read John Mccumber explain a do it yourself security assessment for company IT pros on Security Info Watch : Information security assessments are a popular service.  Organizations are seeking consulting help to review their existing information security program, define gaps, and make security recommendations.  Many of these services include providing a roadmap to include projected […]

Identifying and Overcoming Cybersecurity Risks: 5 Steps

Read Bethany Cornel list five steps for companies to identify and overcome cyber security threats on Data Center Journal : Like it or not, modern businesses are placing themselves in the firing line if they fail to take action to protect themselves from hackers. The recent global cyber breach outlined how important information security is […]

Why are Businesses still Taking Unnecessary Risks with Cybersecurity?

Read Mark Barmby’s article about the unnecessary risks that businesses take with cyber security on Infosec Magazine : Barely a week passes without the announcement of a significant cybersecurity incident – WannaCry was the most recent in a worryingly long list. The diversity of those affected reinforces the fact that nearly every business is dependent […]

Cybersecurity threat has a wider landscape now: Cisco

Cyber crooks are now casting a wider net, attacking not just PCs and mobile phones but also Internet-connected devices like security cameras or routers, which has “exponentially” increased the risk landscape, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said on Tuesday. Read why Chuck Robbins of Cisco says that cyber security threat has a wider landscape today on […]

Emerging Threats to Add to Your Security Radar Screen

Read Kelly Sheridan list new emerging threats that businesses should be aware of on Dark Reading : As security pros scramble to defend against today’s threats as well as a new wave of attacks such as the WannaCry ransomware worm, emerging technologies and determined cybercriminals are poised to make cyber-defense even more complex. Read her full […]

Emerging Tech Creates Cybersecurity Solutions, Threats

Read why Daniel R. Stoller says that emerging threat creates cyber security solutions but also creates new cyber threats on Bloomberg BNA : Companies must understand that artificial intelligence, quantum computing and other new technologies bring both opportunities and collateral cybersecurity threats, panelist and lawmakers said at a March 22 Senate hearing. Read his full article […]

Facing a Crisis of Cyber Confidence, Organizations Must Focus on Risk and Resilience

Read why Steve Durbin says that organisations need to focus on risk and resilience in the face of rising data breach incidents on Infosec Magazine : Organizations invest significant time and resources into creating a reputable image and earning public esteem. One mishandled breach incident can severely damage years of goodwill. The fallout can be […]

The 2016 cyber-security landscape and how it sets the stage for 2017

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CIOs will thwart cybersecurity threats with behavioral analytics in 2017

Read Clint Boulton explain how behavioral analytics can help companies thwart cyber attacks in 2017 on CIO : Companies are investing more money in emerging technologies that can help anticipate and detect a variety of threats, including phishing scams and advanced persistent threats, both of which are weighing heavily on the minds’ of corporate board […]

Global security market focused on organisational collaboration in 2016

Read Kevin Wine’s article about how global security was focused on organisational collaboration in 2016 on JDSupra : In the past year, we have continued to see that the global security market is both dynamic and evolving. The term “security” no longer means simply protecting the perimeter of a building; it also involves securing corporate networks […]