Third-party security vetting: Do it before you sign a contract

If you’re talking about stopping security risks from an outside vendor already on-board, Jerry Archer says, “You’ve already failed.” Chief security officer for Fannie Mae, Archer contends that risk mitigation should begin before your company closes the deal. That’s why his team has a go or no-go vote for any vendor Fannie Mae brings on. […]

How organizations are confronting escalating third-party cyber risk

Based on in-depth interviews with security executives from 30 participating organizations across multiple industries, RiskRecon revealed how companies are managing the security risks of their complex digital supply chains and sensitive business partnerships. Researchers identified vendor-neutral capability sets comprising common, emerging, and pioneering practices that firms have implemented to manage third-party security risk. “Enterprise risk officers […]

Third Party Risks To Enterprise In A Post Equifax World

In the aftermath of the Equifax breach in which millions of people’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) was stolen, everyone from press to the Senate has been focused on the customers. The attention is well-deserved, but consumers are not the only ones made more vulnerable by this major breach. Given that so many people’s PII has entered […]

Aussie Blood Data Breach Highlights Third Party Risk

Read Phil Muncaster’s article about how the Australian blood data breach highlights the third party risks on Infosec Magazine : A 2016 privacy snafu which exposed the personal details of over half a million Australians was caused by “one-off human error” from a third-party contractor, the local Information -Commissioner has confirmed. Read his full article here. […]

Cyber safety threat lies in third parties

Read why  Muthoki Mumo says that cyber security threat lies in third parties on Daily Nation : You’ve probably taken steps to guard your company against the tremendous risks posed by cybercrime. You have invested heavily in the best security tools and even audit employee devices that might connect to your network. Read her full […]

How to protect your company from third-party data breaches

Read Ian Barkar list steps for companies to protect themselves from third party data breaches on Beta News : It’s becoming increasingly clear that data breaches can happen to any company and at pretty much any time. Protecting your company’s data isn’t just about securing your own systems, it also means ensuring that any third-parties you […]

Ransom demand and held hostage – Netflix’ third-party risk management failure

Read why says that the ransom demand from Netflix is a Netflix’s third party risk management failure on CU Insight : When I think of a robbery and hostage situation, “Dog Day Afternoon” with Al Pacino comes to mind. But the reality in 2017 is there is likely a greater danger of an organization’s data […]

Businesses must pay greater attention to third-party risk

Third-party relationships can pose a significant security challenge for businesses, with a clear delineation of responsibility needed to help avoid pitfalls, IT Pro has been told. Speaking at EMC World 2016, Rob Sadowski, director of market insight at RSA, told IT Pro that while the supply chain has always been a potential vector of attack […]