Consumers worry more about cybercrime than physical crime

Consumers are more worried about cybercrime than physical world crime, according to Sophos. The survey polled 1,250 consumers in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Read more about the new survey by Sophos which reveals that nearly  63 percent worry about financial loss due to a computer breach on Help Net Security.

Survey Roundup: ‘Naive’ CEOs Put Firms at Cyberattack Risk

A survey of 200 chief executives by cybersecurity analytics firm RedSeal and data company 72 Point found 80% of the respondents operate with “cyber naiveté” that exposes their companies as ripe cyberattack targets. Read about the new survey by RedSeal which reveals that about 80% of the CEOs were found to be cyber naive exposing […]

The IT Security Flip: Inside More of a Concern than Outside

Every once in awhile, a survey provides insights that at first glance don’t seem out of the ordinary. They generally validate a hypothesis. That is why we were somewhat surprised when we commissioned a survey of IT security professionals working in enterprises large and small. Read about the new survey by Infosec Island which reveals […]

Do you know which data compliance standards apply to your organization?

espite the explosion in data collection among companies in every sector and the well-documented risks of cyber threats, a new Liaison Technologies survey of nearly 500 US C-level executives and senior-level managers reveals that nearly half (47%) are unsure which information security and privacy regulations apply to their organizations. Read about the new survey by […]

You’re Doing BYOD Wrong: These Numbers Prove It

Just days before National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Bitdefender carried out a study on a representative chunk of Internet users living in the United States to evaluate their attitudes and behaviors related to data security at work. Read more about the new Bitdefender study which reveals 71% of employed Americans who own personal mobile devices are […]

77 Percent of Ransomware Attacks Successfully Bypass Email Filtering

According to the results of a recent Barkly survey of 60 companies that were hit by successful ransomware attacks over the past 12 months, 77 of respondents said the attacks bypassed email filtering solutions. The survey also found that 95 percent of the attacks bypassed the victims’ firewall(s) and 52 percent bypassed anti-malware solutions. Read about the […]

SMBs victims of phishing attacks 5x more than ransomware

Despite a glut of research into new ransomware variants, low-tech threats like phishing attacks and viruses pose a more prevalent threat to small businesses than ransomware, according to a recent survey of SMB owners. Read more about the new survey by Harris Poll called Nationwide Small Business Indicator which reveals that thirty-seven percent of small businesses that […]

Report: Companies still woefully unprepared for data breaches

With large-scale data breaches and ransomware schemes continuing to plague organizations in both the public and private sectors, cybersecurity awareness among companies and their executive teams is at an all-time high. However, increased awareness hasn’t necessarily translated into increased preparedness. Read about the the fourth annual data breach preparedness survey by Ponemon Institute which reveals that […]

Ransomware a Top Small Business Concern

A Carbonite survey found a growing number of small businesses believe the federal government should play a more active role in making sure data is protected. Small businesses in the United States are increasingly worried about the $1 billion ransomware crisis, with 79 percent of small-business owners saying a presidential candidate’s position on mitigating cyber-threats against […]

Almost Half of GCs Have Dealt With a Data Breach, Survey Says

A whopping 40 percent of general counsel of major corporations said in a just-released survey that their companies have experienced a data breach in the past year. And data privacy/security tied for first place in the survey on a list of GC priorities for the coming months. Read about The 2016 General Counsel Report by […]