How a data breach can negatively impact your company’s stock price

A data breach can lead to lost records, compliance issues, and intellectual property being compromised, but it can also have more lasting effects. A Tuesday report from Comparitech explained how a data breach can impact your stock price, sometimes for years to come. Read about the new report by Comparitech which reveals that data breaches […]

American Watchdog Imposes New Cybersecurity Regulations

Financial firms around the world are facing tougher and tougher challenges from determined and sophisticated cyber criminals. Only this month we have learned about a security breach at FXCM, data theft at Scottrade and a crippling DDos attack against IC Markets. As the vulnerabilities of a modern electronic marketplace are exposed over and over again, financial […]

Stock Price May Not Tell the Whole Story About Security Breaches

Read Rick M Robinson says that the current stock prices may not tell the whole story about the data breaches on Security Intelligence : Data security breaches are larger and more spectacular than ever before. Just in the last year, companies suffering from major hacks have ranged from retailers and financial firms to entertainment conglomerates. […]

Hack Attacks Mean More Cyber Firms Will Go Public

Rapid7, LogRhythm and Mimecast are joining a growing list of cybersecurity firms planning to go public in 2015 to capitalize on investor interest following a spate of hacker attacks, according to people familiar with the matter. Shares of publicly traded cybersecurity firms have outperformed the market in recent months, as high-profile data breaches at Sony […]

Hacking Fears Boost Cybersecurity Shares

One of the most watched industries this year has been cybersecurity as several high-profile cyber attacks have drawn attention to the fact that hackers seem to be one step ahead of the programs protecting companies’ data. Not only have private firms been spending more on new security tools to keep their customer data safe, but […]

Data breach consequences: Get breached, make money?

This is a canon that’s been ingrained into the minds of business leaders and the public for years, and has been an effective way for security teams to grab the attention of the C-suite. However, the actual stock values of companies suffering high-profile data breaches versus their S&P 500 predictions are calling the truth of […]

Cyber stocks riding high amid growing hacks

Cybersecurity companies are seeing positive gains in the stock market following the massive hack of Anthem and other serious data breaches. -The exchange-traded fund for cyber firms — known by the ticker symbol HACK — rose nearly 17 percent in February, according to CNN Money. Stock values for individual firms are also surging. Read how […]