Hacked companies underperform by ‘42% after three years’

The security and privacy advice and comparison website, Comparitech.com, has today released the results of a study that looked at companies who have experienced a data breach and the effects on their stock prices over time Read about the new report by Comparitech.com which reveals that 24 NYSE listed companies which were hacked underperformed by 42 […]

Why is Cybersecurity Important to Hedge Funds?

With cybercriminals employing ever more sophisticated methods, cybersecurity has never been more important to hedge funds and other alternative investment managers. In our digital age, a criminal can steal millions of pounds without ever even setting foot inside the UK. In the UK a reported 51% of people have been a victim of cybercrime, making […]

Hacking + Securities Fraud = New Face Of Insider Trading – Analysis

Read Ajey Lele and Munish Sharma analyse the hacking and securities fraud in United States on Eurasia Review : An important indictor to judge a country’s financial health is the behaviour of the Stock Market Index. All over the world, investors in stock markets trade on the basis of both analysis and speculation. On many […]