Top 10 Security Startups to Watch in 2017

Read Jessica Lyons Hardcastle  list top 10 security startups to watch out for in 2017 on SDX Central : In recent months a flurry of security startups have emerged from stealth mode (would you expect anything less?) and unveiled new products that use the latest technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain to […]

From hacked casino fish tanks to malicious links, cybersecurity threats are everywhere and startups are raking in the dough

Read Becky Peterson’s articles about how cyber security startups are growing due to growing cyber attacks on Business Insider : Cybersecurity isn’t exactly new, but it’s becoming one of the hottest areas on the startup scene. With global malware attacks like WannaCry garnering widespread attention and press coverage, and companies and consumers growing increasingly worried about […]

Start-ups can mitigate cyber crime risks with insurance

Businesses, both small and big, are increasingly shifting their processes and transactions online. The heavy dependence on the internet, however, comes with its own risks in the form of cyber crimes. Besides taking cyber security measures, fledgling entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses in particular need to purchase cyber-liability insurance to mitigate the risk from cyber […]

Start-ups: Cyber security advice you need to hear

Read Alan Blaney’s cyber security advise for startups on Business Magazine : For most big businesses this problem can be met head on by enlisting and recruiting IT security experts and implementing software that safeguards them from attacks; investments which are often costly, making them unattainable for many start-up businesses. Read his full article here.

Chances Are Your Startup Is Going To Get Hacked–Here’s What To Do

Read Samantha Drake’s article about how startups can protect against hacking  on Forbes : At the rate hackers are breaking into businesses computer records, chances are unfortunately pretty good that your startup has already been compromised in some way. The odds are so strong, in fact, that the federal government recently released guidelines to help businesses […]

QuickLaunch University: Data Security For Startups (Video Content)

Companies should have relevant controls to protect against reasonably foreseeable threats to security, confidentiality and integrity of the consumer’s personal information. See the video explaining data security for startups on Mondaq.

5 of the biggest cyber security threats to your start-up

Digital technology has made it easier and more cost-effective to do business than ever before, whether locally or on a truly global scale. But, with these opportunities, comes considerable web security risks so it’s imperative that you protect your business. Read about the five biggest cyber threats to startups on Startups.

Is Your Startup Secure? Here Are 3 Basic Cybersecurity Tips For Startups

Read Samantha Harrington list three cyber security tips for startups on Forbes : From online holiday shopping to the post-election drama of potential cyber-wars, online security is a topic on everybody’s tongue these days. As a startup owner, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how I can make sure that my business’ data […]

6 Things Startups Can Do to Stop Cyber Attacks

Read Naman Nepal explain five things startups can do do to prevent cyber attacks against them on Tech : As many unfortunate startups know, cyber attacks do not only affect large businesses. For smaller companies, the effects can be devastating. If you are connected to the web, either with a computer or mobile device, you are […]

What Startups Can Do About Cyber Attacks

Read Shellye Archambeau’s article about how startups should deal with cyber attacks on Xconomy : A cybersecurity report by Ponemon Institute, in association with Keeper Security, found that in the 12 months leading up to June 2016, 55 percent of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) experienced a cyber attack, while 50 percent encountered data breaches […]