Fake Android apps used for targeted surveillance found in Google Play

Security researchers have found two separate instances of hackers using Android apps to conduct highly targeted surveillance in the Middle East. The apps are built from two separate families of surveillance-focused malware, both targeting around a thousand unsuspecting users. The so-called ViperRAT malware was incorporated into two apps, and it has previously targeted members of the Israeli Defense […]

Microsoft: Windows Defender can now spot FinFisher government spyware

Microsoft says it has cracked open the notorious FinFisher government spyware to design new ways to detect it and protect Windows and Office users. FinFisher is sold to law-enforcement agencies around the world and its maker, European firm Gamma Group, has been criticized for selling it to repressive regimes. Last year, researchers at FireEye discovered FinFisher […]

Sophisticated Android malware spies on smartphones users and runs up their phone bill too

A newly uncovered form of Android malware secretly steals sensitive data from infected devices – including full audio recordings of phone calls – and stores it in cloud storage accounts. An invasive form of spyware, RedDrop harvests information from the device, including live recordings of its surroundings, user data including files, photos, contacts, notes, device […]

The future of smartphone security: Hardware isolation

Mobile spyware has become increasingly more ubiquitous in corporate networks and devices. In a 2017 study, Check Point has found that out of the 850 organizations that they queried, 100% had experienced a mobile malware attack at least once in the past. To date, most cybersecurity companies have focused either on software-only or built-in hardware […]

Kaspersky Lab Warns of Extremely Sophisticated Android Spyware Tool

An Italian IT company has been using spoofed web pages to quietly distribute an extremely sophisticated Android spyware tool for conducting surveillance on targeted individuals since 2015. In an advisory Tuesday, security vendor Kaspersky Lab described the tool, named Skygofree, as containing location-based audio recording capabilities and other functionality never before seen in the wild. Available telemetry […]

Macs Face Double Threat from New Ransomware, Spyware

A new strain of Mac ransomware will encrypt files on your Mac’s hard drive and demand that you pay about $700 to (maybe) get them back. A strain of Mac spyware created by the same author aims to capture screenshots, ambient audio, user photos and browser history from compromised Macs.  For now, neither piece of […]

Spyware abuse – partner tracking reaching “epidemic proportions”

The use of spyware software – used to track partner’s movements, texts and even listen in on calls in realtime – has seen a dramatic rise over the past few years, according to an exclusive report by British newspaper The Independent. A survey by domestic violence charity Women’s Aid concluded that 41% of abuse victims […]

Author fined $500k in first US spyware conviction

A US man has been handed a US$500,000 fine for selling the StealthGenie malware in the first prosecution of a mobile spyware slinger. Police collared Hammad Akbar, 31, in September after he allegedly sold the malware to an undercover agent in 2012. Akbar a Danish citizen, sold the StealthGenie malware capable of intercepting calls, text […]

Spyware app StealthGenie’s CEO fined $500K, forfeits source code

To adhere to the legal side of the line, monitoring apps have to be marketed at employers who want to keep an eye on their workers, or guardians who want to watch over their kids. But one company, StealthGenie, made no bones about its target audience being jealous people. So on Tuesday, we saw the […]

Detekt Spyware detector finds FinFisher dressed as bookmark manager

The Detekt privacy tool has discovered the FinFisher law enforcement spyware masquerading as a benign bookmark manager. Detekt was launched last week and offers users of Windows systems to inspect their machines for traces of known government spyware. FinFisher developed by Gamma Group International was sold to authorities including Australia’s NSW police; Belgium; the Netherlands; […]