What is an intrusion detection system (IDS)? A valued capability with serious management challenges

An intrusion detection system, or IDS, monitors traffic moving on networks and through systems to search for suspicious activity and known threats, sending up alerts when it finds such items. Enterprise IT departments deploy intrusion detection systems to gain visibility into potentially malicious activities happening within their technology environments. Each IDS is programmed to analyze […]

5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Update Your Software Regularly

Getting an alert to update operating systems and computer software always seem to happen at the most inopportune times. Maybe you’ve got to send that quick email first or write up that report? More often than not, you’ll probably put off downloading the latest updates for your computer until the next day, week, or even […]

Software Defined Security: Going Beyond Traditional Measures

Read why Alexander Seyf says that businesses have to move beyond traditional measures in cyber security and adapt security based security on Infosec Magazine : Organizations today are evolving and rapidly adopting new technologies. Whether introducing flexibility to their employees or new services to their customers, companies are redefining the organizational boundaries. But what this […]

Spring Cleaning: How to Remove Old Software that makes your PC Vulnerable

Read Andra Zahara’s article on how to remove old software that could make your PC vulnerable on Heimdal Security Blog : On today’s episode of „Digital Hoarders”, I share how we can all make our PCs more organized and less insecure. Seriously now, if it were a real show, probably over 70% of Internet users (personal […]

Software-defined perimeter security for cloud-based infrastructures

A hackathon is a generic industry term used to describe online or in-person events where people work collaboratively on software development. They don’t always yield perfect solutions, but they often result in major advances on tough problems. Read about the software-defined perimeter security for cloud-based infrastructure on GCN.

Software flaws used in hacking more than double, setting record

The number of previously unknown software flaws used by hackers more than doubled last year, a new report says, in another sign of the increasing sophistication of cybercrime and online espionage. Secret vulnerabilities in computer programs are especially prized by criminal gangs, law enforcement and spies because software vendors have not been warned and so […]

Is Security Software Broken?

From Cesare Garlati’s  article about security software on Information Security Buzz : The threat landscape in 2016 is almost completely unrecognisable from that of ten years ago. Today’s landscape is populated by actors who are well resourced, highly determined and increasingly sophisticated, not to mention motivated by anything from ideology (hacktivists and cyber terrorists), Read […]

Software security needs a new perspective

Read why Ben Dickson says that software security needs a fresh approach on Tech Crunch : Source code bugs have been a constant in the software industry since the dawn of computers — and have ever been a major source of attacks, exploits and security incidents. Read his full article here.

Latest security flaw to destroy all business? ‘Sanity check’ your cybercrime statistics

Read Violet Blue’s commentary on why it is necessary to keep a sanity check on your cyber crime statistics on ZDNet : Decision makers who struggle sorting facts from fiction with cybercrime news can be forgiven for thinking that someone, somewhere might be getting… a little dramatic. Headlines like “Patch your Chrysler vehicle before hackers kill […]

Unpatched software vulnerabilities continue to plague businesses

Cybersecurity firm F-Secure says over 70 per cent of businesses continue to leave themselves open to attacks by failing to update their software. The finding is surprising given the availability of security solutions that can help businesses control and manage software updating within their companies. A recent alert from the United States Computer Emergency Readiness […]