The 6 Riskiest Social Media Habits to Avoid at Work

Cybercriminals are turning to Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to launch attacks via employee behavior that could be putting your business at risk. Read/see the slideshow explaining the six riskiest social media habits that employees should avoid at work on Dark Reading.

Social Media Phishing Rose 500% in 2016 Q4: Proofpoint

Throughout 2016, social media phishing attacks have climbed 500%, a new Proofpoint research reveals. The data includes cases of angler phishing, where attackers intercept customer support channels on social media in their attempt to steal people’s credentials, which proved to be the most common among financial services, but also entertainment accounts. Read about the new […]

Social Media Phishing Attacks Soar 500%

Social media phishing attacks jumped by a massive 500% in Q4, driven by a huge increase in fraudulent accounts including many posing as customer support for big name brands, according to Proofpoint. Read about the Proofpoint’s Q4 2016 Threat Summary and Year in Review report which reveals that social media phishing attacks soared by 500 […]

5 Surprising Cybersecurity Risks on Social Media

Practically everybody uses social media these days. In fact, the average person is on social media nearly two hours a day. Since people use it so frequently, they’re often woefully unaware of all the security risks they face. Here are some things both businesses and individuals must be aware of. Read about the five cyber […]

Why Social Media Sites Are The New Cyber Weapons Of Choice

Read Nick Hayes’ article about how social media sites are fast becoming the favorite weapons of choice on Dark Reading : Cyber criminals run rampant across every social network today. We often see headlines about social marketing fails and celebrity account hacks, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Far more nefarious activity takes […]

Web and social media intelligence transforms security and safety planning

Read why Kevin Wine says that social media intelligence is necessary for cyber security on Source Security : Over the course of the last decade, we’ve seen a blurring of lines between cyber and physical security concerns. Whether it’s the hacking of corporate information or the use of social media for nefarious activities, it’s clear […]

Social Media: a hunting ground for cybercriminals

Read why Andreas Illmer says that social media has become a hunting ground for cyber criminals on BBC News : Do you ever hesitate to click on a post shared by a friend on Facebook? Not because it’s a boring picture of their dinner, but because you’re suspicious it might not actually have been posted by […]

Status update: The rise of the social-media extortionist

Read Violet Blue’s article about social media extortionist on Engadget : If you’ve read recent headlines about high-profile tech CEOs getting hacked, you probably felt a stab of dark amusement at the thought of internet fat cats finally getting a taste of what the rest of us have had to drink. Read her full article here.

What executives should know before sharing on social media

Read Tim Bentley explain what executives should know before sharing anything on social media on Business Insider Australia : According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, of the 9.2 million short-term resident departures from Australia last year, ‘business’ was the third most frequently cited reason for travel. Read his full article here.

Twitter Hacking and Social Media’s Risk to Executive Security

The use of social media as a means for targeting victims – whether through phishing or social engineering scams – is nothing new. However, in the past month or so we’ve seen a new trend in threat actors’ tactics: hacking high-profile executives’ social media accounts with the purpose of publishing embarrassing and controversial posts. Read […]