Hackers can cause big problems for small businesses

Read why Martin DeAngelis says that hackers cause big problems for small and medium businesses on Press of Atlantic City : For a week or so in January, a well-known Atlantic City business was one of millions around the U.S. trying hard to stay on good terms with its customers. But anyone connecting on Facebook with the […]

No Quick Fixes for Small Business Cybersecurity

Small businesses are frequent targets for cyberattacks and their results can be devastating, but there’s no quick fix, advocates told lawmakers during a Wednesday hearing. There’s no uniform standard small businesses can adopt to ensure they won’t suffer a cyber breach, denial-of-service or ransomware attack or to ensure they won’t be pummeled with financial losses and […]

UK companies failing to educate their employees about cyber security

A recent survey by Ultima has once again highlighted the urgent need for UK business to take cyber security more seriously.The survey finds that 65 per cent of companies don’t have any security solutions deployed onto their mobile devices, and 68 per cent of companies do not have an awareness programme aimed at employees of […]

Can a Computer Be Hacked If It’s Not Connected to the Internet?

Read Michael Guta take a look at whether a computer can be hacked when not connected to the Internet on Small Biz Trends : Hacking has become synonymous with today’s digital ecosystem, and whether it is the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or JP Morgan, size, resources or capability are irrelevant […]

Small businesses’ weak cybersecurity abused by hackers

Read why Joyce M. Rosenberg says that that small and medium businesses have weak cyber security which is abused by hackers on Arkansas Online : Randell Heath said he isn’t sure how hackers got into his company’s website — all he knows that is a supplier called, saying the site had become an online store […]

Ransomware: Why it’s a really big problem for small businesses

Read why Danny Palmer says that ransomware is particularly dangerous for small and medium businesses on ZDNet : The ransomware threat has massively exploded in the last year, growing from an inconvenience to something which could potentially put you out of business. Police encourage organisations which fall victim to this file-encrypting malicious software not to give […]

House Committee on Small Business provides cyber security guidance

This month, the United States House of Representatives Committee on Small Business held a hearing on cyber risks facing small businesses and issued guidance to assist in addressing the challenges. The hearing included testimony from Maureen Ohlhausen, Acting Chairperson of the Federal Trade Commission, who warned that, in the case of small businesses, a data […]

Shred-it: Five Ways for Businesses to Protect Against a Data Breach

Spring has sprung – and it’s not just your home that could use a seasonal makeover, your business operations could also benefit from some serious decluttering. Indeed, for businesses large and small, misplacing documents, files and electronic devices remains one of the key causes of security breaches. Read about the five ways in which businesses can  […]

How Internet Disruptions Cripple Organizations

The vast majority of organizations have experienced a significant internet disruption within the last 12 months, according to a recent survey from Dyn. The accompanying report, the “Internet Disruption Study,” indicates that the most common causes for these interruptions include network outages, provider outages, unplanned maintenance, hardware failures and configuration problems. Read/see the sideshow explaining […]

SMBs Increasingly Targeted in Ransomware Attacks

Small and medium businesses across Europe are being actively targeted by ransomware attacks, new research has shown. According to data protection firm Datto, 87% of European IT service providers it surveyed said their SMB customers had been hit by a ransomware attack at some point during the previous 12 months. Read more about the new report […]