Reasons Canadian firms should take breaches seriously

Read why Peter Buttler says that Canadian small and medium businesses are not taking cyber security seriously on IT Pro Portal : Organizations around the world tend to take the security of their systems seriously only when they get hit by an attack. One of the security hazards is data breach that is growing constantly. […]

Cybersecurity, do small business owners like you need to worry?

It’s a crisp morning and you settled down with a steaming cup of coffee and your newspaper. Little would you have guessed that a mere bug would shake up the business world! You immediately go on alert, for this was no ordinary bug. Read why small and medium businesses should worry about the growing cyber […]

Cyber security tips for SMEs

“Ransomware is probably the biggest threat, as many companies are probably not prepared for the impact that it can have. There’s nothing quite so stomach-churning as discovering that all the backups had failed many months ago and that there’s no way of restoring this data.” Read the web chat on cyber security, a panel of experts […]

7 deadly cybersecurity sins small businesses should avoid

If you own a small or mid-sized business and aren’t paying attention to cybersecurity because you think bigger companies are better targets, think again. Read about the seven deadly cyber security sins that small and medium businesses should avoid on Biz Journals.

SMBs Practice Better IoT Security Than Large Enterprises Do

Massive IoT botnet Mirai helped fuel a 280% rise in telnet botnet attack activity in the first half of the year over the previous period, but small-to midsized (SMB) business are surprisingly better prepared to deal with IoT threats in general than large enterprises, according to data from separate IoT reports released today. Read about […]

Govt plan to share data on threats to help SMBs

According to the Australian Financial Review, the plan, which was announced in May, will provide declassified data from the Australian Signals Directorate to telecommunications companies and ISPs so they can improve their defences against cyber threats. Read how the Australian government plans to use the spy cyber threat data to help small and medium businesses […]

Copiers pose bigger threats than paper jams, cybersecurity experts say

Ever think of your copier as posing a cyber threat? It can, experts said last week at the Southern California Procurement, Trade & Manufacturing Summit in Riverside. People don’t realize a printer is a PC, said Jonathan Ramirez of Hewlett-Packard in a seminar on cybersecurity for small to medium-sized businesses. Read why Jonathan Ramirez of Hewlett-Packard […]

5 lessons small business should learn from recent cyber attacks

Read David Geer list five lessons that small and medium businesses should learn from recent cyber attacks on The Next Web : If the recent cyber attacks have taught us anything, it is that most people are dangerously unprepared for them. Cyber security should be at the forefront of virtually every industry yet it is […]

The Best Defense: Cyber security for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Read Hilary Ingoldsby’s article about best cyber security for small and medium businesses on Utah Business : The U.S. Democratic Party. Disney. Netflix. Britain’s National Health Service. These are just a few of the companies to make headlines recently for having been the victims of major cyber security attacks. Read her full article here.

71 percent of SMBs are not prepared for cyber security risks

Small and medium sized businesses increasingly feel that they’re vulnerable to cyber threats but most aren’t prepared to meet them. A new survey from endpoint security specialist Webroot finds that 96 percent of businesses with 100 to 499 employees in the US, UK and Australia believe their organizations will be susceptible to external cybersecurity threats in […]