Realistic Cybersecurity for Small- and Mid-Sized Enterprises

Read Pamela Passman’s about a realistic approach to cyber security for small and medium sized enterprises on Brink : In June of this year, a data analytics firm working for the Republican National Committee left databases of 198 million U.S. citizen voter files exposed to the Internet without security, making the RNC susceptible to theft by […]

How Small Businesses Can Weather the Cybersecurity Skills Gap “Storm”

Read Reg Harnish explain how small businesses can solve the cyber security skills gap problem on SC News : From the ever-growing Internet of Things to the rising implementation of automation and artificial intelligence, perpetual advancements in technology have provided us with a new level of convenience. But, not without a price. Read his full article […]

Make Cybersecurity A Priority in a Small Business’ Early Stages

Read why  David Kiger says that small and medium businesses should make cyber security a priority right from the start stage on Business2Community : New small business owners have a long list of hurdles to overcome in the early stages. These can be complicated times, so avoiding a cybersecurity mess wouldn’t necessarily rank at the […]

State of Small Business Cybersecurity in North America

Small business owners know they are at risk for cyberattacks, but they are somewhat at a loss as to what to do. That’s one of the findings of a new report from the Better Business Bureau, The State of Small Business Cybersecurity in North America, released today as part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Read […]

Report: 5 Small Business “Sins” Potentially Leading to a Data Breach

It seems incredible, but people in organizations still use weak passwords like “12345,” bearing in mind the security threat in today’s digital ecosystem. This is one of the data points the 2017 edition of the annual BeyondTrust research report revealed. Read about the infographic and report titled, “The Five Deadly Sins of Privileged Access Management […]

10 Things Your Small Business Data Breach Response Plan Must Have

Read Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead list 10 things every small and medium business data breach response plan must have on Small Biz Trends : The 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity Report from cybersecurity software company Keeper found hackers have breached half of the 28 million small businesses in the U.S. With small businesses becoming increasingly under cyber-security and data […]

38% of small businesses spend next to nothing on cyber security

A survey conducted by Duo Security in partnership with YouGov has revealed that the readiness of small businesses in the UK to tackle cyber threats is alarmingly low. Read about the new report by Duo Security and YouGov which reveals that 38 percent of United Kingdom small and medium businesses dont have any cyber security […]

UK small businesses are flirting with the “security poverty line”

A third of UK small businesses are risking their online safety by operating at or below the “security poverty line,” according to new research from Duo Security. The cybersecurity company partnered with YouGov to survey 1,0009 senior decision makers across the UK to determine how much they are spending on cybersecurity. Read about the new report […]

Too many UK small businesses still aren’t investing in cyber protection

Duo Security, one of the world’s fastest growing cybersecurity companies, in partnership with YouGov, has surveyed 1,009 senior decision makers in small businesses across Britain and found that 38 per cent will spend nothing at all to protect themselves from cybersecurity threats this financial year. Read more about the new report by Duo Security which […]

Small businesses are cyber targets whether they know it or not

This week in Washington, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will host its sixth annual Cybersecurity Summit. This important event will bring together some of the nation’s top cybersecurity experts to talk about ways to help the business community, large and small, better protect themselves against cyberattacks. Read why cyber security experts says that small businesses […]