Cyber attacks: Small businesses ‘particularly at risk’

Small businesses are particularly at risk from cyber attacks because they do not – or cannot – spend enough on defences and often run old software, experts have warned. A report by Juniper Research found that the average SME will spend less than $4,000 (£3,130) on cyber security this year, despite recent high-profile attacks. Read about […]

Five Reasons Hackers are Targeting SMEs

Read Steve Nice list five reasons why cyber criminals are targeting small and medium businesses on Infosec Magazine : Larger organizations dominate the headlines when it comes to cyber-crime, but it is the small and medium-sized enterprises that are becoming the primary targets and are bearing the brunt of most attacks. Smaller businesses are being […]

Helping SMEs safeguard their business against cyber-attacks

Read y Rob Ashworth explain how small and medium businesses can protect themselves against cyber attacks on IT Pro Portal : We’re all well-versed on how rising technologies such as cloud, IoT, AI and others are changing the face of organisations as we know it. As they continue to define the digital agenda, it’s no […]

New FTC Website helps small businesses avoid scams/cyber attacks

At the direction of Acting Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen, the Federal Trade Commission has launched a new website––with articles, videos, and other information aimed at helping small business owners avoid scams and protect their computers and networks from cyberattacks and other threats. Read about the new website launched by Federal Trade Commission to help small and […]

3 Cybersecurity Practices That Small Businesses Need to Consider Now

Read Helen Wallis list three cyber security practices that small and medium businesses need to consider on Tech Co : All businesses, regardless of size, are susceptible to a cyberattack. Anyone associated with a company, from executive to customer, can be a potential target. The hacking threat is particularly dangerous to small businesses who may […]

What Happens When Your Small Business Is Hacked

Read Chris Schueler explain what small and medium businesses can do if they are hacked on Entrepreneur : News headlines continue to call our attention to the latest cyber attacks — something that provides IT and security professionals with the daunting task of remaining steadfast on the unpredictable security battlefield. In fact, 53 percent of IT […]

7 nightmare cyber security threats to SMEs and how to secure against them

Read Nick Ismail list seven cyber security threats to small and medium businesses and how they can deal with the threats on Information Age : Small businesses that see themselves as too small to be targeted by cyber criminals are putting themselves at direct risk.In fact, small businesses are at an equal, if not greater […]

Cyber-Security: A Practical Guide for Your Online Business Protection

Read Amy Adams’ cyber security guide for small and medium businesses on Goodmen Project : Computer security is better known these days as cyber security. It basically means keeping your computer protected from people who want to wreak havoc to its software and hardware. Keeping a very close eye on your device’s sensitive data is […]

Congress Aims at Protecting Small Businesses From Cyberthreats

Online threats such as cyberterrorism and hacks are the new ­normal for businesses of all sizes. It’s a matter of when, not if, these issues 
arise. Recognizing the need for companies to prepare for and confront cybersecurity ­challenges, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued ­guidelines. Read about the new legislation being enacted […]

How to Secure Your Social Media Accounts

Read Ann Smarty’s article about how small and medium businesses can protect their social media accounts from hackers on Small Biz Trends : I remember when hacked social media accounts used to be a minor inconvenience. You would have to contact the staff at the platform, wait for verification to be authenticated, and then change […]