How to eliminate insider threats

For years, the primary security objective has been to protect the perimeter—the focus on keeping outsiders from gaining access and doing harm. But statistics prove that more risk exists within an organization. Indeed, many compliance regulations require monitoring of systems to identify and eliminate insider threat. Read/see the slideshow explaining how companies can eliminate the […]

Data Breaches Affect Customer Loyalty

Online security is full of holes, according to a recent survey of 9,000 consumers in the United States and 10 other countries. Most consumers who are active online—nearly six out of 10— believe they will be a victim of a data breach at some point. Read/see the slide show explaining how the data breaches affect […]

7 Common Reasons Companies Get Hacked

Businesses suffering from security breaches span all sizes and industries, but they often make the same mistakes. Many cyberattacks in 2016 could be attributed to similar root causes. To be fair, security pros continue to face the same challenges, explains Diana Kelley, global executive security advisor at IBM. The most common causes behind major breaches can […]

Why Cyber-Security Strategies Are Falling Short

While organizations around the world are more confident than ever that they can predict and detect cyber-attacks, they’re still falling short on investments and plans geared toward recovering from a breach. Such is the double-edged finding of EY’s 19th annual Global Information Security Survey, “Path to Cyber-Resilience: Sense, Resist, React.” Read/see the slideshow explaining why […]

8 Boldest Security Predictions For 2017

The end of the year may mean ugly sweaters and epic office holiday parties for some. But for us here at Dark Reading, nothing signals winter solstice more certainly than an email inbox stuffed full of IT security predictions for the coming year. Read/see the slideshow explaining the 8 boldest security predictions for 2017 on […]

17 Security Experts Share Predictions for the Top Cyber-Trends of 2017

Enterprises, governments and end users faced no shortage of security challenges in 2016. As the year draws to a close, we wonder: What security trends will continue into 2017? What will be the big security stories of the year to come? Many trends emerged in 2016 that are very likely to remain key issues for […]

New Cyber-Security Model Spurs Innovation

Forward-thinking organizations are adopting a new model for cyber-security that acts on analytic inputs and adapts to evolving risks and threats, said a new report from PwC. As a result, cyber-security is leading to innovations. The new approach includes data analytics and real-time monitoring, managed security services, advanced authentication and open-source software. Read/see the slideshow […]

The Top Risks for Organizations in 2017

If fears about the year ahead are keeping you up at night, you’re in good company: Corporate board members and executive leaders have plenty on their minds these days, according to a recent survey from Protiviti and the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Initiative at North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management. Read/see the slideshow […]

8 Unusual Bug Bounty Programs Offering Big Bucks

In its early days, the Internet was more Wild Wild West than World Wide Web. It was a new and insecure frontier full of pseudonyms and scammers eager to take advantage of unsuspecting early adopters. Not much has changed on that front, though there are sheriffs to police things now (sometimes a little too much). Read/see […]

Tripwire Survey Finds IT Pros Lack Tools, Skills, to Defend Networks

Hackers are having a field day in the enterprise. By attacking poorly secured networks, unsuspecting employees and unpatched servers, hackers are finding multiple points of entry into corporate networks running amok. But a new study from security firm Tripwire and conducted by Dimensional Research suggests the problem isn’t going to get better anytime soon. Read/see […]