What Info Security Pros Think About Fake News

Fake news sources are manipulating U.S. politics, and it’s virtually impossible to stanch the flow of bogus reports. That’s the opinion of most cyber-security experts and industry thought leaders who participated in a survey at the Black Hat 2017 security conference. Read/see the slideshow explaining how the security pros view fake news on Baseline Mag.

9 of the Biggest Bug Bounty Programs

Bug bounty programs have become an increasingly popular way for organizations to find and fix vulnerabilities in their software and services. Until relatively recently it was mainly the software companies and technology firms that employed the tactic. Read/see the slideshow explaining the nine biggest bug bounty programs on Dark Reading.

Managing Third-Party Risks and Internet of Things

Efforts to mitigate third-party risks in the internet of things ecosystem are lagging, despite recognition that the IoT introduces new security risks and vulnerabilities, according to a new study. Companies rely on technologies and practices that have not evolved to address emergent IoT threat factors, according to “The Internet of Things: a New Era of […]

Cisco Midyear Cybersecurity Report: 10 Security Threats To Watch

2017 so far has seen a rise in new and old threat vectors, the Cisco Midyear Cybersecurity Report found. While email and spyware continued to be threats on the rise, the report said new threats around Malware-as-a-Service, the cloud, Distributed Denial of Service and the Internet of Things are also growing. Read/see the slideshow explaining […]

Biometrics: Moving Far Beyond Fingerprints

Security used to mean “difficult,” says Phil Dunkelberger, CEO of Nok Nok Labs. It’s easy to see why he thinks this. Organizations have struggled for decades to find security tools that kept out bad guys while admitting authorized persons. This is both a physical security and cybersecurity issue. Read/see the slideshow explaining how Biometrics is […]

How End-User Devices Get Hacked: 8 Easy Ways

When it comes to scamming consumers and businesses, the most effective strategies aren’t necessarily the most complex. Hackers seeking funds, data, and access to corporate systems don’t need advanced techniques when tried-and-true tactics consistently work on their victims. There are two primary types of attacker motivations: opportunistic and targeted. Read/see the slideshow explaining how end users […]

9 Ways Organizations Sabotage Their Own Security: Lessons from the Verizon DBIR

Datasets from the recent Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) show that some security teams still may be operating under false assumptions regarding what it takes to keep their organizations secure. For starters, the same security standards don’t apply across all vertical industries, says Suzanne Widup, a senior consultant for the Verizon RISK Team and […]

8 Most Overlooked Security Threats

There’s always a new security threat to worry about, whether it’s from the latest breach headline or a cyberattack on your business. It’s almost impossible to keep track of every factor putting an organization at risk. Read/see the slideshow explaining the eight most overlooked security threats on Dark Reading :

Security Pros Worry About Cloud and Mobile Safety

A recent survey finds that IT security professionals’ security concerns are directly linked to the cloud and mobile devices. Eighty-one percent of the respondents expressed concern over public cloud usage, and, of these individuals, 49 percent are extremely or very concerned, according to the report, “2017 Cyber Security Survey.” Read/see the slideshow explaining how the […]

Mounting Security Threats Boost Status of CIOs

A recent study, “Virtualization Makes CIOs’ Role Key,” revealed that CEOs consider CIOs among the most important C-level executives, and they stressed that these IT leaders are important to decision-making strategies and to bringing security to board-level thinking. Read/see the slideshow explaining how growing cyber security threat is boosting the status of a CIO in […]