Why Business Departments Choose Their Own Tech

While CIOs believe that their IT organizations are doing a good job delivering on business outcomes, line of business (LOB) departments are frequently taking the task of tech investment into their own hands, according to a recent survey from Logicalis. Read/see the slideshow explaining why businesses and CIOs choose their own tech to defend their […]

Cloud Data Protection Strategies Come Up Short

Enterprises are flocking to the cloud for the efficiency, cost savings, flexibility and scalability this technology offers. In fact, 40 percent of applications, on average, are deployed in the cloud, and that is expected to grow by an additional 30 percent in the next 12 months. Read/see the slide show explain how the cloud data […]

5 Things to Do When Your Organization Gets Hacked

Recent studies all seem to agree on one point – that a cyberattack is a near certainly for every organization. Some organizations may be victimized more than once. Here are five things you should do when your data is compromised. Read/see the slideshow explaining five things you can do when your organisation gets hacked on […]

7 signs your co-worker is a potential insider threat

Is there a spy in your office? Insider Threat Defense identifies behaviors that may indicate an employee is a potential insider threat. Read/see the slideshow explaining the seven signs that your co-worker may be a potential insider threat on Federal News Radio.

The Rise of Cyber-Crime as a Service

This year began with explosive growth in ransomware domains, according to a DNS threat index, driving an all-time high in new malicious domains. The threat index, which measures the creation of malicious DNSs including malware, exploit kits, phishing and other threats, was created by Infoblox, the network control solutions provider. Read/see the slide show explaining […]

How data breaches grew to massive proportions in 11 years

Read Lazaro Gamio and Chris Alcantara go through the history of data breaches on Washington Post : Some of the earliest data breaches in the United States, dating back to 2005, occurred at colleges. The first happened at George Mason University in Fairfax in January 2005, according to the Privacy Rights Clearing house. A hacker, who attacked […]

8 Surprising Statistics About Insider Threats

Even though insider threat events are typically much more infrequent than external attacks, they usually pose a much higher severity of risk for organizations when they do happen. Whether malicious or simply negligent, insiders need access to sensitive intellectual property and systems to do their jobs. Read/see the slide show explaining eight surprising statistics about […]

Lack of Automated Cloud Tools Hampers IT Teams

While most organizations are likely to increase their investments in the cloud over the next five years, IT departments currently struggle with a lack of automated cloud apps and infrastructure tools, according to a recent survey from Logicworks. Read/see the slideshow explain how the lack of automated cloud tools are hampering IT teams on Baseline.

6 shocking gaps in your data security strategy

Despite billions of dollars invested in cybersecurity, businesses lose critical data daily. We’ve secured our organizations like fortresses, building layers of walls around networks, applications, storage containers, identity, and devices. But when an unhappy employee moves high-value designs onto a USB drive or sends important email attachment outside the “secure” network, those walls crumble the […]

How Trust and Security in the Enterprise Have Evolved in 40 Years

Read Chris Preimesberger’s slideshow on how trust and security in the enterprise have evolved over the years on eWeek : Mainframe computers, personal computers, client/server systems, the Internet, mobile computing, cloud, multicloud, Internet of things (IoT): Information technology never stops evolving. Also evolving are our beliefs about trust and security and how we implement them […]