Top 5 cybersecurity mistakes IT leaders make, and how to fix them

Despite increasing risks, cybersecurity professionals continue to find that their teams are understaffed and underskilled, according to a new report from the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), released Wednesday. Read more about the latest report by Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) which reveals that  70% of […]

Virtual Reality Could Help Close Workforce Gap

By 2020, a projected 1.8 million cybersecurity jobs will be unfulfilled, leaving organizations scrambling to think outside of the box when it comes to attracting talent. Read more about the new survey by ESG and ProtectWise which reveals that a projected 1.8 million cybersecurity jobs will be unfulfilled by 2020 on Infosec Magazine.

Using a robust platform for cyber threat analysis training

Read Joep Gommers’ explain how companies can use a robust platform for cyber threat analysis training on Help Net Security : We have recognised threats coming more regularly from varied origins such as nation-states, hacktivist and cybercriminal actors. Coupled with many new public policies aimed at mitigating the negative effects of data breaches, cyber espionage and intellectual […]

Why educating employees about cyber security isn’t the solution to stopping cyber breaches

Read Leonardo Cooper’s article about why educating employees about cyber security isn’t the solution to stopping cyber breaches on IT Pro Portal : Cyber security training firms continue to stress the importance of educating employees in order to minimise the risk of cyber threats. ‘Staff’, they argue, ‘are both your company’s greatest asset and your biggest […]

Cyber security industry key to solving skills gap

Read why Warwick Ashford says that in the face of a growing cyber security skill shortage, the cyber security industry itself needs to do more to attract people on Computer Weekly : The cyber security industry needs do a better job at marketing itself, demonstrating what roles are available, and making it easier for people to switch […]

CSO Interview: Must-have Skills for New-age Cyber Security Professionals

While the market is getting overwhelmed and proliferated with new age disruptive technologies like IoT, AI and Blockchain, the complexity of cyber-attacks has also increased, says Vimal Mani, CISO, Bank of Sharjah . Read Vimal Mani of Bank of Sharjah lists must-have skills for new cyber security professionals on Gizmodo.

‘Cybersecurity’ term might be scaring off young talent

Read why says that the cyber security term may be causing disconnect between the 18- to 26-year-olds on Healthcare IT News : When the National Cyber Security Alliance asked 18- to 26-year-olds what skills they are looking for in a career, researchers uncovered a list that would, if framed properly, forge cybersecurity professionals. Read his full […]

Calls for UK boards to be better educated on cyber threats

The latest government cyber governance health check and a survey of the UK’s top 350 companies have revealed that more than two-thirds of boards have not received training to deal with a cyber incident, but this is no surprise, according to security commentators. Read about the latest United Kingdom government cyber governance health check which […]

7 hot new IT jobs — and why they just might stick

Read Paul Heltzel list seven new hot IT jobs on CIO : Unusual job titles aren’t new in the IT world. Before the Twitter ninja and social media rockstar, before the webmaster was hired to conjure up HTML sorcery, there was the software evangelist, an IT job title that merged the worlds of sales and […]

Are Integrator IT Skills Overblown?

Read Ray Bernard’s article about Integrator IT Skills on Security Info Watch : IT convergence, in any industry, is the incorporation of one or more information technologies (computer software, hardware, electronic data, and networking) into electronic products and systems. Read his full article here.