Calls for UK boards to be better educated on cyber threats

The latest government cyber governance health check and a survey of the UK’s top 350 companies have revealed that more than two-thirds of boards have not received training to deal with a cyber incident, but this is no surprise, according to security commentators. Read about the latest United Kingdom government cyber governance health check which […]

7 hot new IT jobs — and why they just might stick

Read Paul Heltzel list seven new hot IT jobs on CIO : Unusual job titles aren’t new in the IT world. Before the Twitter ninja and social media rockstar, before the webmaster was hired to conjure up HTML sorcery, there was the software evangelist, an IT job title that merged the worlds of sales and […]

Are Integrator IT Skills Overblown?

Read Ray Bernard’s article about Integrator IT Skills on Security Info Watch : IT convergence, in any industry, is the incorporation of one or more information technologies (computer software, hardware, electronic data, and networking) into electronic products and systems. Read his full article here.

Cyber Security- The Next Lucrative Job To Be in?

Read why Krishna Mukherjee says that cyber security is a lucrative career option on Data Quest : At a time, when automation is triggering job losses worldwide, cyber security could open up a new stream for greenhorns. So, which job has fascinated you? If you still aspire to become a doctor, engineer or executive, then hold on […]

Senate Panels Advance Bills to Improve Cybersecurity Skills

Two Senate committees on Wednesday advanced bipartisan bills designed to incentivize students and encourage small businesses to boost their cyber skills, part of an effort to combat the growing threat from cyberattacks. Read about the news of two Senate committees which have initiated bills to improve cyber security skills on Morning Consult.

How prepared are security professionals to defend cyber threats?

Cyber threats, and the destruction they cause generate headline after headline, so to does aspects of the security industry’s seeming inability to defend these growing attacks. Read about the new report by Anomali which found one quarter (24%) of security professionals believe they are at least one year behind the average threat actor, with half of […]

Cyber security training must reflect real risks, warns the IISP

Companies should invest wisely in cyber security training, carefully considering the quality and real benefits, advises the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP). Read why IISP advises companies to avoid inexperienced or narrowly focused training providers on Computer Weekly.

Cybersecurity Has a Serious Talent Shortage. Here’s How to Fix It

Read Marc van Zadelhoff’s article about how companies can fix the serious talent shortage in cyber security on Harvard Business Review : It’s a refrain I’ve been hearing for the past 18 months from clients all over the world: “We need more skilled people for our security team.” The need is real and well-documented. A report from […]

More than a quarter of SME staff lack cyber threat training

Data from cyber insurance provider CFC Underwriting shows that 38% of its claims in 2016 could have been avoided through better staff education and training on cyber risks Read more about the new report by CFC Underwriting which reveals that 27% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) fail to educate staff about cyber threats on Computer Weekly.

Cybersecurity in 2025: the skills we’ll need to tackle threats of the future

Read why Alex Bennett says that companies will perish if they dont have the following cyber security skills by 2025 on Wired : Two-thirds of large UK firms were targeted by cybercriminals in 2016. As the number of attacks continues to rise, what skills will the next generation of professionals need to protect us from […]