Phishing Attacks Against Financial Orgs Doubles in One Quarter

The volume of phishing attacks targeting the financial industry nearly doubled in the second quarter of this year and is the largest quarterly volume Charleston, S.C. firm PhishLabs has ever observed Read about the latest Q2 2017 Phishing Trends and Intelligence Report PhishLabs which reveals a 41% increase in overall phishing threats  on Credit Union Times.

Don’t let hackers deal fatal blow to your business

While the giant security breaches at places like Equifax make huge headlines, small businesses continue to be under attack as well. Targeted by hackers and scammers of various stripes, these businesses need to arm themselves with preventative measures to make them less likely to fall victim. Read the tips from Better Business Bureau to protect your […]

Equifax data breach: Beware these 3 scams

Consumers need to be doubly vigilant following the massive Equifax (EFX) data breach, experts warn. Even if you were wise enough to put an immediate fraud alert or credit freeze on your credit files, con artists are likely to go into hyperdrive finding new ways to take advantage of the hack and the publicity surrounding […]

FBI IC3 Cautions Against Tech Support Scams

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has cautioned against rising cases of technical support scams in which scammers use a variety of methods to deceive victims. In a recent announcement, IC3 says it has received 3,668 complaints in the last four months with adjusted losses of $2,268,982. Read FBI’s warning to businesses against rising […]

Business email compromise scams still happening, still successful

Despite repeated warnings issued by law enforcement, information sharing organizations, and security companies, Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams still abound and the scammers still “earn” money. “BEC attackers target senior-level employees rather than consumers as it’s easier to scam them out of large amounts. In one incident, we observed the scammers asking the target to […]

FBI: Business Email Compromise Scams Steal $214m in 2014

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is sounding the alarm on a type of fraud they are calling business email compromise (BEC) scams. The scheme, formerly known as a man-in-the-email attack, comes in three distinct flavors, each of which is ultimately designed to dupe corporate employees or clients into wire transferring business funds into […]