Layered defence in the connected world

Read Darren Anstee’s article about how only a layered defence can tackle Internet of Things cyber security threats on IT Pro Portal : The connected world is upon us, and the Internet of Things (IoT) promises more personalised and automated services, optimised resource utilisation, and added convenience, but have we stopped to consider the risks […]

Cybersecurity For Small Businesses: A Primer

Read George Saliba’s cyber security primer for small and medium businesses on New Jersey Business Magazine : Cybersecurity is among the most profound concerns facing businesses today, and this is particularly true for small businesses which may have limited budgets and lack the staff and/or expertise to appropriately address the topic. Read his full article […]

CISO’s fail to keep pace with data breaches

A new survey by cloud computing firm ServiceNow has revealed that the majority of chief information security officers (CISOs) are unable to keep pace with data breaches. ServiceNow commissioned Oxford Economics to survey 300 CISOs and found that more than 80% believe data breaches in their company are going unaddressed. Read about the new survey by […]

Security threats on the IoT get real

Read why Cath Everett says that Internet of Things security issues are a reality on Diginomica : By only 2019, the digital-everything economy and fast-growing adoption of networked technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) will combine to see us living in a hyper-connected world. Read the full article here.

5 best practices to avoid a costly data breach

Read Vishal Gupta list five best practices for companies to avoid costly data breach on Property Casualty360 : As insurers continue to expand into new online territory, from agency portals and online policy applications to mobile phone apps, their appeal to cybercriminals only deepens. The increased use of outsourcing for various aspects of the operation only […]

3 Tips for Updating an Endpoint Security Strategy

Read Kelly Sheridan list three tips for businesses to update their endpoint security strategy on Dark Reading : There is no one-size-fits-all approach to endpoint security, a space that has become inundated with products competing to solve a problem that has challenged businesses for years. The last three to four years have driven the emergence of new […]

Why Cloud Integration Is Critical for Mobility

With most organizations looking to increase investment in their mobility efforts in 2017, cloud integration is emerging as a must-have IT mobility capability, according to a recent survey from DMI and Clutch. Companies are also proactively pursuing mobile device and mobile app management, in addition to internet of things (IoT) integration, findings reveal. Read/see the […]

An untold cost of ransomware: It will change how you operate

Read Paula Long’s article about the hidden costs of ransomware and how it affects businesses on Help Net Security : Ransomware is unfortunately an IT reality. With the complexity and frequency of attacks, there is a good chance you or someone you know has been impacted. Many victims attacked are tempted to just pay the […]

Don’t Go it Alone: Making the Case for IoT Cybersecurity Collaboration

Read Jason Porter make a case for cyber security collaboration for Internet of Things security on IoT Evolution World : Today, it’s no secret that cybersecurity threats are growing more frequent and complex. Organizations regularly face threats such as spam, phishing, ransomware, or even DDoS attacks. As an industry, we realize that cybersecurity threats are much […]

8 Solid Cyber Security Measures for Small Businesses

The rate of cyber attacks targeting small businesses has been mounting since 2011. Symantec, the global web and system security company in its 2016 Internet Security Threat Report has showcased how cyber security issues for small businesses have increased in the recent years. Read about the eight ways in which small and medium businesses can […]