Five Reasons Hackers are Targeting SMEs

Read Steve Nice list five reasons why cyber criminals are targeting small and medium businesses on Infosec Magazine : Larger organizations dominate the headlines when it comes to cyber-crime, but it is the small and medium-sized enterprises that are becoming the primary targets and are bearing the brunt of most attacks. Smaller businesses are being […]

Helping SMEs safeguard their business against cyber-attacks

Read y Rob Ashworth explain how small and medium businesses can protect themselves against cyber attacks on IT Pro Portal : We’re all well-versed on how rising technologies such as cloud, IoT, AI and others are changing the face of organisations as we know it. As they continue to define the digital agenda, it’s no […]

Implementing HIPAA Technical Safeguards for Data Security

Read Elizabeth Snell explain how healthcare firms can implement HIPAA technical safeguards for data security on Health IT Security : The push for digital health records is not going to slow down anytime soon, and as recent cases of ransomware attacks show, healthcare organizations must create comprehensive data security measures. HIPAA technical safeguards are just […]

The ins and outs of risk managing a breach

Read Richard Laycock explain the ins and outs of risk managing a data breach on CSO Online : It’s not surprising that data breaches are slowly making their way up the list of business executives’ biggest fears. Even for a small organisation, having to announce to your client base that their data has been leaked is […]

How should you respond to a data breach?

Read Ron Bush’s commentary about how companies should respond to a data breach on The Times : So on that less-than-cheery note, let’s begin with what to do if you suddenly discover you have experienced a data breach — a real probability. If you have discovered a breach, it is quite likely it is because […]

Identifying and Overcoming Cybersecurity Risks: 5 Steps

Read Bethany Cornel list five steps for companies to identify and overcome cyber security threats on Data Center Journal : Like it or not, modern businesses are placing themselves in the firing line if they fail to take action to protect themselves from hackers. The recent global cyber breach outlined how important information security is […]

Disruptive Technology Ups Cyber Security Threats: Study

A study by software major Wipro has revealed that disruptive technology had led to a dramatic increase in cyber security threats all over the world. “Number of records stolen the world over rose 53.6 per cent in 2016 from 2015 due to disruptions in the cyber security domain,” said the company’s maiden study on ‘State of […]

Threat intelligence fails to deliver on its promise

A new study by the Information Security Forum (ISF), an independent authority on cyber security and information risk management, reveals that threat intelligence isn’t delivering the expected business objectives. Read about the new study by Information Security Forum (ISF) which reveals that 82 percent members surveyed have a threat intelligence capability, with the remaining 18 percent planning […]

New FTC Website helps small businesses avoid scams/cyber attacks

At the direction of Acting Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen, the Federal Trade Commission has launched a new website––with articles, videos, and other information aimed at helping small business owners avoid scams and protect their computers and networks from cyberattacks and other threats. Read about the new website launched by Federal Trade Commission to help small and […]

The Economics of Software Security: What Car Makers Can Teach Enterprises

Read why Jim Routh says that tech companies can learn from car makers about economics of software security on Dark Reading : Embedding security controls early in the application development process will go a long way towards driving down the total cost of software ownership. Read his full article here.