Does Your Breach Incident Response Plan Have Holes?

Read Xuyen Bowles’ article about cyber security on Information Week : In 2016, the number of data breaches in the US reached a record high of 1,093, according to a study by the Identity Theft Resource Center and CyberScout. That was a 40% increase over 2015. Read his full article here.

Small Business Cybersecurity Insurance Is Vital, House Panel Told

The nascent cybersecurity insurance market can play an important role for smaller businesses, which remain a prime target for hackers and cybercriminals, witnesses and congressmen said at a House Small Business Committee hearing July 26. Read more about the United States House Small Business Committee hearing where the importance of cyber security insurance was discussed […]

Healthcare Ailing in Cyber War

Read why healthcare firms are lagging behind in cyber defence on CSO Online : Cybercriminals prey on the weak, and they’ve concluded that healthcare organizations are among the most alluring – sitting on massive volumes of potentially vulnerable personal health and financial information. At the same time, growing regulatory requirements leave these organizations threatened by […]

Physical security must-dos for rock-solid network protection

It’s at the hardware level, the very bottom of the networking hierarchy, that your network is most vulnerable. A lost laptop, an open USB port, a simple network tap — all these can be a catalyst for quick and devastating data loss that no firewall can prevent. Read why companies should follow physical security measures […]

Is It Time to Upgrade the Network?

Read Heather Zindel and Nicole Watson’s article about whether it is time for companies to upgrade their network on Security Info Watch : While cyber attacks have dominated the news recently, we all know that physical security is just as critical a component of the security plan. A breach in physical security that puts corporate […]

Security Monitoring and Analytics: Faster Time to Action

Read why Derek Brink says that it is time for fast action in security monitoring and data analysis on Security Intelligence : In highlighting the difference between tools and platforms for security monitoring and analytics initiatives, one of the biggest benefits of a platform approach is that it lets your security analysts be analysts instead of […]

The best enterprise anti-virus protection may not be enough

Read why Maria Korolov says that traditional anti-virus solutions are not enough for enterprise security on CSO Online : Traditional signature-based anti-virus is notoriously bad at stopping newer threats such as zero-day malware and ransomware, but it still has a place in the enterprise, experts say, as part of a multi-layer endpoint security protection strategy. […]

Convergence Q&A: When and Why Should We Move to a Cloud-Based Security System?

Increasingly I am hearing about IT departments asking what direction physical security system technology is moving in, and where cloud-based applications or systems fit on security’s technology roadmap. Read the interview with Ray Bernard of Ray Bernard Consulting Services (RBCS) who explains why companies should opt for cloud computing on Security Info Watch.

Testing Top Leadership’s Muscle Memory With Data Breach Simulations

Read Christophe Veltsos explain how the top leadership of any organisation can test their cyber security defences with data breach simulations on Security Intelligence : How would your organization’s leadership fare in its response to a full-on data breach? Regular and ongoing training can improve top leaders’ ability to respond to a cybersecurity breach and […]

Finding the Right Balance between Protecting Data and Fostering Innovation

Read Yanni Charalambous explain why it is important for businesses to find the right balance between protecting data and fostering innovation on CIO Review : Whether the reputation is fair or not, the oil and gas industry is often considered a “laggard” in adopting the latest technologies. Considering the current energy commodity price environment, adoption of […]