Security Priorities and Multi-Cloud Migration – What to Secure First

Read Oliver Pinson-Roxbrough make a case for multiple cloud migration on Infosec Magazine : There is no shortage of news on public cloud adoption trends in our industry, but what isn’t regularly making the headlines is the trend towards multi-cloud adoption. Industry experts and analysts like Gartner recommend standardization on multiple IaaS cloud service providers as a […]

Collaboration is the Key to Effective Cyber-defense

Read why Richard Wilding says that collaboration is the key to effective cyber defense on Infosec Magazine : Every year, cybersecurity rises up the business agenda. Today, putting the right protection and protocols in place to defend against growing cyber-risks is front of mind for boardrooms around the world. Our recent global research into cybersecurity confirms that […]

4 cybersecurity threats every hospital C-suite admin should be familiar with in 2017

With healthcare data breaches occurring at a rate of more than one per day in 2016, it’s vital for hospital administrators to understand their greatest vulnerabilities. Here is a bird’s eye-view of the top areas of concern for hospitals this year. Read about the four cyber security threats that every IT professional working in healthcare […]

The New Cyber Security Minefield: A Proactive, Not Reactive, Approach

Read why Mike Sentonas says that companies need to adopt a proactive not reactive approach to cyber security on Enterprise Tech : In 2016, the cyber landscape shifted dramatically – at least on the adversary side. In the last few months alone, we’ve seen hackers penetrate organizations from the DNC to WADA and gain access […]

Ransomware Cost Businesses $1bn in 2016

According to KnowBe4’s 2017 Endpoint Protection Ransomware Effectiveness Report, antivirus solutions have a marked inability to protect against ransomware. About 33% of respondents have experienced a ransomware attack in the past 12 months; out of those, 53% had deployed multiple solutions against ransomware but still became victim to it. Read more about the new report […]

5 Cybersecurity Strategies Businesses Need to Implement in 2017

Despite the prominence of cyber-attacks nationally, from politics-to-healthcare, most companies are doing little to protect themselves from hackers. According to Symantec, there were more than 429 million identities exposed in 2015 alone. Companies are at a higher risk of breaches now more than ever – 2016 breaches increased 40 percent from the last year. Read […]

Latest hacking news heightens cybersecurity concerns

Read why Rick Baert says that growing hacking incidents heighten cyber security concerns on Pensions and Investments : Third-party administrators for alternatives managers are double- and triple-checking their cyber defenses following revelations that two firms in the past six months have been hit by hackers. Read his full article here.

Is Your Company Actually Secure? 6 Security Risks You Might Not Know About

Read Norah Abraham list six security risks which you may not be aware of on Tripwire : Businesses have always struggled with the idea of business security. Are you doing enough to protect your company, clients, and employees? Is there really such a thing as too much security? Read her full article here.

Computer Security Disruption Tactics: Security Experts Race On To Catch The Hackers

Read  Martin Beltov’s about the various practices used by security experts to catch the hackers on Tripwire : It’s now evident there are many more hacker intrusions during which security experts struggle to repel attackers and resolve damage than we first thought. The growing trends of sabotage, extortion, and disruption of both individual users and […]

Do Security Pros Need a Single Unifying Platform?

A new study finds that cyber-security professionals want to protect their data with a single unifying platform, rather using piecemeal tools. Despite making heavy investments in security tools, organizations suffer technical challenges in protecting their data. Read/see the slideshow explaining why the security pros need a single unifying platform on CIO Insight.