Managing Security Is More Realistic Than Solving It, Says ARM’s Chief Executive

Last year, ARM infused its hardware security technology called TrustZone into fraction-of-a-millimeter-sized chips to be used in connected bandages or package trackers. But on Tuesday, the chief executive of the chip designer underscored another vital form of security. Read why Simon Segars of ARM says that managing security is more practical than trying to solve it on […]

The 4 types of cybersecurity threats and a formula to fight them

Wells Fargo’s chief information security officer Rich Baich has to be very strategic about the way he spends his budget in order to protect the bank from the endless stream of cyberattacks launched at it every day. Read Rich Baich of Wells Fargo describe four types of cyber security threats and how companies could fight […]

Hit by a data breach? 5 steps you must take

Whether it’s a ransomware attack or a cyber security incident, organizations have specific obligations to manage the incursion and file appropriate reports with the federal government. For example, the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services recently outlined the basic steps for healthcare organizations to take in response to a […]

A DIY Security Assessment

Read John Mccumber explain a do it yourself security assessment for company IT pros on Security Info Watch : Information security assessments are a popular service.  Organizations are seeking consulting help to review their existing information security program, define gaps, and make security recommendations.  Many of these services include providing a roadmap to include projected […]

IT Executives Balance Tech Budget between Agile & Stable Initiatives, while Security Remains an Overall Focus

CIO from IDG — the executive-level tech media brand providing insight into business technology leadership — releases the 2017 CIO Tech Poll: Economic Outlook research highlighting tech spending patterns. As digital transformation continues to fuel tech growth, this study confirms that tech executives are managing multiple modes of IT delivery (66%). Read about the new 2017 […]

CSO or CISO: Who Makes Security Policy?

Read Steve Hunt take a look at who really makes the security policy, CSO or the CISO on Security Infowatch : For decades — arguably centuries — organizations have relied on the head of physical security and safety to protect information assets and set all security policies. Today, however, many companies are turning to the […]

GDPR regulations could cost banks over €4.7bn in fines in first three years

A report from business management consultants Consult Hyperion has predicted that European FIs could face fines of up to €4.7bn ($5.2bn) in the first three years as financial services begin to adapt to the new regulations. Read how to upcoming GDPR data breach notification regime in European Union can cause banks over €4.7bn in fines […]

The Rising Business Risks of Cyberattacks and How to Stay Safe [Infographic]

Last week we saw the ousted FBI Director James Comey sensationally claim that he has “no doubt” the Russian government and hackers were behind the DNC hack to influence last year’s presidential elections. Data breaches, cybersecurity, and identity theft can be a huge burden for businesses and customers. In 2016, reported data breaches increased by 40 […]

How To Protect Yourself From DDoS Attacks

Read Dan Wood’s article about how companies can protect themselves against DDoS attacks on Forbes : In a series of recent articles, I’ve compared a company’s need for a cybersecurity portfolio to an individual’s investment portfolio. The same rules apply to both, with the wisest strategy being a spread of investments, diversified across asset classes, […]

Cyber attacks: Small businesses ‘particularly at risk’

Small businesses are particularly at risk from cyber attacks because they do not – or cannot – spend enough on defences and often run old software, experts have warned. A report by Juniper Research found that the average SME will spend less than $4,000 (£3,130) on cyber security this year, despite recent high-profile attacks. Read about […]