Teaching Staff To Respect The Risk Of A Data Breach

Read Karin Ratchinsky’s article about why companies should teach their employees about the data breach risks on Information Security Buzz : Last year was another one characterized by constant, confusing, and highly consequential data breaches. At this point, all organizations need to take this persistent threat seriously. Yet research by the Ponemon Institute reveals that just […]

5 Data Breach Threats Your Small Business Should Prepare For

Securing sensitive information has never been more difficult with new malware threats that seem to pop up every single year. Data breaches affect even the most renowned companies like Yahoo, LinkedIn and Dropbox, to name a few. Read more about the five data breach threats small and medium businesses should prepare for on Business News […]

Exclusive: Mimecast Report Indicates Cybersecurity Lags Behind Both Perceived Threat And Real Damage

Corporate cybersecurity has not kept up with either perceived security threats or damage resulting from security failures according to a report released today by Mimecast, an email security company. The Mimecast report combines the results of their Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) with a survey on corporate cybersecurity carried out in partnership with Vanson Bourne. […]

Credit monitoring services can mitigate effect of data breach, says expert

Read Philip Kemp’s article about how credit monitoring services can mitigate the effect of a data breach on Out-Law : Providing credit monitoring services can help reduce the reputational damage that businesses can suffer when customer data is compromised in a cyber attack, and it has also been shown to help reduce the level of fine […]

When it comes to cyber security businesses must follow government’s lead

Read why Nick Ismail says that businesses should follow government’s lead in the matters of cyber security on Information Age : The National Cyber Security Centre officially opened this week with a visit from Her Majesty the Queen. The Centre builds on the codebreaking legacy of Bletchley Park and will help Britain respond to the […]

Cybersecurity Trends Data: Organizations Short-Handed Just as Threats Multiply

Public and private sector organizations find themselves short-handed even as the frequency and sophistication of attacks and threats rises, according to Crowd Research Partners’ 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report. Crowd Research Partners joined with 13 cybersecurity vendors to produce its latest annual report on cybersecurity trends. Read how organisations are facing serious shortage of cyber security professionals […]

Cyber Risks Threaten Physical Security, Industrial Controls

Read why Kevin Ingram says that cyber risk management should go beyond IT-specific concerns like malware, firewalls, and virus scans to protect organisations on CFO : “What are we doing to protect ourselves from cyberattacks?” It’s a question every CFO eventually asks their team. Although the question suggests IT-specific concerns like malware, firewalls, and virus scans, CFOs […]

Cyber Skills Gap Grows Along With Threats

Read  George Leopold’s article about how cyber threats are increasing along with shortage of skilled cyber security personnel on Enterprise Tech : A corporate job opening typically draws as many as 250 applicants with varying qualifications. In stark contrast, a new survey of the growing cyber security skills gap reveals that just over half of […]

ISACA Finds Cybersecurity Skills Gap Leaves 25% of Orgs Exposed

Evolving cybersecurity threats pose dangers to numerous industries, including healthcare, but a recent survey indicates that there is a cybersecurity skills gap that leaves entities exposed for months at a time. Over one-third of respondents – 37 percent – reported that fewer than 1 in 4 candidates have the qualifications employers need to keep companies secure, […]

Board Can Play A Key Role In Curbing Cyber Threats

Boards and senior management in organizations are increasingly understanding that cybercrime is a risk management issue that affects the entire organization and requires board oversight. However, although directors know that they need to stay informed about cybersecurity, keeping up with it in the complex, rapidly evolving threat landscape often becomes challenging. Read how company boards […]