Realistic Cybersecurity for Small- and Mid-Sized Enterprises

Read Pamela Passman’s about a realistic approach to cyber security for small and medium sized enterprises on Brink : In June of this year, a data analytics firm working for the Republican National Committee left databases of 198 million U.S. citizen voter files exposed to the Internet without security, making the RNC susceptible to theft by […]

Curbing the impact of data breaches

Read Brad Hibbert highlight 10 steps to stop lateral movement in data breaches on ITP : First, the attackers penetrate the perimeter but more than likely, they execute a successful drive-by download or launch a phishing attack to compromise a user’s system and establish a foothold inside the network; all the while flying ‘under the radar’ […]

5 best practices in cybersecurity for businesses

2017 was the year when cyber attacks finally became front-page fodder for Indian news media. It is little surprise that this coincided with the country becoming the second largest smartphone market. Read about the five best practices in cyber security for businesses on Economic Times.

Cybersecurity evolution brings shifts for network security

Read how network security is shifting toward a software-defined and cloud-based model according to Eamon McCarthy Earls on Tech Target : Jon Oltsik, an analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group Inc. in Milford, Mass., said he sees a broader cybersecurity evolution driving changes affecting enterprise network security. Read his full article here.

Will the Internet of Things rewrite the rules on cyber security?

Not too long ago, the idea of communicating with your kitchen appliances or hopping in a self-driving car may have seemed like science fiction. But the promise and potential that comes with connecting more gadgets online means that just about anything with an on/off switch can be connected to the internet and a remote controlling device […]

Why big corporates need to fight off cyber attack

There was a time when surfing was a harmless hobby. But today, it is an apt metaphor for the dangers lurking beneath your screen. The internet has evolved from when it was a luxury to now, when it is a necessity. Read about the Kaspersky’s IT Risk Report which reveals that hackers are now using targeted […]

The need for better proactive cyber defense

Read why  Lloyd McCoy Jr. says that there is a need for better proactive cyber defense on CSO Online : After years of theorizing about “proactive cyber defense,” talk is finally starting to be put into action. Let’s not delay. As cyberattacks become frighteningly more commonplace (the Equifax hack of 143 million consumer IDs is […]

5 Very Good Reasons To Keep your Content Management System Up To Date

Read Rachel Gillevet list five reasons that all website owners should keep their content management system up to date on Business2Community : Here’s a question for all of you – when’s the last time you updated your content management system? Have you been paying attention to all the patches and major updates that have been released […]

Myth busted: A wait-and-see approach to cybersecurity is a terrible idea

Read why Jessica Davis says that the wait and see approach for cyber security is a terrible idea on Healthcare IT News : It should come as no shock that hackers have spent the last two years pummeling the healthcare industry with cyberattacks. In 2017, the healthcare sector has already reported 233 breaches and is on […]

Make Cybersecurity A Priority in a Small Business’ Early Stages

Read why  David Kiger says that small and medium businesses should make cyber security a priority right from the start stage on Business2Community : New small business owners have a long list of hurdles to overcome in the early stages. These can be complicated times, so avoiding a cybersecurity mess wouldn’t necessarily rank at the […]