Taking a Cognitive Approach to Unified Endpoint Management

Read why Wes Gyure and John Harrington Jr. say that companies should take a cognitive approach to unified Endpoint management on Security Intelligence : If you function like most IT organizations, you’ve spent the past few years relying on mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM) and client management tools to get the most out […]

How AI Can Help Fight Healthcare Ransomware Threats

Healthcare is facing more ransomware threats every day, and is a prime target for such attacks. However, the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) explained in a recent paper that artificial intelligence could greatly aid organizations in creating stronger cybersecurity defenses. Read why Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) research says that artificial intelligence can help […]

Automate DevOps so you can focus on a security-first culture

Read why Ben Taylor says that companies should automate their DevOps so that they can focus on security-first culture on Computer Business Review : Amid all the fanfare hailing the benefits of DevOps it is clear the movement to change how IT departments build, deploy and run applications is gaining momentum. CA Technologies suggests 81% […]

Why Your Enterprise Security Strategy Needs to Evolve

Read why Scott Koegler says that every organisation needs a security strategy to evolve on Security Intelligence : Creating a defensive and protective strategy is one of the core responsibilities for a security leader, but this is a tall order for any professional. That’s because security measures need to evolve as threats change over time. A static […]

OUR VIEW: Proactive approach needed in cybersecurity

It’s sad, but shouldn’t be surprising, that criminals seeking gain without exertion would focus on the most vulnerable targets. That apparently has happened in the latest major data breach, which has directly impacted Alabama (and probably local) residents. Read why businesses need a proactive approach to cyber security on The Gadsden Times,

Businesses leave gaping holes in cybersecurity plans

Read why Tim Wallace  says that businesses leave gaping holes in cyber security plans on Telegraph : Britain’s businesses are increasingly aware of the threat of cyber attacks, but often do not know how to combat digital crimes or how to report attacks. A total of 94pc of firms believe IT security is important, but only […]

Incident Response: How to Prepare for Attacks and Breaches

Read  Cynthia Harvey’s article about how organisations can prepare for attacks and breaches on eSecurity Planet : If a hacker breached your network today, what would you do? What if a company employee unwittingly infected your systems with ransomware? What if attackers defaced your website or launched a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack? What […]

Network Access Control: Restricting and Monitoring Access to Your Network and Data

Read why Sue Marquette Poremba says that using right network access control can add a new level of cyber security to organisations on eSecurity Planet : The best cybersecurity comes in layers, making it difficult or frustrating for an intruder to fight through each line of defense to break into the network and gain access […]

Attackers thrive on misaligned incentives, executive overconfidence

Read how the cyber criminals thrive on misaligned incentives and executive overconfidence on Enterprise Innovation : Cybercriminals have the advantage, thanks to the incentives for cybercrime, while defenders are hard-pressed to keep up as they often operate in bureaucratic hierarchies, according to Intel Security. Based on interviews and a global survey of 800 cybersecurity professionals, additional […]

Security Central: Experts Spear-point Cause of Yahoo Hack, Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act Gains Traction

One click to breach them all. Or at least, one click to breach Yahoo. One simple, mistaken click is apparently all it took for hackers working with the Russian state security service to gain access to Yahoo’s network and the email accounts of approximately 1.5 billion people. Read how Yahoo was hacked according to Allison Francis […]