New Intel processors to have hardware-based protections against Meltdown, Spectre 2

Intel has officially pushed out microcode updates with Spectre and Meltdown mitigations for all of the processors it launched in the past five years. In addition to this, the company’s CEO announced new, redesigned processor lines that will start shipping later this year and will include hardware-based protection for Meltdown (exploiting CVE-2017-5754, a rogue cata cache load flaw) […]

8 questions to ask about your industrial control systems security

A recent incident where a likely nation-state threat actor inadvertently shut down a critical infrastructure facility in the Middle East when testing new malware has stoked widespread concerns about the vulnerability of industrial control systems (ICSs) to new cyberthreats. Many security experts see the incident as a harbinger of a new wave of destructive attacks […]

Is Adware Causing You Frustration? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

It might not be quite as serious as ransomware but adware is nevertheless a cause of much frustration for computer owners everywhere. If you’re constantly being bombarded with pop-up ads or redirected to advertising sites then you are almost certainly a victim of adware. Some types of adware are more subtle, hiding in your system […]

A Data Protection Officer’s Guide to the GDPR Galaxy

In April 2016, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed into law in the European Union. The goal of the law is to give individuals control over their own data. While GDPR became law in 2016, it won’t become enforceable until May 25, 2018. GDPR is composed of 99 articles and 173 recitals that are used […]

Power grid cybersecurity tool uses machine learning and sensors to detect threats

In today’s always connected world, losing power is more than just an annoyance. “The truth is, we rely on electricity much more than we realize,” writes Sherry Hewins in her column What Could Happen in a Long-Term Power Outage? “Even if you live ‘off the grid’ as I did for years, you are still living in a […]

Identifying Security Blind Spots For You And Your Customers

The security landscape is a minefield for small businesses, and their service providers. After a year of high-profile cybersecurity stories – from WannaCry to Equifax to Spectre and Meltdown – providers are facing difficult conversations with their clients about their preparedness against attacks. But, those conversations will be far more complicated if they’re brought on […]

The great attribution debate: Why we should focus on HOW not WHO

Organisations often don’t understand what they need to be protecting themselves from when it comes to costly cyber-attacks. The threat landscape is becoming ever-more evolved and it’s now rare for a day to go by without a new form of attack hitting the headlines. Interventions by hacking groups into foreign affairs, such as reports that […]

Windows RDP flaw: ‘Install Microsoft’s patch, turn on your firewall’

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates for March deliver fixes for 75 security bugs, including patches for 15 critical flaws and a serious vulnerability that exposes sysadmins to credential theft. In addition to new updates to mitigate Meltdown and Spectre, Microsoft has released fixes for 15 critical flaws affecting the scripting engine in Internet Explorer 11 and its […]

Best practices to tackle challenges posed by digital twins

Forty-eight percent of organizations that are implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) said they are already using, or plan to use digital twins in 2018, according to Gartner. In addition, the number of participating organizations (202 respondents across China, U.S., Germany and Japan) using digital twins will triple by 2022. Gartner defines a digital twin as a […]

77% of Businesses Lack Proper Incident Response Plans

Your incident response plan probably isn’t as strong as you think it is, according to a new pool of research showing a broad gap between the perceived strength of incident response plans and their true effectiveness. In “The Third Annual Study on the Cyber Resilient Organization,” Ponemon researchers surveyed more than 2,848 IT and IT […]