Fight insider threats by screenshotting employees’ every action

Read David Braue’s article about how companies can fight insider threat by screenshotting every employee action on CSO Online : Even as many companies try to plug security holes by introducing ever-tighter endpoint management tools, some security pundits are advocating for a higher level of protection that takes the surveillance state to the employee desktop. Read […]

Want Stronger Network Security? Pay Attention to Your Packets

Read Peter Ekner’s article about how companies should invest in network security on Infosec Magazine : Too bad there isn’t a “CSI: Network” show to learn from because in the digital world, dusting for fingerprints just won’t do. Cyberattacks don’t have a traditional, physical crime scene where evidence can be collected for investigation. Instead, we are […]

Protecting your organisation with cyber-insurance alone is not enough

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Cloud Ready Threat Detection & Response

Read Amy Blackshaw’s article about cloud ready threat detection and response on RSA Blog : Organizations are leveraging third party cloud environments for increasingly critical data, applications, and infrastructure. The agility and potential cost savings that both public and private (virtual) clouds offer mean that the business can be more efficient and gain operational and […]

Whitelist Relationships as a Path to Better Security

Read Ean Meyer’s article about how whitelisting relationships helps cyber security on Trip Wire : Implicit deny and explicit allow were two core fundamentals from the start of the information security discipline. However, as the scale and complexity of infrastructures grew, it became evident the list of things we should allow is exponentially smaller than the […]

Lessons Learned from 2016: It’s Time to Address Internal Security Threats to Health Data

Read Heather Landi’s article about how healthcare firms can address internal security threats on Healthcare Informatics : Throughout 2016, the message from cybersecurity experts has been fairly consistent and increasingly urgent—leaders at patient care organizations need to prioritize IT security. And, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, a recent year-in-review report on health […]

How a Hacked Website Can Impact Your Business

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When Cybersecurity Meets Physical Security

Read Kalev Leetaru explain how cyber security is as important as physical security on Forbes : In a recent interview with CNN, the Director of the Secret Service noted that his organization is increasingly focusing on the cyber security of the physical facilities visited by the President of the United States as part of its […]

Enterprise information security and privacy reliant on culture

Studies continue to show that insider threats are a big risk to companies’ data protection efforts. But despite these well-known, highly publicized threats, corporate leadership often does not do enough to set the right information protection tone in their organizations, according to Grace Buckler, founder of privacy consulting firm The Privacy Advocate LLC. Read the […]

Is Speed Important When Reporting a Data Breach?

Read why  James Swann says that speed is of utmost importance when reporting a data breach on Bloomberg BNA : In life, it’s OK to take your time doing a lot of things, but one area where it’s not OK is reporting a data breach. This was highlighted by an Illinois health system’s $475,000 settlement […]