What is a DDoS attack? What happens during a DDoS attack?

DDoS attacks are one of the most common forms of cyber attack, with the number of global DDoS attacks increasing to 50 million annually, according to VeriSign. Distributed denial of service, or DDoS for short, refers to a cyber attack resulting in victims being unable to access systems and network resources, essentially disrupting internet services. Read […]

Is DDoS Protection Right For You?

Recently, Neustar, a provider of real-time information services, released the findings from its fourth annual Worldwide DDoS Attacks and Cyber Insights Research Report. The report documents the frequency and cost of attacks and what measures are being taken to counter these threats. Read more about the new report by Neustar which reveals that though DDoS […]

8 Most Overlooked Security Threats

There’s always a new security threat to worry about, whether it’s from the latest breach headline or a cyberattack on your business. It’s almost impossible to keep track of every factor putting an organization at risk. Read/see the slideshow explaining the eight most overlooked security threats on Dark Reading :

Get out your wallet: when to pay the ransom

Read Nick Ismail explain when is the right time to pay the ransom if a ransomware attack takes place in your company on Information Age : After last week’s WannaCry outbreak, ransomware is no longer an unknown subject to anyone in technology circles. The malware that often comes in via email (though WannaCry did not), […]

Are you protected? How to avoid ransomware attacks

Read Paul Smedley explain how small and medium businesses can avoid ransomware attacks on PPP Focus : In a blog post, released by Microsoft on Sunday, they called the attack a “wake-up call” and identified “nation-state action and organised criminal action” as “the two most serious forms of cybersecurity threats in the world today”. Read […]

Ransomware WannaCry causes fewer tears than feared

Read why Kevin Kelleher says that WannaCry ransomware did not create as much havoc as was hyped on Venture Beat : It’s been a week since the WannaCry ransomware attack began infecting computers running Windows software. And things are strangely silent again. It’s almost as if the wake-up call that WannaCry set off was heard […]

New hacking threats: Fingerprint reader vulnerabilities and sophisticated ransomware

A massive cyberattack that struck 300,000 computers in 150 countries earlier this month has begun to slow, but experts warn there is more to come — including the ability to hack fingerprint readers. “It is going to get worse before it gets better because we’ve becoming more reliant [on technology]… More sophisticated attacks will be hard […]

All you need to know about the WannaCry hack and how to protect yourself from it

Read Bijal Shah explain what is WannaCry Ransomware and how to deal with it on Your Story : On Friday, hackers—who may not be caught for months, if at all—stole a malicious software from the National Security Agency’s kitty of cyberweapons, and used it not only against their own citizens but also against various entities […]

75% of health orgs live below cybersecurity poverty line

After attending a meeting with the Health and Human Services Department and security experts, Kaiser Permanente Chief Technology Risk Officer George DeCesare came away with a startling realization. “Seventy-five percent of the healthcare industry is below the cybersecurity poverty line,” DeCesare said at the HIMSS and Healthcare IT News Privacy & Security Forum on Thursday. Read […]

Three cybersecurity threat trends that organizations should address today

Read Stephen Coty list three cyber security threat trends that companies should address today itself on Help Net Security : The cybersecurity landscape grows seemingly more complex – and dangerous – by the day: Hackers and other bad actors unleash increasingly intricate and formidable attacks, on more mission critical systems. Yet, organizations attempt to counter […]