Defending against cyber attacks is now just as important as the fight against terror – GCHQ

The front page of the Telegraph this morning reports that keeping the UK safe from cyber attacks is now as important as fighting terrorism, according to the head of the intelligence monitoring service GCHQ. Read why United Kingdom’s spy service, GCHQ says that defending against cyber attacks is now just as important as the fight […]

IoT Security Costs are Manageable

Read why Jake Sprouse says that Internet of Things device security has become more critical than ever and why the costs are manageable on EE Times : Gone are the days of security-through-obscurity for connected consumer products. Designers can no longer ignore the risk that a potential security compromise poses to their brands. As a result of […]

Tips For Protecting Your Business From Ransomware Threats

Read Chalmers Brown’s tips for protecting your business from ransomware attacks on Forbes : Hackers are becoming increasingly aggressive about what they want. While many online fraud attempts have been somewhat covert, the latest trend is ransomware, including an incredible increase in mobile ransomware attacks. Read his full article here.

Cyber risks loom for energy sector

Read Mark Rockwell’s article about the cyber risks to the energy sector on FCW : The potentially catastrophic cyber threat looming over the U.S. critical infrastructure is potentially worse than a busy hurricane season according to a key Department of Energy infrastructure security official. Read

Protecting networks from DNS exfiltration

Read David Williamson article about how companies can prevent their networks from DNS exfiltration attacks on Help Net Security : Everyone around the globe has heard about the colossal Equifax breach last month. Its implications haven’t yet been fully calculated except now that the CEO has resigned from his job, we know it’s serious. However, […]

Hackers Prey On Consumer Worry Over Equifax Breach

Equifax’s data breach, which may have impacted 143 million U.S. consumers, has resulted in digital thieves sending hundreds of thousands of phishing emails pretending to be a bank or financial institution. Read more about the new report by Barracuda Network which reveals that spoof emails have increased drastically after Equifax data breach on PYMNTS.

Don’t let hackers deal fatal blow to your business

While the giant security breaches at places like Equifax make huge headlines, small businesses continue to be under attack as well. Targeted by hackers and scammers of various stripes, these businesses need to arm themselves with preventative measures to make them less likely to fall victim. Read the tips from Better Business Bureau to protect your […]

Why DDoS Attacks are on the Rise

Read Maria Korolov explain why DDoS attacks are on the rise on Data Center Knowledge : Distributed denial of services attacks are becoming big business. Once the domain of bored teenagers engaging in some wanton cybervandalism, they’re now a favorite tool of career cybercriminals, hacktivists, and even nation states. Read her full article here.

Why diverse cybersecurity teams are better at understanding threats, patient needs

Read Bill Siwicki’s article about why diverse cybersecurity teams are better at understanding healthcare cyber security threats on Healthcare IT News : Hiring a diverse range of infosec employees benefits hospitals in ways not often discussed. In addition to employment equality, for instance, cybersecurity teams comprised of people with varying backgrounds is one key to both fighting […]

To combat phishing, you must change your approach

Does the training provided to our colleagues, commonly called “whack-a-mole,” actually make a difference? Maybe a better question is why are we still relying on training tired and stressed people on a complex topic instead of searching for a technical solution? Read why Kevin O’Brien of GreatHorn says that employee training isn’t effective in combatting phishing […]