Cybercrime Awareness Should Be Fun

Read why Scott Koegler says that companies should plan their cyber awareness programs as fun for employees on Security Intelligence : Companies experiencing a cyberattack certainly are not thinking about fun when they deal with the results. There’s a good chance that the breach happened because security awareness wasn’t a focus for an employee who […]

TeamLogic IT Warns Of SMB Cybersecurity Risks

The risk of cyber attacks is just as strong for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as it is for enterprise level companies. That’s the message coming from TeamLogic IT as the company sets out to create a roadmap for SMBs to deal with cybersecurity threats. Read why Frank Picarello of TeamLogic IT, says small and medium […]

How to Stay Protected in this New Age of Data Breaches

Read Justin Shipe’s article about how businesses can stay protected in this new age of data breaches on Chain Store Age : The rate at which data breaches are hitting and impacting businesses shows no sign of slowing. In fact, according to the Identify Theft Resource Center, the number of breaches so far this year […]

5 lessons small business should learn from recent cyber attacks

Read David Greer explain the five lessons that the recent cyber attacks have for small and medium businesses on The Next Web : If the recent cyber attacks have taught us anything, it is that most people are dangerously unprepared for them. Cyber security should be at the forefront of virtually every industry yet it […]

Securing the Internet of Things: A Public Safety Issue

Read why Phillimon Zongo says that security of Internet of Things is a public safety issue on CSO : The explosion of intelligent connected devices – the Internet of Things (IoT) – is presenting fascinating possibilities for businesses and consumers. Heart monitoring devices, glucose monitors and other health-related IoT devices are enabling patients to proactively monitor […]

No one thinks they’ll fall for a phishing attempt at work — until they do

Read Susan Tompor explain how phishing works on Detroit Free Press : Quite honestly, many of us can only wonder how anyone falls for some incredibly old tricks in the hacking book. Like, really, who sits down at work and opens an attachment connected to a vague request in an e-mail without first questioning whether the […]

You’ve Been Warned Big Business. Ransomware is Coming for You!

Ransomware is growing and adapting faster than you think. Big businesses, you are not as secure as you think. The delta between perception and reality will be a costly lesson for organizations, impactful for customers, and a financial windfall for criminals. Read about how ransomware is emerging as the biggest threat to businesses on Digit.

What’s Missing From Your Site’s Security?

Read Eileen O’Shanassy article about website security on Host Review : Whether it’s credit card information being stolen from your online business or extreme situations where hackers take control of a site and hold it for ransom, online and technological security has become very important in today’s business world. Read her article here.

UK businesses lagging behind Germany and France in risk awareness

Business leaders in Germany and France are more aware of digital risks than the ones in the UK, according to new findings. According to a report from international law firm Gowling WLG, UK respondents identified between two and 25 per cent less risk than their counterparts in France and Germany, for each risk area that was […]

Who is a target for ransomware attacks?

Read James A. Martin analyse the ransomware attack targets on CSO Online : The short answer to the question posed in the headline is ‘everyone’: Every small business, midsized company, enterprise, and organization is fair game, especially in light of the recent WannaCry and Petya attacks (though the latter was an atypical ransomware example). Read […]