It’s 2017: Do You Know Where Your Telecommuting Security Policy Is?

The idea of working remotely is nothing new — businesses have increasingly allowed employees to telecommute over the last two decades, with some companies even going so far as to hire entire teams of remote workers. Read why having a telecommuting security policy is a good strategy to fight cyber attacks on Information Security Buzz.

3 ways developers can improve IoT security on their devices

Read Majid Ahmed list three tips for developers to incorporate cyber security in Internet of Things devices on Network World : The much-beloved Internet of Things has come to fundamentally reshape how firms in virtually every industry operate. Nonetheless, the 21st century phenomenon that’s connected us all has some significant downsides, chief among them its vulnerability to […]

14 million US businesses are at risk of a hacker threat

Large corporations spend hundreds of thousands, often millions, of dollars oncybersecurity, but when it comes to small businesses, many owners aren’t spending enough. Read about the new survey by CNBC/SurveyMonkey which reveals that onnly 2 percent of the small-business owners surveyed in the Small Business Survey said they view the threat of a cyberattack as the […]

Cybersecurity, do small business owners like you need to worry?

It’s a crisp morning and you settled down with a steaming cup of coffee and your newspaper. Little would you have guessed that a mere bug would shake up the business world! You immediately go on alert, for this was no ordinary bug. Read why small and medium businesses should worry about the growing cyber […]

Uptick in Malware Targets the Banking Community

Read Geoffrey Pamerleau’s article about how there is a sudden uptick in malware attacks on banking sector on Dark Reading : Over the past few weeks, there has been a noticeable glut of high-profile malicious activity aimed at financial institutions. Both traditional banking and cryptocurrency trading platforms have been successfully targeted in these campaigns. Attackers […]

7 deadly cybersecurity sins small businesses should avoid

If you own a small or mid-sized business and aren’t paying attention to cybersecurity because you think bigger companies are better targets, think again. Read about the seven deadly cyber security sins that small and medium businesses should avoid on Biz Journals.

The untapped potential of machine learning for detecting fraud

E-commerce fraud protection company Signifyd has recently signed up behavioral analytics expert Long-Ji Lin to fill the position of Chief Scientist. “For advertisers, Lin perfected his model’s ability to predict which users would take each desired action, such as a clicking on an ad or purchasing from an advertiser.” Read why machine learning can be the […]

The 5 biggest ransomware attacks of the last 5 years

While the last few years have seen a remarkable uptick in this particularly nasty genre of attack software, ransomware isn’t new. Malware that holds data for ransom has been around for years. In 1991, a biologist spread PC Cyborg, the first ever ransomware, by sending floppy disks via surface mail to other AIDS researchers, for instance. […]

IoT Security: How Elastic Are You?

Read why Matt Brunk says that Internet of Things embedded security systems need flexibility improvement to reduce incident response time on No Jitters : The Internet of Things is a wave of connected opportunities that brings in a broad range of data to enterprises. Being able to turn the data into actionable data quickly is […]

Top Five Tips for Creating a Culture of Security Awareness at Work

Read  Fran Howarth list five top tips about how companies can create a culture of security awareness at work on Security Intellingence : The second week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), held every October, focused on creating a culture of cybersecurity at work. The aim is to highlight the current threats that organizations […]