Atlanta spent at least $2.6 million on ransomware recovery

Atlanta spent more than $2.6 million on recovery efforts stemming from a ransomware attack, which crippled a sizable part of the city’s online services. The city was hit by the notorious SamSam ransomware, which exploits a deserialization vulnerability in Java-based servers. The ransom was set at around $55,000 worth of bitcoin, but it’s understood that the ransom was […]

Largest inhibitor of cyber insurance market growth? Silent cyber risk

A new study of the UK cyber risk insurance and broker community reveals startling findings. First and foremost, the insurance industry needs to address non-affirmative cyber in a meaningful way. Second, measurement of cyber risk in financial terms is highly deficient among insurance customers and the insurance industry itself. More than three-quarters (77 per cent) of UK […]

Biometrics Are Coming & So Are Security Concerns

From unlocking your smartphone with your face to boarding a flight with your fingerprints, the use of biometric data for authentication is becoming commonplace. In both identity management and identity verification, biometric applications are making marked improvements over current security protocols. Traditional methods of identity management, while effective, are often a bother for end users. […]

SunTrust Ex-Employee May Have Stolen Data on 1.5 Million Bank Clients

SunTrust Bank said a former employee may have stolen names, addresses, phone numbers, and account balances of some 1.5 million of its clients. The employee tried to download the client contact information six- to eight weeks ago in an attempt to provide the data to a criminal from outside the organization, Reuters reports. SunTrust CEO […]

Is your Android phone a ‘toxic hellstew’ of vulnerabilities? There’s an app to help you find out

It seems that some Android smartphone makers are lying to users about the patch status of their devices, telling them that they’re up-to-date when they aren’t. Here’s how to find out if your Android smartphone is lying to you. The first step is to take a trip to the Google Play Store and download SnoopSnitch, an app […]

How much should CXOs trust vendors when purchasing new solutions?

Technology buyers tend to use multiple resources when researching products, because none are perfectly adequate or trustworthy. The results are showcased in a report from technology review platform TrustRadius. It studied buyer preferences, vendor impact, and looked at the trust gap in B2B technology. It conducted research with 438 buyers and 240 vendors. Its B2B Buying Disconnect study wanted to […]

Android security: Your phone’s patch level says you’re up to date, but that may be a lie

Google has spent the past two years building momentum behind its Android monthly patch level system, but a study has found critical patches that should be on devices displaying a patch level aren’t actually present. The ‘hidden patch gap‘ in Android devices was discovered by researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell of German security firm […]

6 Myths About IoT Security

There’s every reason to be concerned about the potential of an IoT system, sensor, or device being hacked in the enterprise or a user’s home office. These devices regularly are exposed for their vulnerabilities, and most are not built with security in mind. An attack via an IoT device can blindside an organization: Take the […]

The eternal struggle: Security versus users

There’s an old joke that a job in security is a safe place to be grumpy. From what Ray Pompon, Principal Threat Researcher Evangelist at F5 Labs, has seen over his career, that is often true. Security people seem to cherish their reputation for being pessimistic and untrusting. Some take it further and cast their disdain […]

1.5 billion sensitive files exposed by misconfigured servers, storage and cloud services

Researchers have discovered over 1.5 billion sensitive files including payroll information, credit card details, medical data, and patents for intellectual property are exposed online, putting consumers and businesses at risk of theft, cybercrime, and espionage. But the information exposed online — which amounts to a total of 12,000 terabytes of data — isn’t there as […]