It’s ‘Code Red’ as cyber-security pros gather

Cybersecurity threats are now a household worry, putting the thousands of professionals who flock to the annual RSA cybersecurity conference here in an unusually influential position. “The threat level is now Code Red,” said Avivah Litan, a security analyst with Gartner, a consulting company. Familiar threats, such as hacking by groups backed by governments, are not […]

1 in 3 people don’t practise proper cybersecurity: Survey

Most people agree that everyone has a role to play in cybersecurity. Yet, many still admitted to poor cybersecurity practises such as sharing passwords with others, among other bad habits. These were some of the findings of an online survey by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) which was released on Wednesday. Read about the […]

Security experts share 3 key insights on ransomware

Year 2017 has arrived before people even realized it was coming and it’s brought with it an army of new buzzwords, fresh security threats and an even more switched-on world than 2016. Before people entangle themselves in everything digital that this year has to offer, it’s important to heed expert advice. Read the expert opinion on […]

Ransomware: #1 business cyber security threat or media hype?

Read Ellie Burns take a look at whether ransomware is a media created hype or a reality on Computer Business Review : Ransomware has really captured the imagination of the public and, being truthful, it is a dream topic for me, a journalist – it is evocative, conjuring up images of ransom notes with miss-matched […]

Cisco Cyber-Security Report Finds Server Threats Increased in 2016

Security breaches aren’t just a nuisance. They can also have real financial impact on the organizations that are exploited. That’s one of the many high-level findings from the Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report (ACR). The massive 110-page report provides insights from Cisco’s own research efforts as well as a survey that received responses from 3,000 […]

Social Media Phishing Attacks Soar 500%

Social media phishing attacks jumped by a massive 500% in Q4, driven by a huge increase in fraudulent accounts including many posing as customer support for big name brands, according to Proofpoint. Read about the Proofpoint’s Q4 2016 Threat Summary and Year in Review report which reveals that social media phishing attacks soared by 500 […]

Is your business safe from these common security threats?

Read Caitlyn Stevens list common cyber and physical security threats to businesses on BDaily : Companies have so many concerns in the current economy that sometimes business people can forget what should be one of their biggest priorities: security. In a world of chasing leads, networking, making deals and managing accounts, security can be difficult to […]

Beyond Virtual: Vulnerability Testing Tools Now Hack Hardware

Vulnerability testing for software and networks is both necessary and ubiquitous, giving rise to tools such as the open source Metasploit framework. This can seek out weaknesses, run exploits and mimic attacks in the wild against corporate services. Read how the new Metasploit Framework vulnerability scanner now works on hardware on Security Intelligence.

Can you spot the phish?

Cloud collaboration software provider Diligent recently conducted an online survey of 2,000 U.S. internet users to test their security savvy. 76% of survey respondents passed the phishing test, but that isn’t the whole story. Here are some of Diligent’s other findings: Read more about the new research by Diligent which reveals that nearly 68% of respondents […]

Don’t take your hands off the wheel

Read Geoff Webb’s article about car hacking on Helpnet Security : Let me tell you a story. It’s a story about my brother-in-law, whom, for the sake of decency, we’ll call Steve. Steve has a new car. He loves that new car. It’s great. Does everything he wants it to. Well, except for one thing: it keeps […]