Aussie enterprises reactive to security needs to combat data breaches

And Australia and a majority of its Asia Pacific counterparts — 55% to be precise — do not conduct risk assessment studies as a precautionary measure and say they will only do so if there was a security breach or suspected breach. Read about the new study conducted by Frost & Sullivan which reveals that […]

The Short List of Who Protects Companies Against DDoS Attacks

Read Anna Jones’ article about how companies can protect themselves against DDoS attacks on IoT Evolution : Here’s a question: when was the last time you got something truly useful for free? Like that time it turned out your phone company was giving you mobile data even though it wasn’t included in the plan you […]

New Breed of DDoS Attack On the Rise

Read Jai Vijayan’s article about new breed of DDoS attacks on Dark Reading : Over the years, threat actors have abused a variety of services including DNS, SNMP, and NTP to enable and amplify distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against their targets. Read his full article here.

Facts About DDoS That Aren’t True

Read Priti Shetti’s article dispelling some myths about DDoS attacks on Host Review : Although Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks remains as prevalent as ever, there are still some surprising myths that goes around them. Misleading information can not only misguide users, but also stand as a severe threat to business. Facts are not manipulated, but […]

7 steps to avoid getting hooked by phishing scams

High-profile hacking attacks might dominate the headlines, but one of the biggest risks to your security isn’t software vulnerabilities or malware—it’s phishing attacks. There were more than 1.2 million phishing attacks last year alone, up 65 percent over 2015, according to the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG). Read more about the seven steps to avoid getting […]

Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index states that more people are becoming aware of cyber threats

The number of people who are concerned about their security and are ready to protect themselves against cyber threats has increased in the second half of 2016, Kaspersky Lab’s updated index has revealed. Read more about the latest Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index which indicates that more and more people are becoming aware of cyber threats on Tech2.

The Growing Threat of Data Breaches in Grocery

With every year that passes, data breaches become a bigger and more frightening threat for retailers. In 2016, nearly 1,000 cases were reported, the highest number since The Identity Theft Resource Center, in San Diego, began keeping records in 2005. Read how the grocery sector is facing twin cyber threats from ransomware and skimming on […]

Malwarebytes Details Cybersecurity Threats Seen During Q1 2017 For Windows, MacOS And Android

Many people don’t know as much about personal cybersecurity as they think they do. The bad news is that misunderstanding and lack of knowledge can put you at serious risk. The good news is that in many cases simply knowing what to be wary of is enough to provide a fairly effective level of protection. […]

Employer Liability for Data Breaches: Where Are We Now?

Read Laura Bartlow and Judith Langevin article about employer liability in case of a data breach on JD Supra : When a data breach places employees’ information at risk, is the employer liable? We’ve continued to track legal actions against employers based on data breaches, but we still don’t have clear guidance from the courts. […]

Businesses still using unsupported versions of Windows

More than half of organisations are still running some version of Windows XP operating system, despite the fact that Microsoft stopped supporting the platform almost two years ago. Read more about the new report by Spiceworks which reveals that almost two thirds of businesses worldwide (61 per cent) will have at least one machine in their […]