Healthcare Industry Saw 63% More Cyberattacks In 2016

A lot of exciting reports come out during this time of the year, even though the news is not always positive. The latest cyber attack report shows how the number of attacks against the healthcare industry has increased by 63% in 2016–a troublesome finding which may only grow worse as time progresses. Read more about […]

The 3 C’s Of Security Awareness

Read Lance Spitzner explain the three Ç’s of security awareness on Dark Reading : Over 80% of security awareness professionals have a background in either information security or information technology, according to SANS’s 2016 Security Awareness Report. Less than 15% have a background in soft skills such as training, marketing, or communications. The technical part of […]

Ransomware, DDoS now top threats as hackers look for big paydays

Hackers attacking business systems are most likely looking for a big payout — not trying to make a political point or steal secrets. Attempts to extort a ransom — either by threatening or carrying out a distributed denial of service (DDos) attack, or by infecting PCs with ransomware — is the most common motivation behind digital […]

KPMG: Cybercriminals Set to Get ‘Creative’ in 2017

IoT threats, new EU data laws and the industrialization of cybercrime are all set to dominate the agenda as we head into 2017, according to professional services giant KPMG. David Ferbrache, technical director in KPMG’s cybersecurity practice, made the predictions in his 10 expected trends of the coming year. Read why KPMG researchers say that cyber […]

Cyber Security Spending Is Going Up, but Cyber Crime Is Not Slowing Down

Read Andra Zaharia’s article about how cyber crime is growing despite companies increasing cyber security budgets on Heimdal Security Blog : Instead of dedicating our first post from 2017 to reviewing 2016’s cyber security facts and figures, we decided to examine a topic that concerns us all, individuals and organizations alike: Why are the increased investments […]

Cyber criminals to change tactics and charge higher ransoms in 2017

Read why Robert McHugh says that cyber criminals could change tactics and demand higher ransoms in 2017 on Business World : Irish information security provider, Ward Solutions, have warned that cyber criminals will change their tactics in 2017 to exploit growing fears of brand damage and escalating fines. The provider expects cyber criminals to change their ransomware […]

Be Prepared for Many More Data Breaches This Year

Read why Rahul Kumar says that companies need to be prepared for more data breaches this year on CXO Today : LinkedIn, Tumblr, MySpace and a host of other social entities were not spared this year. Corporations too suffered their share of ignominy. There are no certainties in attack targets: no institution, government, organization or […]

DDoS Attacks Growth Could Lead to Flood of New Attacks in 2017

The increased frequency of DDoS attacks in 2016 does not bode well for 2017 across all industries, including credit unions and financial services, according to Sterling, Va.-based information provider Neustar, Inc. In its in-depth research report DDoS & Cyber Security Insights, Neustar provides statistical analysis of the distributed denial of services attacks and mitigation data collected […]

Cyber Threat Awareness Education: A Priority for 2017

Because cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, bolstering employee and customer awareness and training about ransomware, phishing and other cyber risks must be a top priority in 2017, says Curt Kwak, CIO of Proliance Surgeons, which operates more than 100 care centers in the state of Washington. Read why Curt Kwak of Proliance Surgeons says […]

Ransomworm: the next level of cybersecurity nastiness

Read Ryan Francis explain how ransomware is dangerous to companies on CIO : As if holding your data hostage and seeking cash payment weren’t harsh enough, security experts foresee the next stage of ransomware to be even worse. Scott Millis, CTO at mobile security company Cyber adAPT, expects ransomware to spin out of control in the […]