Tech Brief: Advancing mobile technologies without sacrificing security

The intensely personal relationship users have with smart mobile devices —essentially handheld supercomputers —presents a new combination of challenges for government and enterprise CIOs and IT security managers. Read about the tech brief which has tips about making mobile devices more made secure than on-premises devices on FedScoop.

5 Very Good Reasons To Keep your Content Management System Up To Date

Read Rachel Gillevet list five reasons that all website owners should keep their content management system up to date on Business2Community : Here’s a question for all of you – when’s the last time you updated your content management system? Have you been paying attention to all the patches and major updates that have been released […]

The benefits and risks of outsourcing

Read  Ravi Shukla list the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing on Lexlology : Outsourcing refers to the transfer of a business activity or function from a client/customer to a local or foreign third party service provider. Examples of commonly outsourced activities include: IT services; delivery, logistics and distribution services; human resources services; sales and marketing […]

Where are They Now: Catching Up with 4 Past Data Breaches

Read Jocelyn Baird take a look at the past four big data breaches on Next Advisor : In the immediate aftermath of a large-scale data breach, you see and hear plenty of information about it as the story unfolds. Some data breaches remain in the news for a few months, while others fade away after just […]

For Retail Startups, Security is Paramount

Read why Anna Johansson says that for retail startups, cyber security should be paramount on Geek Time : We live in a corrupt world – there’s no other way of putting it. While there’s still plenty of good, it’s impossible to avoid evil. For entrepreneurs launching retail startups, it’s imperative to understand the risks young […]

Europol: Ransomware top threat in 2017 cybercrime ‘epidemic’

Ransomware eclipsed most other forms of cybercrime as on-line crime surged in 2017, European policing agency Europol said on Wednesday, citing high-profile attacks such as “WannaCry” that reached millions of computers. Read why Europol, the European Union policing agency says that ransomware is the top threat of 2017 on Reuters.

Securing a national treasure – healthcare: is it possible?

Read Nick Ismail’s article about whether securing healthcare from cyber attacks is possible on Information Age : This year healthcare services across the world have been found out as particularly vulnerable to the increasing number of cyber attacks. This was most publicly demonstrated during the WannaCry ransomware attack, which crippled the UK’s NHS in May […]

ACSC finds rising sophistication of cyber threats along with exploitation of publicly known vulnerabilities with known mitigations

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) released its Threat Report 2017 today. The ACSC is the focal point for the cyber security efforts of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Australia, the Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO), the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and the Australian Security […]

Is Your Company Ready to Face Tomorrow’s Security Risks?

Read Maciej Rosołek, Paulina Świątek and Malgorzata Zabieglinska–Lupa’s article about the future cyber security risks on Infosec Magazine : In 2017, ransomware, phishing, and IoT attacks pummeled businesses. What security trends will emerge in the coming years? Malgorzata Zabieglinska-Lupa, ICT product manager, Comarch ICT, recently had the chance to speak to Paulina Swiatek, business solution manager, and Maciej […]

Defending against cyber attacks is now just as important as the fight against terror – GCHQ

The front page of the Telegraph this morning reports that keeping the UK safe from cyber attacks is now as important as fighting terrorism, according to the head of the intelligence monitoring service GCHQ. Read why United Kingdom’s spy service, GCHQ says that defending against cyber attacks is now just as important as the fight […]