Deciphering Security Assessment Jargon

Read Brian A. McHenry explain what security assessment is on Information Security Buzz : Growing up, I think every kid heard a parent or teacher or coach tell them to sit or stand up straight. At the time, it was never quite clear why good posture was so important at the dinner table, in the classroom, […]

Protect Yourself with a Cyber Security Assessment

Read Stephen Nardone why says that it is necessary for companies to protect themselves with a cyber security assessment on CIO : The ugly truth is that your organization has either been the victim of a recent cyber security breach, or it will be. Despite spending billions on cyber security—$75 billion last year, growing to […]

How to perform a risk assessment

Read David Greer explain how companies can perform a risk assessment on CSO Online : Without a complete and thorough risk assessment including all its component parts (discussed herein), you might as well open all your data assets to unbridled exfiltration via Port 80 without any security checks at all. In the end, attackers and […]

Why Depending on Cyber Risk Assessments is a Risk

Read why Jason Polancich says depending on cyber risk assessments is a risk on Security Week : Just this past week, a recent study hit the news that concluded – as many studies have before it – that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is fundamentally not effective at making air travel more secure in a post-9/11 […]