Report: Employees Outpace Fraudsters as Source of Cybersecurity Threats

Malware infections and data breaches are trending upward. In its “State of Malware Report,” security company Malwarebytes detected nearly 1 billion malware payloads in 2016, with ransomware taking the lion’s share and accounting for 66 percent of all attacks. Read more about the new “State of Malware Report” report by Malwarebytes which reveals that there […]

Ransomware, BEC, ICS Top Midyear Security Concerns

Business email compromise (BEC) attacks and SCADA vulnerabilities are two top concerns among security experts thinking back on the first half of 2017. Threat actors have begun to rely on time-tested strategies to launch simple attacks and trick businesses out of billions, according to a report released today by Trend Micro. Read about the new […]

New report unveils top 3 cybersecurity threats facing business data

Ransomware, insider threats, and denial of service are the three biggest threats faced by organizations as they try to secure sensitive data, according to a new study from Infoblox and SANS, released Thursday. Read about the new study by Infoblox and SANS Institute which reveals that most companies consider ransomware as the biggest threat of 2017 […]

Ransomware is the top threat to business data

New research from research organization the SANS Institute reveals that frontline IT professionals consider ransomware to be the top overall threat to data availability. Insider threats and denial of service are also considered top threats to sensitive data. Read about the new research by SANS Institute which reveals that majority of respondents considered ransomware to be […]

Emerging threats fuel public threat intelligence sharing

Concerns around emerging threats such as ransomware and polymorphic malware have sparked a significant increase in collaboration by the cyber security industry, according to AlienVault. Read about the new report by AlienVault which reveals that  43% of respondents cited ransomware as their biggest security concern, while the second largest group, 31%, were most worried about polymorphic […]

Emerging threats encourage cooperation among security professionals

According to a new survey of attendees to this year’s Black Hat USA conference, concerns around emerging threats like ransomware and polymorphic malware have sparked a significant increase in collaboration by the cybersecurity industry. Read about the new study by AlienVault of over 600 participants at the Black Hat USA conference and found that for […]

Ransomware threat accelerates with spotlight on endpoint security

Although the year isn’t over yet, it is safe to say that 2017 has already earned the dubious distinction as “The Year of Ransomware.” Over the past year, ransomware incidents have increased more than 700 percent; associated business losses in 2016 are pegged at $1billion. Read how the ransomware threat once again brings spotlight to […]

The ransomware threat in numbers

Ransomware continues to spread quickly and widely across the world, tightening its hold on the data and devices of both individuals and businesses. Read about the latest Kaspersky’s Security Bulletin the evolution of ransomware which gives the exact number of ransomware infections on IT Pro.

Ransomware threat escalating, warns Europol

The No More Ransom initiative boasts 109 partners and 54 decryption tools covering 104 kinds of ransomware a year after it was set up to counter the still-growing threat of ransomware to businesses, governments and individuals. Read about the latest Europol warning to businesses about the escalating ransomware threats on Computer Weekly.

Healthcare organizations are underestimating cybersecurity risks

Read Bill Siwicki’s article about why most healthcare firms often underestimate the cyber security risks on Healthcare IT News : The WannaCry, Petya and NotPetya attacks show that cybercriminals can do a lot of damage in healthcare. Then there are the countless hacks and attempted hacks that healthcare CIOs and CISOs must deal with on […]