Security experts share 3 key insights on ransomware

Year 2017 has arrived before people even realized it was coming and it’s brought with it an army of new buzzwords, fresh security threats and an even more switched-on world than 2016. Before people entangle themselves in everything digital that this year has to offer, it’s important to heed expert advice. Read the expert opinion on […]

Ransomware: #1 business cyber security threat or media hype?

Read Ellie Burns take a look at whether ransomware is a media created hype or a reality on Computer Business Review : Ransomware has really captured the imagination of the public and, being truthful, it is a dream topic for me, a journalist – it is evocative, conjuring up images of ransom notes with miss-matched […]

Fight Back Against Ransomware

Read Jim Walter explain No More Ransom project and how it will help organisations to fight ransomware on Dark Reading : In the research world, it’s always a bonus when we can go the extra mile and ensure that what we do every day is helping others and having a tangible, positive effect. It’s one […]

The changing face of ransomware attacks

An Austrian hotel was recently attacked by a ransomware which lead to the lost control of its door locks, keeping new guests stranded in the lobby. A police department in Cockrell Hill, Texas abandoned years of video evidence and digital documentation after being struck by a ransomware encrypting all the data. Read how the ransomware has […]

10 Biggest Security Stories of 2016

“As the denial of service (DDOS) attack against Dyn shook the internet a little over a week ago, it brought to the public forefront the changing dynamics of power in the online world. In the kinetic world of the past, the nation state equivalent was all-powerful, since it alone could raise the funds necessary to […]

Fake Ransomware Attacks Are Tricking Businesses Into Paying

How terrified are people of losing their data to a ransomware infection? So terrified that they’ll pay ransoms even when their computers aren’t actually infected. While Spora might be the sophisticated future of ransomware, cybercriminals have also cooked up a much less sophisticated way to earn easy Bitcoins for their wallets. They’re just telling people […]

Most Companies Still Willing To Pay Ransom To Recover Data, Survey Shows

The St. Louis Public Library (SLPL) system has become the latest to recover from a ransomware attack without paying a dime in ransom money, even as a new survey shows that organizations overall continue to be more inclined to pay up than not in a similar situation. Read how companies are still willing to pay […]

Smartphone Ransomware Is a Looming Threat

Ransomware has become a ubiquitous threat to personal-computer users. Criminals remotely access a victim’s computer and lock all the files using encryption software, offering to unlock the data in exchange for a payment. The first ransomware attack on a phone occurred in 2013, according to the Check Point researchers, but until now has been confined […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Ransomware Seriously

Read Dan Larson list four reasons about why companies should take ransomware seriously on Dark Reading : According to a recent ransomware report from the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT), 2016 saw a wave of ransomware attacks that were increasingly sophisticated and stealthy. The FBI forecast that the haul from ransomware would reach a […]

Ransomware Is Rising: Is Your SaaS Data Protected?

Read why Dmitry Dontsov  says that small and medium businesses opting for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are at risk from ransomware on CMS Wire : Ransomware — a type of cyberattack in which malicious code locks up computer files and cybercriminals demand a ransom to release them — has emerged in the past year as the most problematic […]