Regulators need to develop global cyber security standards -JPM’s Pinto

Governments need to develop global cyber security standards and increase information sharing on cyber threats, Daniel Pinto, chief executive of JPMorgan’s corporate and investment bank, said on Saturday. Read why Daniel Pinto of JPMorgan says that regulators need to develop global cyber security standards to fight against cyber threats on Business Insider.

How artificial intelligence is becoming a key weapon in the cyber security war

In the last 12 months, 60% of Australian organisations experienced a ransomware attack. This is according to Telstra’s Cyber Security Report 2017, which also found that ransomware was the number one type of malware downloaded in the Asia Pacific region during 2017. Read about the new Telstra’s Cyber Security Report 2017 which reveals that 60 percent […]

Europol: Ransomware top threat in 2017 cybercrime ‘epidemic’

Ransomware eclipsed most other forms of cybercrime as on-line crime surged in 2017, European policing agency Europol said on Wednesday, citing high-profile attacks such as “WannaCry” that reached millions of computers. Read why Europol, the European Union policing agency says that ransomware is the top threat of 2017 on Reuters.

Ransomware: a growing global threat

Read Sam Clark’s article about why ransomware is a growing global threat on The Stack : Ransomware is seen as something of a revolution in the security community. Rather than stealing and selling confidential files and information, the attackers rely on the average user’s propensity not to backup files properly, and their fear of not being […]

Europol: the response to unprecedented cyber-attacks “not good enough”

The global scale, impact and rate of spread of cyber-attacks over the past year is unprecedented reports Europol’s 2017 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA). “The global impact of huge cyber-security events such as the WannaCry ransomware epidemic has taken the threat from cyber-crime to another level. Read about the new Europol’s 2017 Internet Organised Crime Threat […]

Tips For Protecting Your Business From Ransomware Threats

Read Chalmers Brown’s tips for protecting your business from ransomware attacks on Forbes : Hackers are becoming increasingly aggressive about what they want. While many online fraud attempts have been somewhat covert, the latest trend is ransomware, including an incredible increase in mobile ransomware attacks. Read his full article here.

Ransomware is reaching ‘epidemic levels’

Read why Michael Moore says that ransomare attacks are reaching epidemic levels on Beta News : Ransomware has been named as one of the most pressing threats to society by officers at Europol. The force has released a new report which claims that ransomware is reaching “epidemic” levels, eclipsing other areas of cybercrime such as data breaches, pornography […]

Why Our Cyber Worries, Post-WannaCry, Have Only Just Begun

Read why Adam Levin says that WannaCry ransomware attack is just the beginning of a new type of cyber crime wave on Inc. : Aftershocks of the landmark WannaCry ransomware attack continue to reverberate across the cybersecurity landscape. WannaCry was made possible because the Shadow Brokers hacking collective stole dozens of the National Security Agency’s ace-in-the-hole hacking […]

Surviving Ransomware by keeping things simple

Ransomware is a topic everyone knows about, but unless you’ve experienced a Ransomware attack, it’s hard to really describe and understand the stress associated with these events. Read about the new research by Holge Schulze which reveals that 75-percent of organizations affected by ransomware experienced up to five attacks in the last 12 months alone on […]

Ransomware Analysis Promises Bleak Future with No Recovery

The future of ransomware does not offer any good news, as analysis shows new tactics and advancements by operators. According to analysis by Carbon Black’s Threat Analysis Unit of 1000 ransomware samples, researchers found that ransomware will increasingly target Linux systems and look to conduct SQL injections to infect servers and charge a higher ransom price. […]