Ransomware, DDoS now top threats as hackers look for big paydays

Hackers attacking business systems are most likely looking for a big payout — not trying to make a political point or steal secrets. Attempts to extort a ransom — either by threatening or carrying out a distributed denial of service (DDos) attack, or by infecting PCs with ransomware — is the most common motivation behind digital […]

Ransomware Leads the Way in 2017’s Predicted Rise in Health Data Theft

Read why Santosh Varughese says that ransomware could be the top predator in 2017 data breaches on Hit Consultant : Welcome to 2017, the writing is on the wall and it didn’t take long to get there. Earlier this month Atlanta’s Emory Healthcare was hacked by the Harak1r1 the 0.2 Bitcoin Ransomware. A database from […]

Ransomware Targeted 50% of Orgs Last Year

Radware’s Global Application and Network Security Report 2016-2017 has revealed that 49% of businesses confirmed being the subject of a cyber-ransom campaign in 2016. What’s more, 27% of IT professionals surveyed chose data leakage or loss as a key concern when faced with a cyber-attack, while only 19% chose service outage, 16% selected reputation loss […]

Now Ransomware Can Be a Breach Event

In the early days of computer viruses, there were different classifications of viruses based on their behavior. Worms had the ability to self-replicate, while polymorphic viruses had the ability to change their appearance to avoid eradication. Additionally, multipartite viruses consisted of a combination of viral techniques. Read how ransomware can be data breach events on […]

Why Ransomware Is Only Going To Get Worse

Read why Rick Orloff says that ransomware attacks are going to get worse in 2017 on Dark Reading : The meteoric rise of the problem stems from a lack of preparedness and simple economics. Ransomware is perhaps the most ingenious cybercrime in the history of the Internet in terms of its simplicity and effectiveness. It has caused […]

Ransomware expected to dominate in 2017

Read why Warwick Ashford says that ransomware is expected to dominate the threat landscape in 2017 on Computer Weekly : Ransomware and IoT-enabled attacks are expected to continue, while 2017 will see the rise of data integrity attacks, targeting of cloud infrastructure and the use of AI by attackers, experts predict. Ransomware or malware that locks […]

New California Law: Deploy Ransomware, Face Four Years in Prison

A new state law went into effect in California on January 1, 2017 that provides a maximum penalty of four years in state prison for deploying ransomware, Ars Technica reports. SB 1137 was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on September 27, 2016. Read about the new law in effect in California which provides for a four […]

Data Breach Trends — 2016: the Year of Ransomware

Read M. Scott Koller take a look at how ransomware attacks fared in 2016 on JD Supra : Over the past year, the BakerHostetler Incident Response team has closely monitored data breach trends, and we are confident in concluding that 2016 was the year of ransomware. Nothing has had a greater impact or has been […]

Successful Ransomware Attack Causes Critical Infrastructure Downtime

Read Del Rodillas take a look at how ransomware attacks could affect public key infractructure in 2017 on Palo Alto Networks Blog : It’s time again to make our annual cybersecurity predictions, and this year, I have the pleasure of doing two! Since my Magic 8 Ball hasn’t been too dependable in the past and […]

What to do if your data is taken hostage

Read how companies should deal with ransomware on Tech Central : Getting duped online by a cybercriminal is infuriating. You let your guard down for a minute and the thieves find their way in to your machine. And then the “fun” begins if ransomware is involved. Hopefully, you have your data backed up, but if not […]