The Ransomware Threat to ICS Security

Industrial control systems (referred to as ICS) have faced an ever-growing volume of threats over the past few years. From 2015 to 2016, IBM Managed Security Services reported a 110 percent increase in ICS cybersecurity attacks. The US accounted for most of these incidents, given it has the most Internet-connected ICS networks on the planet, […]

Why robot ransomware could cripple your business

Read why  Alison DeNisco Rayome  says that robots infected with ransomware are harmful for businesses on Tech Republic : Phishing emails aren’t the only vector for ransomware attacks to hit your business: Ransomware for robots is an increasing risk, as these devices can be exploited and locked to the detriment of business operations, according to […]

Microsoft Report: Cybersecurity’s Top 3 Threats Intertwine

Cybercrime is a business, and hackers are looking for cheap strategies to maximize impact and minimize cost. Simple attack methods are one of three key themes permeating version 23 of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, which was released this week. This edition of the biannual report spans enterprise and consumer cloud services, and analyzes the […]

Why You Should Never Pay A Ransomware Ransom

Read why Lee Mathews explain why you should never pay a ransom if you are infected with a ransomware on Forbes : A ransomware infection can be a very, very scary situation to deal with. Many victims aren’t sure what to do next when ransomware hits. There’s one thing that you should never do, and that […]

Ransomware for robots is the next big security nightmare

Ransomware has long been a headache for PC and smartphone users, but in the future, it could be robots that stop working unless a ransom is paid. Researchers at security company IOActive have shown how they managed to hack the humanoid NAO robot made by Softbank and infect one with custom-built ransomware. The researchers said the same attack […]

Hit by ransomware? This is what you need to do now

Read Gabe Carey explain what you can do once you become infected with a ransomware on Tech Radar : Ransomware is a form of malware on your computer that can lock your screen, files or operating system temporarily. It does so with the expectation that you, the user, will fork over the cash to get […]

Not all who pay a ransom successfully recover their compromised data

A new report by the CyberEdge Group found that 55 percent of responding organizations were compromised by ransomware in 2017, down from 61 percent in 2016. Respondents who were victimized by ransomware and who elected to pay the ransoms were asked if they successfully recovered their compromised data. Surprisingly, only half confirmed successful data recovery, […]

Free decryption tool for victims of GandCrab ransomware now available

Victims of one the newest – and most unusual – families of ransomware could now be able to recover their files without giving into the demands of criminals because decryption tools have been released for free. A GandCrab ransomware decryption tool has been released as part of the No More Ransom initiative, following a combined […]

How to protect Office 365 data from ransomware attacks

Given the broad scope of services Microsoft Office 365 provides, it’s no surprise it has become one of the company’s fastest growing revenue streams. Widespread popularity often breeds malicious activity, however, and Office 365 is no exception. Ransomware is growing at a mind boggling rate – Cisco estimated a 350% year over year growth rate in their 2018 […]

The Annabelle Ransomware Is a Horrific Mess

While most ransomware is created to actually generate revenue, some developers create them to show off their “skills”.  Such is the case with a new ransomware based off of the horror movie franchise Annabelle. Discovered by security researcher Bart, Annabelle Ransomware includes everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to screwing up a computer. This includes terminating […]