The 5 biggest ransomware attacks of the last 5 years

While the last few years have seen a remarkable uptick in this particularly nasty genre of attack software, ransomware isn’t new. Malware that holds data for ransom has been around for years. In 1991, a biologist spread PC Cyborg, the first ever ransomware, by sending floppy disks via surface mail to other AIDS researchers, for instance. […]

Expect an increase in ransomware and DDoS attack combos in 2017

“Follow the money” is a popular catchphrase attributed to the 1976 movie All The President’s Men suggesting a money trail or corruption scheme within high (often political) office. Cybercriminal actors are certainly following the advice. Read why retailers should expect an increase in ransomware and DDoS attacks in 2017 on Enterprise Innovation.

Half of Large British Businesses Victims of Ransomware

More than a third of British businesses (36%) are not ‘very confident’ that efforts to completely eradicate a recent ransomware attack from work systems have been successful. That’s according to research commissioned by Citrix and carried out by One Poll, which also reveals that almost half of large British businesses (45%) have fallen victim to a […]

Crypto-ransomware: Why your business needs to plan for it

Read why Jason Witty says that businesses need a plan for the crypto-ransomware on Biz Journals : Cyber criminals are smart — and they are getting smarter every day. Last year, criminals collected nearly a billion dollars in earnings from ransomware attacks. Let’s face it — it’s hard to protect your business today, probably now […]