Energy Sector Ups Cybersecurity Amid Growing IT Threats

Read Jason Deign’s article about the energy sector is fortifying its cyber defenses amidst emerging cyber threats on Green Tech Media : The energy sector is sharpening its focus on cybersecurity amid growing concerns about IT threats. The digitization of the grid and the proliferation of renewable energy create opportunities for hackers that haven’t been fully explored. […]

More port cyber security is needed

Rear Admiral Paul Thomas, assistant commandant for prevention policy at the US Coast Guard, stressed: “This is no longer an emerging threat; it is a very real threat and although we have made significant progress, it is very apparent that we have much work to do.” Read why Rear Admiral Paul Thomas of United States Coast […]

UK electricity grid cyber-attack risk is ‘off the scale’

Concerns over the threat posed by cyber-attacks on power stations and electricity grids is “off the scale” in the UK energy sector, according to a leading industry figure. Read why Steve Holliday, for former chief of National Grid, United Kingdom says that cyber attack threats on power stations and electricity grids are real and present danger on […]

Oil and gas industry on guard for cyber attack

The scale and severity of the recent international ransom-ware cyber attack has elevated urgency in the oil and gas industry to detect and defend against potentially debilitating threats and actions. Those with specialist knowledge suggest that in most cases, cyber and physical attacks are disassociated, although “cyber physical” attacks, where control systems are hacked to cause […]

Hacking US infrastructure: How vulnerable is it?

Read Ben Algaze’s article on vulnerability in the United States infrastructure on Extreme Tech : Is our infrastructure vulnerable to hackers? The short answer to the question, unfortunately, is yes. But it’s not like no one is thinking about the issue or doing anything about it. As with the dire predictions of Y2K meltdowns from the […]

Sophisticated nation-state sponsored malware could shut down electric grid

SentinelOne researchers discovered what they believe to be a sophisticated nation-state sponsored malware campaign targeting at least one European electric company. Read about the new state sponsored malware that could should down electric grids on SC Magazine.