Census Records Leaked in Marketing Firm’s Exposure of 123 Million Households

On the heels of Equifax’s massive breach of American consumer data, researchers have discovered an even richer collection of personal data on 123 million American households left exposed online in an unsecured Amazon Web Services storage bucket. Researchers at the Upguard Cyber Risk Team discovered the database of marketing and analytics firm Alteryx was configured to […]

Examining attitudes towards confidential data

Industry analyst firm Quocirca surveyed 500 IT decision makers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan, examining attitudes towards the value of confidential data including: personally identifiable information (PII), payment card data, intellectual property (IP) and email. Read about the findings of the Quocirca survey on Help Net Security.

How Good Privacy Practices Help Protect Your Company Brand

Your brand can be one of your company’s most valuable assets. It can command premium prices, customer loyalty, a faster sales cycle, and an overall healthier bottom line. But unfortunately, even the strongest brands can have difficulty withstanding the impact of a data breach. Consider that the average cost of a single data breach is $3.62 […]

11 top tools to assess, implement, and maintain GDPR compliance

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in May 2018, which means that any organization doing business in or with the EU has six months from this writing to comply with the strict new privacy law. The GDPR applies to any organization holding or processing personal data of E.U. citizens, and the penalties […]

A layered approach to modern identity

The way we work is evolving. Traditional desktop computers and laptops are slowly giving way to the mobile device. In addition to keeping tabs on the office, consumers have come to rely upon mobile devices for a whole host of capabilities, including mobile banking, shopping and even payments. With this shift towards mobile access at work, […]

GDPR turbocharges identity and access management spending

Cybercrime isn’t the only market driver for cybersecurity products and services. In a recent interview with BNN — Canada’s only all business and financial news channel — Robert Herjavec, founder and CEO at Herjavec Group, said compliance is driving 50 percent of the cybersecurity market. The looming GDPR deadline of May 25, 2018 — and the anticipated fines […]

How cybersecurity solutions can help with GDPR compliance

Technical (protection) measures, means, technologies, rules and resources are mentioned multiple times throughout the GDPR text. The Regulation does not, however, specify any security technology implementation as obligatory (a few methods are suggested as optional solutions for the specific usage). Choice and evaluation of adequacy is the sole responsibility of the data controller and processor. The […]

6 big data privacy practices every company should adopt in 2018

Read Mary Shacklett list 6 big data privacy practices every company should adopt in 2018 on Tech Republic : Issues surrounding data privacy are as legally unresolved today as they were two years ago, but the recent Equifax breach now puts a clear focus on them that strikes fear into the hearts of CIOs. The Equifax data that […]

Why end-to-end encryption is about more than just privacy

The question of whether regular people need end-to-end encryption will surely be debated for quite some time. But for Alan Duric, CEO and co-founder of Wire, the question can only have a positive answer. Read why Alan Duric of Wire says that end-to-end encryption is more about just privacy on Help Net Security.

A Year in Review: FTC Data Privacy Actions and its Impacts on 2017 and Beyond

Read Stephen R. Chuk’s article about FTC data privacy actions and its impact on consumers on Privacy Law : Whether it means taking a prominent role shaping data security for the Internet of Things, or addressing high profile breaches, the FTC has adopted an active position in policing data privacy and security. Read his full article […]