7 Layers of Security Each Business Owner Should Consider

Read Elena Prokopets list seven layers of security every business should consider implementing on Business 2 Community : In 2015, the IRS, the State Department, and the White House were all hacked. How vulnerable are you? You might think not so much because, after all, you are not a “big boy,” and hackers have “bigger […]

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP): Security problems exist despite compliance

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) serves more than 300 million people in North America as the electric reliability organization under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). In 2013, the FERC approved changes and additions to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Reliability Standards, also known as CIP v5, which are a set of requirements for […]

IT vulnerabilities become physical security challenges with recent college bomb threats

Read Joel Griffin’s article about how IT vulnerabilities can become physical security challenges on Security Info Watch : Earlier this month, USA Today reported that universities nationwide have recently suffered a rash of hoax bomb threats sent to printers and fax machines on their campuses.  Among the schools impacted, according to the report, include Vanderbilt University, […]

The Convergence of Physical Security and Cybersecurity

Read Ben DiPietro’s  article about why by convergence of cyber security and physical security is absolutely necessary for organisations on Wall Street Journal : Imad Mouline, chief technology officer at critical communications services provider Everbridge Inc., talks about the melding of physical security and cybersecurity and the importance to organizations of getting this process right. […]

Cyber Security ‘as Important As Physical Security’

A key figure in American business has urged all companies to take the cyber security threat more seriously after chastising his own accountant for paying a ransomware demand. Jorge Fernandez, VP global commerce for the Metro Atlanta Chamber, said it is time that firms took the same care in cyberspace as they do when installing physical […]

Expert Insights on Developing a Physical Security Program

In today’s digital age, security tends to be thought about in terms of firewalls, malware, encryption and other safeguards for electronic systems. But the security of those systems, as well as an organization’s facilities, people and other critical assets depends significantly on physical security as well. Read what Scott Soltis of HMS Security & Risk […]

Oil and gas industry on guard for cyber attack

The scale and severity of the recent international ransom-ware cyber attack has elevated urgency in the oil and gas industry to detect and defend against potentially debilitating threats and actions. Those with specialist knowledge suggest that in most cases, cyber and physical attacks are disassociated, although “cyber physical” attacks, where control systems are hacked to cause […]

Cyber and physical attacks – understanding and managing the risks

Oilfield Technology spoke with Deirdre Michie, Chief Executive of Oil & Gas UK, who, as an executive committee member with SPE Offshore Europe 2017, will be leading a panel session at the conference to explore the industry’s understanding of what the ‘new realities’ are and how to deal with these emerging threats. Read the interview […]

Cyber security’s balancing act between utility and protection

Read Jonathan Lewit’s article about why cyber security is a balancing act between utility and protection on Source Security : In a world where convenience and anytime availability can make or break a business, information availability and always-on connectivity are here to stay. Much as the Industrial Revolution brought key innovations and new challenges, this new […]

Why Physical Security For Your Business Is Just as Critical as Online Security

Read why Adam Bennett says that physical security is as critical as cyber security on Entrepreneur : For most people involved in running an online business, implementing stringent security practices has become second nature. It’s easy to see why: Not only do technologies such as SSL and encryption keep your company’s data secure, but the […]