Should There Be A Cybersecurity Public Option? NYC Secure Will Be the Test Case

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has announced the municipal government is designing a free public-option security analytics application for their residents: NYC Secure. The app’s design will alert users to digital threats, particularly on mobile devices. The plan is to fully deploy the app this summer, although an exact timeline has not been […]

They’ve got your money and your data. Now hackers are coming to destroy your trust

While cyber-attacks focusing on stealing email or other data are still very much part of the threat landscape, some of the most advanced hacking operations are focusing on grander goals. Some of these groups — almost all nation-state backed — are turning their attention to critical infrastructure including utilities firms and power plants, while others are attempting to manipulate public […]

Destructive and False Flag Cyberattacks to Escalate

Olympic Destroyer. NotPetya. Bad Rabbit. OilRig. These disruptive and in most cases destructive cyberattacks were just the beginning. Geopolitical tensions typically map with an uptick in nation-state cyberattacks, and security experts are gearing up for more aggressive and damaging attacks to ensue against the US and its allies in the near-term, including crafted false flag […]

Fixing Hacks Has Deadly Impact on Hospitals

Breaches of private information in hospital records are serious and expensive security events but remediating them can be deadly. That’s the conclusion of a study presented last week at the 4A Security and Compliance Conference. The data shows that the type and scale of a breach don’t have an impact on patient outcomes but that breaches […]

Baltimore’s 911 dispatch hacked, CAD system down for 17 hours

Baltimore’s 911 dispatch system was hacked over the weekend. The Baltimore Sun reported that the attack affected the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, and 911 and 311 calls “were temporarily transitioned to manual mode.” What that means, according to Frank Johnson, CIO in the Mayor’s Office of Information Technology, is that “instead of details of incoming […]

The Ransomware Threat to ICS Security

Industrial control systems (referred to as ICS) have faced an ever-growing volume of threats over the past few years. From 2015 to 2016, IBM Managed Security Services reported a 110 percent increase in ICS cybersecurity attacks. The US accounted for most of these incidents, given it has the most Internet-connected ICS networks on the planet, […]

The Case for Integrating Physical Security & Cybersecurity

Early last year in “Grizzly Steppe and Carbanak: The Dangers of Miscalculation in Cyberspace,” TruSTAR researchers outlined the overlap of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) between Russian state organizations and criminal organizations like the Carbanak hacking group. They found that Carbanak and attacks attributed to Russian state security agencies were utilizing some the same infrastructure to […]

8 questions to ask about your industrial control systems security

A recent incident where a likely nation-state threat actor inadvertently shut down a critical infrastructure facility in the Middle East when testing new malware has stoked widespread concerns about the vulnerability of industrial control systems (ICSs) to new cyberthreats. Many security experts see the incident as a harbinger of a new wave of destructive attacks […]

Half of Cyberattacks in the Middle East Target Oil & Gas Sector: Siemens

Oil and gas sector networks in the Middle East have been the target of some of the most aggressive and significant cyberattacks known to the industrial sector to date. Now a new report from Siemens shows three-quarters of organizations there have been hit in the past 12 months by at least one attack that either […]

Power grid cybersecurity tool uses machine learning and sensors to detect threats

In today’s always connected world, losing power is more than just an annoyance. “The truth is, we rely on electricity much more than we realize,” writes Sherry Hewins in her column What Could Happen in a Long-Term Power Outage? “Even if you live ‘off the grid’ as I did for years, you are still living in a […]