Big Data Applications For Physical Security

Read Jammy DeSousa list Big Data applications that can be used for physical security on Facility Executive : In the world of physical security, now driven so heavily by cutting-edge technology, there is information coming in from a multitude of data points. Read his full article here.

How to put your physical security systems into the cloud

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Five steps to a secure workforce

Read Danny Maher’s article on five steps to a secure workforce on IT Pro Portal : Companies thrive on talent. Your employees are the key to success in business, especially when you use technology to make them more productive. This access to data and applications can also pose dangers, though. Read his full article here.

Here’s how cyber criminals can target you in the real world

Read Nicole Kobie’s article about how cyber criminals target their victims for hacking attacks on Telegraph : Hacking isn’t always digital; it can be physical, too. Your company could be attacked via a USB stick dropped in the lobby, a fake inspector, or even a felt-tip pen. Read her full article here.

Is the Power Grid Getting More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

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Special events demand strategic security planning

Read why Don Campbell says that companies need strategic security planning for special high profile events on Security Info Watch : High-profile events have always been viewed as high-value targets for potentially malicious acts, making heightened security measures standard operating procedure at large venues around the world. This is particularly applicable for major sporting, entertainment […]

Hospitals must factor patient safety into security strategies

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Physical security must-dos for rock-solid network protection

It’s at the hardware level, the very bottom of the networking hierarchy, that your network is most vulnerable. A lost laptop, an open USB port, a simple network tap — all these can be a catalyst for quick and devastating data loss that no firewall can prevent. Read why companies should follow physical security measures […]

Four types of security entrance for solutions that truly fulfill security goals

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Five things you need to know about executive protection

Read list five things that companies need to know about CEO, CISO, CSO protection on CSO Online : Protecting executives today is about much more than physically shielding them from danger. The cyber security risks are higher than ever, and organizations need to ensure that the network and data access many high-level executives have doesn’t […]