Oil and gas industry on guard for cyber attack

The scale and severity of the recent international ransom-ware cyber attack has elevated urgency in the oil and gas industry to detect and defend against potentially debilitating threats and actions. Those with specialist knowledge suggest that in most cases, cyber and physical attacks are disassociated, although “cyber physical” attacks, where control systems are hacked to cause […]

Cyber and physical attacks – understanding and managing the risks

Oilfield Technology spoke with Deirdre Michie, Chief Executive of Oil & Gas UK, who, as an executive committee member with SPE Offshore Europe 2017, will be leading a panel session at the conference to explore the industry’s understanding of what the ‘new realities’ are and how to deal with these emerging threats. Read the interview […]

Cyber security’s balancing act between utility and protection

Read Jonathan Lewit’s article about why cyber security is a balancing act between utility and protection on Source Security : In a world where convenience and anytime availability can make or break a business, information availability and always-on connectivity are here to stay. Much as the Industrial Revolution brought key innovations and new challenges, this new […]

Why Physical Security For Your Business Is Just as Critical as Online Security

Read why Adam Bennett says that physical security is as critical as cyber security on Entrepreneur : For most people involved in running an online business, implementing stringent security practices has become second nature. It’s easy to see why: Not only do technologies such as SSL and encryption keep your company’s data secure, but the […]

Getting personal with biometrics for security

Read Tom Compston’s article about using biometrics for security on Security News Desk : There is little doubt that biometrics, in all its guises, is gaining traction as a way of ramping up security and adding value for site management. Alongside this, many banks, on the back of heightened cybersecurity concerns, are keen to offer […]

Your Ship has Probably Been Cyber Attacked Already

Read why George Ward says that maritime cyber security is a serious issue on G Captain : I predict that the first catastrophic maritime cyber incident will not be the result of a direct attack on a safety critical specific piece of equipment. It will be the result of an infection on a random PC, […]

Convergence Q&A: Project Management for the 21st Century

Electronic physical security systems are built using information technology. So, an IT project manager with an excellent track record would seem to be in a good position to manage a physical security system deployment project. Read the Q & A with Ray Bernard of Ray Bernard Consulting Services (RBCS) who talks about security convergence in project […]

Physical Security Continues to Move to the Cloud as Concerns Wane

Physical security applications, like video surveillance and badge scanning, continue to migrate to the cloud, with 57% of respondents believing the cloud is a cyber-safe environment for these kinds of operations. Read about the new study by Schneider Electric which reveals that nearly half of respondents indicated that they already run security applications in the […]

Aligning physical and digital security in the Cloud

Read why Julian Lovelock says that important to align physical and cyber security in the cloud on Source Security : Organisations must address growing security threats using fewer resources in an increasingly challenging regulatory environment. They are looking to ensure data security while also protecting their facilities’ physical security. Read his full article here.

Physical Security Market Worth 112.43 Billion USD by 2021

According to a new market research report “Physical Security Market by Type (System (Access Control, Video Surveillance, PSIM, Perimeter Intrusion Detection & Prevention, Security Scanning, Imaging & Metal Detection, Fire & Life Safety) & Service), Vertical and Region – Global Forecast to 2021”, published by MarketsandMarkets, it is estimated to grow from USD 69.63 Billion […]