Cyber and physical security are inseparable

Read why Beverley Head says that cyber and physical security are inseparable on Computer Weekly : A comprehensive approach that brings together analyses of people, places and patterns might be the best hope for establishing secure environments – both online and in the physical world. Read her full article here.

Information security – let’s get physical

Read why Robert C. Covington says that why leveraging logical and physical security in important for cyber security on CSO Online : In the past few months, I have visited a variety of medical facilities, some as a risk management professional, and others as a patient. While I am confident that these practices had implemented a […]

Cyber security threat: Is Australia’s power grid safe from hackers?

It happens not with a bang, but a whimper. The lights go out, public transport is halted, networks go dark, and a city is shutdown and paralysed, as an attack against a nation goes beyond bombs and targets its critical infrastructure – all with a few keystrokes. Read about the new EY’s Risk Pulse Survey which reveals […]

Embrace the Cyber Security-Physical Security Nexus

Read why Nitin Natarajan says that companies should embrace both cyber as well as physical security for better defense on Information Week : Most companies are aware of the critical importance of security. There’s a good chance that your company has a top-notch IT security team that has the firm’s IT resources locked down tight. They’ve […]

Biometric Security Comes with Unique Advantages, Concerns

Read Brian Nearing’s article about the pros and cons of biometric security on Govt Tech : This spring, a popular Queensbury amusement park offered its customers a choice — use a membership pass with their photo on it, or switch to a new pass based on a scan of their fingerprint. Read his full article […]

Real words or buzzwords?: IP-based, IP-enabled or IP-capable?

About 15 years ago, many physical security industry companies began jumping on the “IP Bandwagon.” Before long, there were three terms that appeared in materials and discussions about security industry products and systems: IP-based, IP-capable and IP-enabled. Read the difference between IP-based, IP-enabled or IP-capable cyber security and whether they are relevant now on Security Info […]

How Google’s Physical Keys Will Protect Your Password

Read Brian X. Chen and Nicole Perlroth explain how Google’s new physical keys will help you protect your password on NY Times : Why won’t the password just go away? The silly pet names, movie titles or sports teams that many people punch in to get into their online accounts are a weak spot that […]

Colocation Should Be Part of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Read Chris Schwarz’s article about why colocation should be a part of any organization’s disaster recovery plan on Techspective : Catastrophic failures are, by definition, unpredictable. It is, however, safe to predict that at some point in the life of a company, it will suffer a failure of its primary infrastructure. Read his full article here.

Google now offers special security program for high-risk users

Today, Google rolled out a new program called Advanced Protection for personal Google accounts, intended to provide much higher account security to users of services like Gmail and Drive who are at a high risk of being targeted by phishers, hackers, and others seeking their personal data. Read about the new Advanced Protection for personal Google […]

NIST leadership tackling physical security weaknesses through culture change, employee training

The National Institute of Standards and Technology boasts a history of bright minds contributing to everything from atomic clocks to the study of outer space fires, but while the institute is known for its research in safety and industry settings, the physical security of its facilities is falling short. Read how National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is tackling physical […]