7 Ways to Prevent a Hacking or Phishing Attack on Your Company

Every day it seems like a business experiences a massive and disastrous hacking or phishing attack. If you don’t want to fall victim yourself, here are seven steps you need to take to prevent such a cyber attack. Read about the 7 ways in which your company can prevent a hacking or phishing attack on […]

Data Breach Notification Most Clicked Subject in Phishing Tests

The most common subject line to get an employee’s attention and act to click relates to data breaches. According to the top 10 global phishing email subject lines for Q3 2017 by KnowBe4, examining email subject lines from simulated phishing tests, the most clicked was ‘Official Data Breach Notification.’ Read about the new report by KnowBe4 […]

Latest Phishing Trends Report Reveals 90% of IT Executives Worry Most About Email-Related Threats

PhishMe, the leading provider of human phishing defense solutions, released the results of its US Phishing Response Trends Report, which looked at the phishing response strategies of two hundred senior IT security decision-makers across a variety of industries in the United States. Read about the latest report by PhishMe which reveals that most businesses are […]

Phishing Attacks Against Financial Orgs Doubles in One Quarter

The volume of phishing attacks targeting the financial industry nearly doubled in the second quarter of this year and is the largest quarterly volume Charleston, S.C. firm PhishLabs has ever observed Read about the latest Q2 2017 Phishing Trends and Intelligence Report PhishLabs which reveals a 41% increase in overall phishing threats  on Credit Union Times.

To combat phishing, you must change your approach

Does the training provided to our colleagues, commonly called “whack-a-mole,” actually make a difference? Maybe a better question is why are we still relying on training tired and stressed people on a complex topic instead of searching for a technical solution? Read why Kevin O’Brien of GreatHorn says that employee training isn’t effective in combatting phishing […]

Report: Phishing attacks on the rise, executives and IT workers most likely to fall victim

Phishing attacks are on the rise, and employees at all levels of the enterprise are falling victim, according to Intermedia’s 2017 Data Vulnerability Report, released on Wednesday. Entry-level employees—commonly blamed for cyber breaches—are not the only ones at fault. Read more about the new Intermedia’s 2017 Data Vulnerability Report which reveals that one in five office worker […]

Cyber Security – be aware of social engineering fraud

Social engineering fraud refers to the tricks used by criminals to deceive and manipulate their victims into giving out confidential information and funds. Read how the social engineering fraud still manages to trick users into giving out confidential information and funds on Hellenic Shipping News.

14 Percent of Office Workers Aren’t Sure What Phishing Is

A recent Intermedia survey of more than 1,000 U.S. office workers found that 14 percent of respondents either don’t know what phishing is or aren’t confident in their ability to identify a phishing email, and 21 percent have fallen victim to a phishing attack. Read about the new report by Intermedia which reveals that 14 […]

Phishing: These are the days of the week when you’re most at risk

Companies face different security threats depending on the day of the week, with fraud and phishing peaking mid-week and more malicious code detected on a Monday. A report from security company eSentire found the biggest number of security threats are detected on weekdays, largely because that is when workers are at their desks and opening emails. […]

Transform your employees into your own human phishing defence

Read Vicky Sidler’s article about how companies can use their own employees as effective human phishing defense on My Broadband : Over 90% of breaches start with spear phishing, yet our heavy reliance on technology has historically ignored the most critical linchpin to security success – the human element. Read his full article here.