Phishing: These are the days of the week when you’re most at risk

Companies face different security threats depending on the day of the week, with fraud and phishing peaking mid-week and more malicious code detected on a Monday. A report from security company eSentire found the biggest number of security threats are detected on weekdays, largely because that is when workers are at their desks and opening emails. […]

Transform your employees into your own human phishing defence

Read Vicky Sidler’s article about how companies can use their own employees as effective human phishing defense on My Broadband : Over 90% of breaches start with spear phishing, yet our heavy reliance on technology has historically ignored the most critical linchpin to security success – the human element. Read his full article here.

Employees Are Getting Phished, And You Can’t Stop It

Read Jason Koestenblatt says that companies cant stop phishing attacks on Enterprise Mobility Exchange : The practice is called phishing, the act of attempting to hack or send malicious viruses to users through email messages. According to a new study, it’s only getting worse, and IT and security administrators are far, far behind in the battle […]

Using Phishing Intelligence to Reel In Advanced Threats and Protect Corporate Networks

Read Satyakam Jyotiprakash explain how companies can use phishing intelligence to protect their networks on Security Intelligence : Gone are the days of the Nigerian prince promising fortune to unsuspecting email recipients. Attackers have stepped up their phishing game and evolved their tactics to entice employees to click links or open attachments, preying on the […]

Phishing is the top threat faced by organizations

Both users and their endpoint devices are the primary target for cyber criminals with phishing being the most prevalent threat according to a new report. The study from research and education specialist the SANS Institute finds security professionals rate phishing at 72 percent, spyware at 50 percent, ransomware at 49 percent, and Trojans at 47 percent […]

No one thinks they’ll fall for a phishing attempt at work — until they do

Read Susan Tompor explain how phishing works on Detroit Free Press : Quite honestly, many of us can only wonder how anyone falls for some incredibly old tricks in the hacking book. Like, really, who sits down at work and opens an attachment connected to a vague request in an e-mail without first questioning whether the […]

Phishing: The basics

Phishing is a method of trying to gather personal information using deceptive e-mails and websites. Typically, a phisher sends an e-mail disguised as a legitimate business request. For example, the phisher may pass himself off as a real bank asking its customers to verify financial data. Read the analytical article giving basics of phishing attacks […]

Following These 6 Tips Will Help You Avoid a Macro Phishing Attack

Read Rob Starr list six steps through which companies can avoid macro phishing attacks on Small Biz Trends : Some of the cybersecurity threats small businesses face lurk in the emails employees open everyday. One of the most dangerous forms is called phishing, in which malicious viruses hide in otherwise innocent attachments. That was the […]

EMEA is top source of phishing attacks worldwide – NTT Security Global Threat Intelligence Report

Over half (53 per cent) of the world’s phishing attacks originated in EMEA, according to the 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) published by NTT Security, the specialised security company of NTT Group. Read about the new 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) published by NTT Security which reveals that Europe, the Middle East and Africa were […]

Phishing Scams Cost American Businesses Half A Billion Dollars A Year

These days, the FBI devotes a lot of time and effort to cybercrimes, particularly those they refer to as business email compromise scams. BECs are a type of phishing attack in which criminals target businesses that frequently send international wire transfers, and they can involve huge sums of money. A report issued this week by […]