What is phishing? How this cyber attack works and how to prevent it

Phishing is a cyber attack that uses disguised email as a weapon. The goal is to trick the email recipient into believing that the message is something they want or need — a request from their bank, for instance, or a note from someone in their company — and to click a link or download […]

Why you should fear phishing more than data breaches

Read why Steve Ragan says that companies should fear phishing attacks more than data breaches on CSO Online : For some people, Google controls most of their identity online, and losing access to that critical account could be devastating. A recent study from Google and UC Berkeley examined the various ways accounts are compromised, and […]

New Google study reveals the massive extent of online account hijacking

Even as web giants such as Google Inc. implement increasingly sophisticated security safeguards to protect their users, account hijacking remains a major threat. In a bid to shed more light on the issue, the company on Thursday released a landmark study that breaks down hacker activity by the numbers. Read about the new research by […]

What’s Worse for Your Account: a Data Breach or a Phishing Attack?

What’s more dangerous: a data breach, a keylogger on your PC, or a phishing attack? All three can let hackers uncover your password information. But according to Google, phishing attacks are far and above the more serious threat when it comes to account hijacking. Read about the new report by Google which reveals that phishing attacks and […]

5 ways to minimize phishing attacks

Read Joe Gray list five ways to minimize phishing attacks on CSO Online : Data breaches are a hot button topic right now. Many vendors are quick to point out how their device (I often simply refer to as a “blinky box”) solves all the problems. I beg to differ. Read his full article here.

4 ways to protect yourself from phishing and hacking

Read Jessica Michael list four ways in which businesses can protect themselves from phishing attacks on Farm Futures : You probably hear about hacking or phishing attacks regularly. So much so that it may seem impossible to avoid, but there are ways to prevent attacks and protect your information. One of the first steps you […]

Malicious URL Emails Soar 600% in Q3

The volume of malicious emails blocked in Q3 climbed by 85%, versus the previous three months, with ransomware by far the most common threat according to new data from Proofpoint. Read about the new report by Proofpoint which reveals that volume of emails featuring malicious URLs, as opposed to attachments has increased 600% from Q2 […]

10 Social Engineering Attacks Your End Users Need to Know About

It’s the middle of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: the perfect time to look beyond the obvious stolen passwords, phishing and malware, and into some of the social engineering attacks less known to the average end user. Read/see the slideshow explaining the ten social engineering attacks every one should know about on Dark Reading.

14 Percent of Office Workers Aren’t Sure What Phishing Is

A recent Intermedia survey of more than 1,000 U.S. office workers found that 14 percent of respondents either don’t know what phishing is or aren’t confident in their ability to identify a phishing email, and 21 percent have fallen victim to a phishing attack. Read about the the report by Intermedia which reveals that 34 […]

Mobile Phishing Attacks Jump, Financial Industry Is Biggest Target

That’s why the number of breaches continues to grow each year, and one of the methods in which they’re accomplished is through phishing. In a new report released by PhishLabs, data from Q1 to Q2 in 2017 shows a staggering rise, and the likelihood that it will slow down is slim. Read about the new […]