Leaving employees to manage their own password security is a mistake

Despite the clear and present danger that weak passwords pose to organizations, many remain focused on implementing technology based on policy, not the user, to address the problem. Read about the new Ovum report which reveals that 78 percent of IT executives of those surveyed said that they lack the ability to control access to […]

Passwords: Workers say they will hand them over for next to nothing

A cyberattack could cost an organisation millions, but an employee within your company might be willing to give an outsider access to sensitive information via their login credentials for under £200. Read about the new report examining insider threats by Forcepoint which reveals that 14 percent of European employees claimed they would sell their work […]

Password managers are an essential way to protect yourself from hackers — here’s how they work

Read why Rob Price says that password managers are essential and how they work on Business Insider : If you ask security experts for the simple advice they would give to ordinary people worried about being hacked, the same thing comes up again and again: Don’t reuse passwords. This is because huge numbers of people reuse […]

74 Percent of Organizations Using Two-Factor Authentication Face User Complaints

A recent SecureAuth survey of 300 cyber security professionals or IT decision makers found that 74 percent of respondents who use two-factor authentication (2FA) said they receive complaints about 2FA from their users — and 9 percent say they simply “hate it.” Read more about the new survey by SecurAuth which reveals that as many […]

90 Percent of IT Pros Worry About Password Reuse

Ninety percent of enterprise IT professionals are concerned that employee reuse of personal credentials for work purposes could compromise enterprise security, according to the results of a recent Gemalto survey of 1,150 IT professionals worldwide. Read more about the new report by Gemalto which reveals that a whopping 90 percent of IT Pros in an […]

Multi-Factor Authentication Sees Huge 40% Jump in 2016

According to a survey from SecureAuth Corp., in 2015, 66% of organizations were using MFA in some capacity. In 2016, that number has jumped to an impressive 93%. More than half (51%) are using MFA across the organization, while 38% have implemented it in some areas. Read about the new surveys by SecureAuth Corp which reveals […]

No password is ever complex enough for today’s hackers

Read why says that no password in the world is so complex that hackers cannot hack on IT Pro Portal : Once again, the world has woken up to news of another huge data breach and another reason that the current password security system for business applications and websites is flawed. This time it was […]

Security Sense: Websites Need to be More Resilient to Password Reuse

Read Troy Hunt’s article about why websites need a more resilient password reuse policy on Windows IT Pro : One of the inevitability of a data breach is that when usernames and passwords are leaked, nefarious individuals will take those credentials and see where else they work. This is possible because of the simple reality is […]

Why asking you to change your password makes it easier to hack the system

Read Tim Johnson’s article about  why repeated Password reset request can make it easier for hackers to hack the system on Sacramento Bee : The requests cascade in: Reset your password. Update your anti-virus program. If, as a computer user, such digital demands irritate you, you may have computer “security fatigue.” It’s an actual phenomenon, studied […]

First defense against the next data breach: good password management

Read why Brandon Cerocke says that good password management is the first defense against cyber attacks on RGJ : Long gone are the days of filing cabinets and boxes filled with your files, records and a plethora of information that are held for safekeeping. Today, digitally stored information contains the kinds of data that would allow […]