Cyber and physical security are inseparable

Read why Beverley Head says that cyber and physical security are inseparable on Computer Weekly : A comprehensive approach that brings together analyses of people, places and patterns might be the best hope for establishing secure environments – both online and in the physical world. Read her full article here.

Who’s really responsible for cloud security?

Read Colby Proffitt’s article about who should be responsible for cloud security on GCN : It’s been seven years since the Office of Management and Budget mandated that federal agencies adopt a cloud-first policy, yet it’s no surprise this major change is still a work in progress. While the cloud brings benefits, security remains a […]

Understanding data breaches

The proliferation of digital technology in the last two decades has brought with it a slew of various cyber-threats, especially cybercrime, the most common example of which is data breaches. Read what professors and security researchers have to say about data breach on The Battalion.

Data Helps Businesses Decide Where To Spend Cybersecurity Dollars

Read Don Bradley’s article about how data analytics helps businesses optimize their cyber security budget on Forbes : Around the world, cybersecurity teams have plenty to do — but they lack the money to do it. Ironically, when they are funded, they often don’t know how to spend it effectively. Analytics might help. Read his […]

The Internet of Things could easily be the Internet of Threats

Read why  Aseem Ahmed says that Internet of Things could easily become a cyber trap for businesses on Economic Times : The Internet of Things (IoT), unlike SMAC (Social Mobile Analytics Cloud), moved faster from being an industry buzzword to reality. However, what needs to be examined is whether businesses are prepared to fully leverage […]

Maritime Cyber Security: The Wrong Formula

Read why says that perimeter defense is a wrong strategy for maritime cyber security on Marine Link : For many industries, cyber security is about target hardening and perimeter defense. This makes sense, as cyber security is implemented in much the same way that physical security is implemented. We often think of it in terms […]

Fred Kwong: The Psychology of Being a CISO

When Fred Kwong’s friends had Nintendo game systems, his home had a PC. The household computer sparked an early interest in technology, which persisted throughout the long, winding, sometimes blocked road that eventually led to his role as CISO of Delta Dental. Read Fred Kwong of Delta Dental explains his approach to cybersecurity and how […]

The Emperor’s New Insider Threats

Read Aubre Andrus’ satirical article about the new insider threats on Security Intelligence : The Emperor was the greatest chief information security officer (CISO) in the land. He felt like the inside of his digital castle was as safe as it could be — there were no external attacks to be found. Any fraudster who […]

5 Ways the Insurance Industry Can Improve Cybersecurity: Former U.S. Security Chief Clarke

“The insurance industry has a great record of solving problems where government regulation didn’t because the government either didn’t know how to regulate, or the government wouldn’t regulate,” Richard A. Clarke, former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counter-Terrorism for the United States, told attendees at a recent cybersecurity insurance forum in Santa Clara, […]

How to establish a cyber security strategy

Read Hannah Gresty explain how companies can establish a cyber security strategy on Director : Given that the Petya ransomware attack in June paralysed thousands of companies worldwide – and that a firm breaching the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) next year could be fined up to €20m (£18m) – cyber security is clearly […]