Cyber security: Firms underestimate ‘seismic aftershock’ of breaches

Read why Matt Smith says that organisation often underestimate the aftershock of a data breach on Director of Finance : UK businesses are overconfident in their cyber security planning and underestimate the damage of the “seismic aftershock” that occurs after a breach, according to a new report. Read his full article here.

Reasons Canadian firms should take breaches seriously

Read why Peter Buttler says that Canadian small and medium businesses are not taking cyber security seriously on IT Pro Portal : Organizations around the world tend to take the security of their systems seriously only when they get hit by an attack. One of the security hazards is data breach that is growing constantly. […]

When it comes to cybersecurity, companies need force fields, not walls

Read Mike Armistead’s article about why companies need force fields then cyber walls on Recode : There is a fracture in our modern way of life. The crack is imperceptible to most, even though it’s a dire threat. The public sees the recent headlines about the HBO hack and the company’s proprietary information being held ransom […]

Cyber attacks on online retailers double in a year as hackers try to steal shoppers’ details

The numbers of online shops hit by serious losses of customer data has doubled in the past year as hackers try to plunder retails sites for valuable personal details, a law firm has warned. Read why Jeremy Drew of RPC law firm says that retailers are high risk as hackers are doubling their attacks on Telegraph.

Are Integrator IT Skills Overblown?

Read Ray Bernard’s article about Integrator IT Skills on Security Info Watch : IT convergence, in any industry, is the incorporation of one or more information technologies (computer software, hardware, electronic data, and networking) into electronic products and systems. Read his full article here.

Virtual Threats That Are All Too Real

Read article about why cyber risks present a clear danger and how to tackle it on Facility Executive : If the Three Little Pigs lived in a smart building, the big bad wolf would no doubt use a cyber attack to “blow the house down”. Rampant connectivity not only creates an indefensible number of entry […]

An Introduction to Cyber Security Risks and Responsibilities

Read  Ben Piper’s article about introduction to cyber security risks and responsibilities on Virtual College : Cyber security is a hugely important concern for businesses of all sizes. In 2016, the National Crime Agency recorded over 2.46 million cyber attacks, and official government sources indicate that approximately one in four large companies have suffered from […]

Security for the Cloud and on the Cloud

Read  Brendan Hannigan’s article about cloud services and cloud security on Security Intelligence : Organizations are moving to the cloud space. Naturally, as cloud adoption increases, businesses leaders are laser-focused on ensuring security controls are in place. This is particularly true for corporations extending their existing enterprise systems and data to the cloud. Read his […]

Optimizing Online Defenses Through Crowdsourcing

With limited time and money, many organizations are hamstrung when it comes to cyber defense. AlienVault’s CTO Roger Thornton discusses how the company’s crowdsourced, open-source community product, the Open Threat Exchange (OTX), can help. See the video in which Roger Thornton of AlienVault explain’s how companies can optimise their cyber defenses through crowd sourcing on Dark […]

We can’t rely black swans: Three areas to improve cyber policy now

Read Dr. Andrea Little Limbago list three areas in which organisations can improve their cyber policy on Help Net Security : What will it take for cybersecurity policy to finally catch up to the digital age? I get this question often, and increasingly I worry that it will take a true “black swan” event to shock the […]