Cyber security threats aren’t just for IT departments to manage

Read why Duncan Tait says that cyber security isnt just for IT departments but for all employees of an organisation on Real Business : As it stands, cyber security threats are perhaps the greatest risk facing businesses the world over. Just this month, it was reported that Verizon has lowered its bid for Yahoo by $350 million […]

FireEye CEO: Businesses Are ‘Getting Sucker Punched’ in Cyberspace

A reminder that governments and political parties are not the only organizations that hackers are targeting these days. With the current focus on alleged Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election, attention on corporate data breaches has declined. Read why s Kevin Mandia of FireEye says that businesses are unable to face the growing cyber threats on […]

The age of hacking brings a return to the physical key

Read why Jungwoo Ryoo says that growth in hacking incidents is taking us back to the days of physical key on The Conversation : With all the news about Yahoo accounts being hacked and other breaches of digital security, it’s easy to wonder if there’s any real way to keep unauthorized users out of our email […]

Internet of Things security: What happens when every device is smart and you don’t even know it?

Read why Danny Palmer says that Internet of Things connected devices are a security headache on ZDNet : Billions more everyday items are set to be connected to the internet in the next few years, especially as chips get cheaper and cheaper to produce — and crucially, small enough to fit into even the smallest […]

The New Cyber Security Minefield: A Proactive, Not Reactive, Approach

Read why Mike Sentonas says that companies need to adopt a proactive not reactive approach to cyber security on Enterprise Tech : In 2016, the cyber landscape shifted dramatically – at least on the adversary side. In the last few months alone, we’ve seen hackers penetrate organizations from the DNC to WADA and gain access […]

Evolution of the Internet of Unnecessary Things

Read why Nick Ismail calls Internet of Things, Internet of unnecessary Things on Information Age : Today, the Internet of Things extends to smart homes with heating, entertainment and security systems linked to streetlights and smart cities – meaning the infrastructure has now been put in place to support a connected world Read his full […]

Latest hacking news heightens cybersecurity concerns

Read why Rick Baert says that growing hacking incidents heighten cyber security concerns on Pensions and Investments : Third-party administrators for alternatives managers are double- and triple-checking their cyber defenses following revelations that two firms in the past six months have been hit by hackers. Read his full article here.

Is Your Company Actually Secure? 6 Security Risks You Might Not Know About

Read Norah Abraham list six security risks which you may not be aware of on Tripwire : Businesses have always struggled with the idea of business security. Are you doing enough to protect your company, clients, and employees? Is there really such a thing as too much security? Read her full article here.

Ensuring that the next big data breach isn’t yours

Read Krishna Narayanaswamy explain how organisations can prevent from being the next data breach victim on Information Management : Between the Yahoo Breach, the Bangladesh Bank heist, the Panama Papers and Dropbox password leaks, the past year has seen its fair share of major data breaches. These breaches have brought a harsh reality to light for […]

In Cyber, Who Do We Trust to Protect the Business?

Read why Peter Gleason says that it is difficult to trust anyone in matters of cyber security on Dark Reading : The heightened level of attention to the proliferation of cyberattacks has yielded many outcomes, but none more notable than the recognition that responsibility for cyber risks no longer lies solely within the realm of […]