The internet of things: The cyber security risks and how to protect against them

Recently, the UK’s National Health Service encountered a devastating multi-national cyber-attack. Investigators have since discovered that this was only a small part of a simultaneous attack with over 57,000 ‘infections’ found in 99 countries across the world. Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan were the top targets and UK Prime Minister Theresa May called the attacks “unprecedented”. […]

How To Protect Yourself From DDoS Attacks

Read Dan Wood’s article about how companies can protect themselves against DDoS attacks on Forbes : In a series of recent articles, I’ve compared a company’s need for a cybersecurity portfolio to an individual’s investment portfolio. The same rules apply to both, with the wisest strategy being a spread of investments, diversified across asset classes, […]

IoT Cybersecurity: The World of Unknown for Organizations and Nations

Read why Mayank Lau says that Internet of Things is a unknown terrain for organisations on Data Quest : Internet power to connect, communicate and remotely manage millions of networked devices is becoming pervasive. The market and nations are gung-ho about IoT phenomena globally and so does India. Read his full article here.

Lack of cyber security poses a major threat to human lives

Read why Mark Lu  says that lack of cyber security poses a major threat to human lives on The Eagle Online : Several weeks ago, a ransomware called “WannaCrypt/WannaDecript0r” hit computer systems across the world, affecting 200,000 victims in over 150 countries, according to Rob Wainwright, director of Europol. The malware encrypted patient/client data in computer systems […]

Top tips to best protect your company from cyber attacks

Read AshFranklin list top tips about how companies can protect themselves from cyber attacks on Lincolnshire Live : Bosses are being urged to make sure their firms are protected against cyber crime in the aftermath of a ransomware attack that brought the NHS to its knees. Cybercrime is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing areas of […]

The cyber attack wake-up call

Read why Professor John Clark says that growing cyber attacks are a wake-up call on Yorkshire Post : Two years ago, the then Chancellor George Osborne warned that Islamic State militants were trying to launch cyber attacks on targets in the UK such as air traffic control systems or hospitals. Read his full article here.

Five Reasons Hackers are Targeting SMEs

Read Steve Nice list five reasons why cyber criminals are targeting small and medium businesses on Infosec Magazine : Larger organizations dominate the headlines when it comes to cyber-crime, but it is the small and medium-sized enterprises that are becoming the primary targets and are bearing the brunt of most attacks. Smaller businesses are being […]

As Cyber Threats Mount, Businesses Must Mount A Defense

US Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Donohue said this week that, “Five years ago, people thought of cybersecurity mostly as an IT issue. More recently, it’s become a hot topic in boardrooms and a priority in the C-Suite. Today, cybersecurity must be a core management issue for all businesses—from the Fortune 500 to […]

The Economics of Software Security: What Car Makers Can Teach Enterprises

Read why Jim Routh says that tech companies can learn from car makers about economics of software security on Dark Reading : Embedding security controls early in the application development process will go a long way towards driving down the total cost of software ownership. Read his full article here.

The future of cyber liability in Indiana

Read Adam Ira’s article about the future for cyber security in Indiana on The Indiana Lawyer : There is no shortage of headlines reporting on major data security breaches across the United States. It is no surprise that the wheels of justice have turned slowly in defining the scope and extent of liability for data security […]