Don’t Go it Alone: Making the Case for IoT Cybersecurity Collaboration

Read Jason Porter make a case for cyber security collaboration for Internet of Things security on IoT Evolution World : Today, it’s no secret that cybersecurity threats are growing more frequent and complex. Organizations regularly face threats such as spam, phishing, ransomware, or even DDoS attacks. As an industry, we realize that cybersecurity threats are much […]

A Call for IoT Standards

Read why Joonho Park says that the industry needs set of Internet of Things standards to regulate cyber security on Datacenter Knowledge : As anticipation for the Internet of Things has blossomed, so have misgivings and fears about its security vulnerabilities. Several high profile incidents, particularly the Mirai episode, have raised questions about the security risks […]

The Data Breach Response Recipe

Read Robert Fiorito’s article about how businesses can protect themselves against a data breach on Total Food : Taking matters into your own hands for a data breach can lead to a cyber claims denial, it can broaden the reach of your hack and it can ultimately create new exposures for your organization. Even with […]

The importance of creating a cyber security culture

Read why Nick Ismail says that it is important for organisations to create a cyber security culture on Information Age : A poor company culture with respect to employee mobility can open the floodgates to security vulnerabilities. Organisations that fail to adjust to modern workplace needs, such as employees using their own devices at work, […]

The three ‘B’s’ of cybersecurity for small businesses

Read Scott Shackelford explain the three ‘B’s of cyber security for small and medium businesses on Business Standard : Large-scale cyberattacks with eye-watering statistics, like the breach of a billion Yahoo accounts in 2016, grab most of the headlines. But what often gets lost in the noise is how often small and medium-sized organisations find […]

Evolution of the Internet of Unnecessary Things

Read Nick Ismail’s article about the evolution of Internet of Things on Information Age : Today, the Internet of Things extends to smart homes with heating, entertainment and security systems linked to streetlights and smart cities – meaning the infrastructure has now been put in place to support a connected world. Read his full article […]

Real words or buzzwords?: Network-friendly

Read Ray Bernard’s article about network friendly on Security Info Watch : The term network-friendly started popping up in the physical security industry around 2003, and was in use in the IT domain earlier than that, in recognition of the fact that some applications and systems performed better over a network than others, and some […]

A New Wave of IoT Security Threats Are Coming — Here’s How to Mitigate Them

Read Phil Goldstein’s article about Internet of Things security threats and how to deal with them on Biztech News : The Mirai botnet that took down the domain name system provider Dyn in a massive distributed denial of service attack last fall awakened the world to the vulnerability of Internet of Things devices. Read his […]

RiskSec NY speaker: More than threat intel

Read why Dax Streater says that businesses need more than just threat intelligence on SC Magazine. Isn’t there more to cybersecurity information sharing than subscribing to threat intel feeds? There has been an increased focus on information sharing in our industry in the last three to four years, with good reason. We see our adversaries quickly […]

Life’s a Breach: Dissecting a Year of Devastating Data Breaches

Read Anshul Garg dissect the data breaches of 2016 on Security Intelligence : Several major data breaches thrust cybersecurity into the global spotlight in 2016. In the Asia-Pacific region, for example, cybercriminals stole 100 GB of government data from the Indian state of Kerala and made off with 300 GB of voter data in the […]