Five crucial ways to help keep a system safe from harm

Read Rush Taggart explain five crucial ways in which businesses can protect themselves against cyber attacks on Help Net Security : We’re living in an incredible age of technology, invention and innovation. It’s hard to imagine that just a short time ago we couldn’t order groceries for delivery from our phones, or ask into the […]

Can We Make the Internet of Things Secure?

Read Shoshana Bryen and Stephen Bryen’s article about how businesses can make Internet of Things security on Jewish Policy Center : In the simplest terms, Internet of Things (IoT) is the addition of some internet connectivity to everyday objects. Security cameras, for example, previously had to be hardwired. Read their full article here.

Cyber attacks: How prepared is pharma?

Read Dr Nicola Davies’ article about the state of cyber security in pharmaceutical sector on The Pharma Letter : The pharmaceutical industry is a prime target for hackers. In 2015, a survey by Crown Records Management revealed that nearly two thirds of pharma firms had experienced breaches in data, and that one fourth of these same […]

What’s Missing From Your Site’s Security?

Read Eileen O’Shanassy article about website security on Host Review : Whether it’s credit card information being stolen from your online business or extreme situations where hackers take control of a site and hold it for ransom, online and technological security has become very important in today’s business world. Read her article here.

Standardizing the Approach to IoT Security

Organizations around the world have realized that there are clear business benefits to be gained by leveraging the internet of things. But they need to take a structured, well-considered approach to integrating IoT into their risk management processes to address security concerns, says Ganesh Ramamoorthy, managing vice president at the advisory firm Gartner. Read why Ganesh […]

Time to get real. Cyber threats are everywhere.

Read why Jonathan Aberman says that businesses should prepare for cyber attacks on Washington Post : Are you concerned about cybersecurity? You should be. We read of Russian meddling in our last election. We hear about ransomware attacks bringing large and small organizations to a standstill. Meanwhile, countless denial-of-service attacks seek to interfere with our favorite […]

Cyber war: A battle the U.S. is not prepared to fight

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse says the country is not prepared to defend or retaliate against one of its greatest threats against national security. Even more alarming is that most people don’t take the threat seriously. Read why United States Senator Ben Sasse says that US is not prepared for a cyber war on York News Times.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Security: Increasingly Complex Device Connectivity Means that Security Strategies Need to be More Adaptive and Scalable

Read why Dick Weisinger says that every Internet of Things cyber security strategy should be adaptive and scalable on Formtek Blog : Protecting your computer from malware and viruses has been hard, but as technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) gain popularity and as computers are increasingly embedded into everything from clothing to refrigerators, […]

What is IoT?

Read Jon Gold analyse Internet of Things and the cyber security risks on Network World : The Internet of Things, at its simplest level, is smart devices – from refrigerators that warn you when you’re out of milk to industrial sensors – that are connected to the Internet so they can share data, but IoT […]

Ransomware: How Can You Fight Back?

Read  John Gotaskie, Jr’s article about how companies can fight back ransomware attacks on JD Supra : Ransomware is back in the news. Yet again, massive and not-so-massive corporate enterprises find themselves at risk of having their computer systems and records held hostage to internet raiders. And, in an added twist, this time systems are […]