WPA2 Global Data Breach: What You Need To Know And Do

A staggering number of devices across the globe are likely to be exposed to attack due to WPA2 breach, which occurred at 7 a.m. EDT Sunday. Hackers, who can interfere with personal and enterprise Wi-Fi networks, can take advantage of the vulnerabilities in the existing internet protocol. Read the new about the new WPA2 data […]

New bill would allow hacking victims to ‘hack back’

Reps. Tom Graves (R-Ga.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) introduced a bill Friday that would allow hacking victims to “hack back” when attacked. The Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act allows individuals and companies to hack hackers if the goal is to disrupt, monitor or attribute the attack, or destroy stolen files. Read the new legislation introduced by […]

The 2013 Yahoo breach affected all 3 billion of its users

Yahoo, now part of the newly created Verizon subsidiary Oath, has announced that the 2013 breach it disclosed in December 2016 affected more users than previously believed. Read the news about how the 2013 Yahoo data breach affected all its 3 billion users on Help Net Security.

Equifax Breach Caused by Lone Employee’s Error, Former C.E.O. Says

The Equifax data breach, which exposed the sensitive personal information of nearly 146 million Americans, happened because of a mistake by a single employee, the credit reporting company’s former chief executive told members of Congress on Tuesday. Read Richard F. Smith, former chief executive testimony to members of Congress on Tuesday in which he says that a […]

Cybercriminals Threaten Companies Around the Globe with DDoS Attacks

Various website and cybersecurity administrators received emails over the past few days demanding that they pay one-fifth of a Bitcoin (currently about $780) in exchange for not facing a Distributed Denial of Service attack that would make their sites inaccessible to the public. Read the news about how various website and cybersecurity administrators are receiving DDoS […]

Millions Possibly Impacted by Data Breach at Fast-Food Chain Sonic, Report Says

Sonic Drive-In customers across the tri-state may have had their credit and debit card information stolen in a recent data breach at the fast food chain, according to reports. “” Read about the news of latest data breach at Sonic fast-food chain on NBC New York.

Equifax Chief Steps Down After Massive Data Breach

Equifax Chairman and CEO Richard F. Smith is retiring, the credit reporting agency announced Tuesday. The news comes just weeks after the company said a massive data breach exposed the personal information of up to 143 million people. Read the news about Equifax Chairman and CEO Richard F. Smith retiring after the massive Equifax data breach […]

Another day, another data breach? No way — stay outraged

Breaches and sloppy handling of data are common news stories: Yahoo. Adobe Systems. EBay. Equifax. TJ Maxx. JP Morgan Chase. Tumblr. Home Depot. Target. Evernote. Commission on Elections. All of these organizations have been hacked within the last five years. Read the Editorial on Dallas News about how data breaches have become a common news […]

Hack of Wall Street regulator rattles investors, lawmakers

Wall Street’s top regulator came under fire on Thursday over its cyber security and disclosure practices after admitting hackers had breached its database of corporate announcements in 2016 and may have used it for insider trading. Read the news about the hack attack on Securities and Exchange Commission on Reuters.

Massachusetts AG sues Equifax over massive data breach

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey filed a lawsuit against Equifax on Tuesday, following a massive hack at the company that exposed sensitive financial information for nearly half the US population. Read the news about the suit filed by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey against Equifax on CNet.