Incident Response: How to Prepare for Attacks and Breaches

Read  Cynthia Harvey’s article about how organisations can prepare for attacks and breaches on eSecurity Planet : If a hacker breached your network today, what would you do? What if a company employee unwittingly infected your systems with ransomware? What if attackers defaced your website or launched a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack? What […]

Network Access Control: Restricting and Monitoring Access to Your Network and Data

Read why Sue Marquette Poremba says that using right network access control can add a new level of cyber security to organisations on eSecurity Planet : The best cybersecurity comes in layers, making it difficult or frustrating for an intruder to fight through each line of defense to break into the network and gain access […]

Securing Today’s ‘Elastic Attack Surface’

Read Amit Yoran’s article about network security and today’s ‘elastic attack surface’ on Dark Reading : Security pros today feel overwhelmed by the current cyberthreat environment and the deluge of security solutions on the market. Given the rapid adoption of cloud, BYOD, IoT and DevOps, many lack confidence in their ability to accurately assess exposure […]

Network Security Policy

A security policy designates an organization’s security controls, without specifying technologies, as well as offers high-level directives on acceptable and unacceptable actions to protect critical assets. A policy should also be applied throughout the organization in a consistent manner and provide a reference for employees to operate their typical activities. Read the analytical article about […]

A Look Into Cyber Security

Network security in cyberspace is never far from the headlines. When it does reach the headlines, it’s never good news. Here are just a few famous – or infamous – security breaches of the not-too-distant past, even though they might seem like ancient history by now: Target, Adobe, TJX, Home Depot, Sony Playstation, Heartland, Epsilon. […]

Report: IoT security products face huge challenges

Network security, device authentication and encryption are the most currently successful strategies for securing Internet of Things systems, with identity management and emerging tech — including security analytics and blockchain — likely to join them over the next one to five years, according to new research report, “TechRadar: Read about the new report titled Internet […]

Hack-Proof Your Life: 5 Key Steps To Boost Online Safety

At this moment, someone wants your information. Hackers covet your email account, your home address and your Social Security number. They want to commandeer your webcam and break into your bank account. They are just waiting for you to slip up and give them a chance. Read the five steps by which you can protect […]

Want Stronger Network Security? Pay Attention to Your Packets

Read Peter Ekner’s article about how companies should invest in network security on Infosec Magazine : Too bad there isn’t a “CSI: Network” show to learn from because in the digital world, dusting for fingerprints just won’t do. Cyberattacks don’t have a traditional, physical crime scene where evidence can be collected for investigation. Instead, we are […]

Dyn Research-Only 4 Out Of 10 UK Organisations Currently Monitoring Their Network Activity

Dyn, the internet performance management company, today publish new findings into the impact internet disruptions have on UK organisations, as well as revealing how prepared UK businesses are in mitigating the risks these disruptions pose. Read more about the new survey by Dyn Research which reveals that four out of ten companies in United Kingdom […]

Communications And Network Security

Nowadays, government institutions, companies and individuals rely increasingly on computer networks, systems, and other connected devices to store, communicate, and exchange information. The storage and communication tools, mostly computer or smartphone applications, are built on top of this web of interconnected devices. Read more about communications and how it is connected to network security on […]