Mobile apps transmit unencrypted user data due to insecure SDKs

A number of popular mobile applications are transmitting unencrypted user data due to the use of insecure advertising Software Development Kits (SDKs). Advertising is critical to many online and app-based services. An easy way to integrate advertising into mobile applications is through the use of SDKs. These development tools, often free and offered by third-parties, can […]

Fake Android apps used for targeted surveillance found in Google Play

Security researchers have found two separate instances of hackers using Android apps to conduct highly targeted surveillance in the Middle East. The apps are built from two separate families of surveillance-focused malware, both targeting around a thousand unsuspecting users. The so-called ViperRAT malware was incorporated into two apps, and it has previously targeted members of the Israeli Defense […]

Android security: Your phone’s patch level says you’re up to date, but that may be a lie

Google has spent the past two years building momentum behind its Android monthly patch level system, but a study has found critical patches that should be on devices displaying a patch level aren’t actually present. The ‘hidden patch gap‘ in Android devices was discovered by researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell of German security firm […]

Major uptick in mobile phishing URL click rate

In a study of Lookout users, more than half clicked mobile phishing URLs that bypassed existing security controls. Since 2011, Lookout has observed this mobile phishing URL click rate increase 85 percent year-over-year. “Mobile devices have eroded the corporate perimeter, limiting the effectiveness of traditional network security solutions like firewalls and secure web gateways,” said […]

SECURITY Intel: Our Remote Keyboard app has a critical bug; delete it now!

A critical flaw in the Intel Remote Keyboard app for iOS and Android has led to the decision by Intel to discontinue the app, and the company advises all users to uninstall it as soon as possible. Used in conjunction with Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) mini PCs and flashdrive-sized Intel Compute Stick, the Intel Remote Keyboard allowed users to […]

Businesses suspect their mobile workers are being hacked

More than half (57%) of organisations suspect their mobile workers have been hacked or caused a mobile security issue in the last 12 months, according to the iPass Mobile Security Report 2018. Overall, 81% of respondents said they had seen Wi-Fi related security incidents in the last 12 months, with cafés and coffee shops (62%) […]

New Android Cryptojacker Can Brick Phones

Researchers at Trend Micro recently discovered ANDROIDOS_HIDDENMINER, a piece of malware that embeds itself in an Android device, obfuscates its presence, and proceeds to use the device CPU to mine Monero, a cryptocurrency that has gained favor with criminals because of its anonymous, untraceable nature. Researchers have seen an increase in cryptojacking in 2018 as cybercriminals turn […]

What’s the C-Suite Doing About Mobile Security?

For too long, too many companies have viewed security as an IT problem. Breaches are considered just another cost of doing business rather than a risk that requires proactive focus by the C-suite. But breaches are a risk to take seriously for C-suites and their companies. Just think about the recent Equifax breach, after which […]

Mobile security: A look at the risks, and what you can do

A new report from Verizon found that organizations across numerous industries compromised mobile data security because of speed to market priorities and a lack of threat awareness according to survey respondents. As business usage of mobile devices, the Internet of Things and other mobile applications accelerates, Verizon’s inaugural Mobile Security Index 2018 seeks to raise awareness of […]

Sophisticated Android malware spies on smartphones users and runs up their phone bill too

A newly uncovered form of Android malware secretly steals sensitive data from infected devices – including full audio recordings of phone calls – and stores it in cloud storage accounts. An invasive form of spyware, RedDrop harvests information from the device, including live recordings of its surroundings, user data including files, photos, contacts, notes, device […]