Gaming apps ‘main source’ of mobile phishing attacks, research shows

Gaming apps are the most likely source of phishing attacks on corporate devices, according to research by mobile security firm Wandera. Read more about the new report by Wandera which reveals that gaming (25.6%)  and email apps (18.9%) as most likely to be hacked by cyber criminals on Computer Weekly.

Five new threats to your mobile device security

Read Stacy Collett list five new threats to mobile device security on CSO Online : A decade ago, mobile malware was considered a new and unlikely threat. Many mobile device users even considered themselves immune from such threats. Fast forward to 2017, and more than 1.5 million new incidents of mobile malware have been detected by […]

Mobile Data Breaches – Is Your Organization Truly Prepared?

Read Aaron Baer and Amy Marcen-Gaudaur’s article about why mobile security is important for any organisation on Lexology : Mobile devices have become an integral component of IT infrastructure for virtually all businesses. However, a recent report by Dimensional Research (the “Report”) shows that most security professionals feel unprepared to defend against a mobile data […]

How Can CIOs Take Control of App Sprawl?

Read Samuel Greengard’s article about how CIOs can take control of organisation’s app development program on CIO Insight. Digital technology introduces remarkable opportunities, and it can generate huge gains and even transform an enterprise. But somewhere at the intersection of promise and value lies an enormous and growing challenge: managing the growing array of enterprise and […]

Data security and mobile devices: How to make it work

Read how to make mobile device data security work according to Bhavin Turakhia on Help Net Security : There has been a lot of hype in the media about messaging tools. But recently, some of the headlines have taken a negative turn. Just last month, we read how a London-based banker was fired and fined more […]

Security Pros Worry About Cloud and Mobile Safety

A recent survey finds that IT security professionals’ security concerns are directly linked to the cloud and mobile devices. Eighty-one percent of the respondents expressed concern over public cloud usage, and, of these individuals, 49 percent are extremely or very concerned, according to the report, “2017 Cyber Security Survey.” Read/see the slideshow explaining how the […]

64 Percent of Security Pros Can’t Stop a Mobile Data Breach

Sixty-four percent of security professionals doubt their organizations can prevent a breach to employees’ mobile devices, a recent Dimensional Research survey of 410 security leaders found. The survey, sponsored by Check Point Software, also found that 20 percent of businesses have experienced a mobile breach, and another 24 percent don’t know, or can’t tell, whether they’ve […]

Businesses must take responsibility for mobile security, when users fail

Mobile users frequently stray from official app stores when looking for new mobile applications, putting themselves under increased risk from malware, ransomware and other malicious actors. This is according to a new report by RiskIQ, which says that users in the UK are a bit more ‘conservative’, and a bit more on the safe side, […]

Want to blame someone for a data breach? Blame mobile workers

Almost a third of companies have suffered either data loss or a security breach because their employees use mobile technologies to work. This is according to a new report by Apricorn. The company polled 100 IT decision makers in the UK for the report. Read the new report by Apricorn which reveals that nearly half (44 […]

A Growing Talent Shortfall Can Leave Apps Vulnerable

Read why John Matthew Holt says that cyber security skill shortage can leave mobile apps vulnerable to cyber criminals on Infosec Magazine : It has recently been widely reported that there is a growing talent shortfall of security professionals, which is expected to reach 1.5 million by 2020. This will prove to be an unlikely […]