How IoT is impacting mobile app development

Read  Gary Eastwood’s article about how Internet of Things is impacting mobile app development on Network World : Innovators of all stripes have tapped into the Internet of Things (IoT) as they develop the best products and services of the 21st century, but few have made as much use of the IoT as today’s mobile […]

Hackers Target Your Mobile Bank App; You Can Fight Back

Read Margarette Burnette’s article about mobile banking apps cyber security on Nerd Wallet : By 2021, millions more of us will be doing our banking on smartphones and tablets, researchers say. The number of mobile bank app users is expected to leap 53% in the next four years. So far, mobile banking has been a pretty secure […]

Is Your Mobile Enterprise Subject to Law Enforcement Scrutiny?

Read Andrew McDonnell’s article about whether mobile enterprise is subject to law enforcement scrutiny on Security Info Watch : The mobile technology boom and its impact on enterprise computing have changed the way we approach workplace security. IT managers now have to extend support beyond servers and workstations and provide employees with mobile access to […]

How to protect your financial apps from getting hacked

Read Bryan Borzykowski’s  article about how to protect your financial apps from hack attacks on CNBC : There’s been no shortage of high-profile hacks over the last few years — think Target, Sony and Ashley Madison — but one sector that hasn’t made as much news for breaches is financial. According to the Identify Theft […]

Leaky Apps Far Riskier Than Mobile Malware

Mobile malware may be the most intriguing thing to capture the attention of mobile-minded security researchers today. But according to a report out today by Appthority, the bigger risks statistically come from misbehaving legitimate apps. Read about the Appthority Enterprise Mobile Threat Team’s quarterly Mobile Threat Report which reveals that leaky apps are cause more harm […]

2016 State of Application Security: Top Health Care Apps in Critical Condition

IBM partner Arxan Technologies recently released its report on the “State of Application Security,” which examines the current application security landscape and provides key recommendations to improve your organization’s level of protection. Read the new survey by Arxan Technologies which reveals that there is huge disparity between consumer confidence & level on app security on Security […]

A security firm says health apps remain vulnerable to data hacking

A study by mobile app security developer Axran Technologies finds 55% of consumers expect medical, wellness or fitness apps to be hacked within six months. Mobile health apps are subject to big security and privacy problems, says a new study by mobile app security developer Axran Technologies Inc. Read about the new study by Axran […]

Cybersecurity report recommends test-hacking medical devices before and after release

Cyber security and privacy are extremely important, especially when it comes to sensitive information like patient health records, financial data and personal identification information. With so many high-profile hacks happening across various industries lately, including several in the healthcare sector, it’s essential that everyone put more of an emphasis on protecting this data. Read about […]

Security, interoperability seen as major problems of messaging apps

Some 15% of US and 40% of Chinese users cite lack of security as a major flaw with messaging apps, according to “The challenges facing OTT messaging apps” survey by tyntec. Top complaints of users of WeChat, China’s most popular messaging app, and Facebook Messenger, the most popular in the US, remain lack of security […]

New Security Study: Consumers Fearful Of Mobile Shopping

Blancco Technology Group, a leading, global provider of data erasure solutions and mobile device diagnostics, today released its new data security study, Risky Mobile Business. The in-depth study, which surveyed over 1,400 mobile users across four different countries, reveals that inadequate security precautions taken by mobile users not only put their personal information at risk, […]