Marketers Are Not Yet Ready For GDPR: Experian Study

Email marketers have been told many that they must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if they’re doing business in Europe. But they’re not listening, according to a new survey from Experian and the Ponemon Institute. Read about the new study by Experian and the Ponemon Institute which reveals that only 24% say their firms […]

How Marketers Cause Data Breaches

What is marketing’s role in enabling and/or preventing cyber breaches? I recently started a series that looks at the topic from a variety of viewpoints. In the following article, I interview Juliette Rizkallah, CMO of SailPoint, the leading firm in the “Identity Management” space, helping companies manage and govern the access that company employees, suppliers, […]

70% Of Firms Report A Cybersecurity Incident: Why Marketers Should Care

Since the Target and Sony hacks, I have been interested in marketing’s role (or lack thereof) in preparing for and managing the consequences of data breaches. As part of a series exploring the topic in detail (see article #1 here), I talked with Holly Rollo, the CMO of RSA, a Dell Technologies business. Read about […]

The CISO as a Sales Person: Part 1 – Selling to the Security Architects

Read Federico Delamora’s article on CISO hardselling security to the management on Trip Wire : After years of working in sales for small- and mid-sized software vendors, I have gotten used to the idea that everyone in the company is a salesperson. Some of my colleagues in other departments often find this view a bit […]

Next big thing in online advertising spurs criticism for security flaws

A little-known Silicon Valley startup was caught in a firestorm of criticism last week for making software that exposed Lenovo laptop users to hackers bent on stealing personal information. But Superfish Inc. has also won praise for producing visual search technology that many see as the next big thing in online shopping. Is Superfish an […]

Maintaining vendor trust proves tough for Lenovo, Microsoft

While one would like to assume that, when it comes to security, vendors act in the best interest of their customers, this is not always the case. Three news developments this week highlight that while vendor trust can be easily lost, it is not always easily regained. The Superfish that’s super scary Microsoft adds user-friendly […]

Four Ways to Sell Physical Security

Access control and physical security sectors are on fire. According to MarketsandMarkets global market research, the physical security market will grow from $57.72 billion in 2014 to $87.95 billion by 2019, with North America and Europe leading the way. At the same time, access control/physical security products are becoming more sophisticated, and are catching on […]

How to Experiment With Marketing Without Ruining Your Business

This is not your grandmother’s marketing world. There are more marketing methods than ever before. But there’s a major caveat to all this marketing commotion. So many of these marketing “hacks” and bold new moves could do the opposite of grow your business. They could ruin your business.  Risky new moves put your painstakingly built […]

How Growth Hacking Is Redefining Marketing

Over the years, marketing has been defined and redefined numerous times and in many different ways. At its core, however, marketing remains simply lead generation. Regardless of what you are marketing, or how you’re marketing it, the goal is to drive awareness, demand, and sales. Unfortunately, many brands often miss opportunities because they forget that […]