Researchers Unearth New Malware Designed to Make ATMs Spew Out Cash

Researchers have recently discovered new kind of “jackpotting” malware—the sole purpose of which is forcing ATMs to spit out huge volumes of cash. According to Netskope, a California-based software company, the malware appears to share some functional similarities with ATM Ripper, a variant thought to be responsible for a slew of ATM heists last year […]

Android security: Cryptocurrency mining-malware hidden in VPNs, games, and streaming apps, dowloaded 100,000 times

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have uncovered multiple malicious cryptocurrency-mining applications being distributed via the Google Play store, with the miners posing as games, sports streaming apps, and VPNs. Some of these have been downloaded more than 100,000 times. While the applications appear to provide legitimate functions, their real purpose is to secretly use the CPU power of […]

Stealthy malware Slingshot spreads through routers: How to avoid sophisticated cyber-espionage

Researchers from Kaspersky Lab, a Moscow-based cyber security and anti-virus provider, have said in a report that it has discovered a highly sophisticated cyber-espionage campaign called Slingshot that spreads through compromised routers and remains undetected for years altogether. Slingshot is as complex as Project Sauron, the malware that remained undetected for five years and believed […]

From pranks to nuclear sabotage, this is the history of malware

Read Jon Martindale explain how malware has come a long way from pranks to nuclear sabotage on Digital Trends : Since the dawn of modern computing, the software has been as capable as the programmers who created it. Their intentions became its capabilities, and that’s brought us a world of wondrous and powerful applications across […]

HiddenMiner Android malware mines cryptocurrency until your Android smartphone fails

A new strain of Android malware will continuously use an infected device’s CPU to mine the Monero cryptocurrency until the device is exhausted or even breaks down. Security company Trend Micro has named the malware HiddenMiner because of the techniques it uses to protect itself from discovery and removal. Like most cryptocurrency-mining software, HiddenMiner uses the device’s CPU power […]

‘Fauxpersky’ malware steals and sends passwords to an attacker’s inbox

A newly-discovered keylogger malware has been found infecting computers in the wild. Though the malware is far from advanced, it’s efficient at stealing passwords. Researchers at Cybereason, a Boston, Mass.-based security firm, call the malware “Fauxpersky,” as it impersonates the Russian antivirus software Kaspersky. “This malware is by no means advanced or even very stealthy,” said […]

GoScanSSH malware targets Linux systems but avoids government servers

GoScanSSH, a new strain of malware written in Golang (Go), has been targeting Linux-based SSH servers exposed to the internet — as long as those systems do not belong to the government or military. In a new report, Cisco’s Talos Intelligence Group explained several other “interesting characteristics” of GoScanSSH, such as the fact that attackers create […]

Android malware found inside apps downloaded 500,000 times

Cyber criminals have distributed malware to hundreds of thousands of Android users by successfully hiding it inside a series of apparently harmless apps. The malware sneaked onto the Google Play store disguised as seven different apps – six QR readers and one ‘smart compass’ – and bypassed security checks by hiding their true intent with […]

Like any threat, malware evolves: Discover new trends

Cofense released the 2018 Cofense Malware Review, detailing the trends that defined malware attacks in 2017 and the emerging trends for network defenders to prioritize in 2018. While a couple of high profile breaches stole the spotlight in 2017, Cofense’s global security team uncovered a number of less visible evolutions that dramatically changed the threat […]

Hacker vs hacker: This cryptojacking malware kills off its rivals to ensure maximum profit

Researchers at Minerva Labs uncovered a new form of cryptocurrency-mining malware, dubbed GhostMiner, which uses fileless malware delivery techniques to land on systems. If other cryptojacking malware is already on the system, it will fight to remove it in order to earn Monero. The mining elements of GhostMiner are built into a malicious Windows executable. It takes […]