Financial malware more than twice as prevalent as ransomware

Although crypto ransomware is becoming a common choice for cyber criminals, there is still a significant amount of malware targeting financial organisations and their customers, Symantec has warned. In 2016, attacks saw several such institutions lose millions to cyber criminals and nation state-supported attackers such as the Lazarus group, Symantec research has revealed. Read about the […]

Ransomware, Mac Malware Dominate Q1 Threat Landscape

An analysis of the threat landscape in the first quarter of 2017 suggests that ransomware will continue to pose major problems for enterprises and individual users through the rest of the year. Read about the new report by Malwarebytes which reveals that ransomware and Mac malware dominated the first quarter of 2016 threat landscape on […]

Malware Declines, but Ransomware Soars

Last year, both good guys and bad guys achieved gains: Security professionals successfully fought off malware, but cyber-criminals benefited from an explosion in ransomware, according to the “2017 SonicWall Annual Threat Report.” Read/see the slideshow explaining how the malware attacks are declining but the ransomware attacks are growing on CIO Insight.

The Rise Of Open-Source Malware And IoT Security

Read Srini Avirneni’s article about the rise of open-source malware and Internet of Things security on Forbes : With 2017 well underway, security professionals are scrambling to understand emerging cyberthreats that will be prevalent in the coming year, and the appropriate mitigation techniques. I’ve found that this is particularly true for communications service providers (CSPs), […]

Malwarebytes Details Cybersecurity Threats Seen During Q1 2017 For Windows, MacOS And Android

Many people don’t know as much about personal cybersecurity as they think they do. The bad news is that misunderstanding and lack of knowledge can put you at serious risk. The good news is that in many cases simply knowing what to be wary of is enough to provide a fairly effective level of protection. […]

30 percent of malware is ‘zero-day,’ finds new WatchGuard cybersecurity study

New cybersecurity threats are challenging the ability of technology companies and traditional antivirus software companies to keep up, according to a new report from Seattle-based network security company WatchGuard Technologies. Read more about the new report by WatchGuard Technologies which reveals that 30 percent of malware detected globally is zero-day on Geek Wire.

Non-malware attacks are a huge issue

Non-malware attacks are a bigger threat than malware attacks, according to a new report by Carbon Black. Polling more than 400 cybersecurity researchers, 93 per cent agreed that non-malware attacks are a huge issue. Read more about the new report by  Carbon Blck which reveals that non-malware attacks are a bigger threat than malware attacks […]

4 Ways to Recover from a Cyberattack

More companies are falling victim to cyberattacks, as a wide range of harmful software and social engineering schemes threaten to compromise the personal information and online safety of their clients. With cybercrime rates on the rise every year, it’s important for businesses of all sizes to have a recovery plan in place to mitigate any […]

Mobile security: The reality of malware … augmented

Read Denise Giusto Bilić’s article about the reality of mobile security and how malware affects cyber security on We Live Security : Originally, it was expected that mobile devices would evolve to become handheld computers with capabilities similar to any desktop. It is clear today that our smartphones and tablets have evolved beyond this point, […]

You’ve Got Ransomware, Now What?

Read Dave Packer explain what companies can do once they are infected with a ransomware on SC Magazine : So, the unthinkable has happened: your corporate server (or maybe just a few employees) has been infected with ransomware. At least you’re not alone. A recent survey found that 47 percent of companies in the United […]