Should we apply the brakes on artificial intelligence research?

Given that the threat of artificial intelligence being exploited for malicious purpose is present and real, Nitin Pai reasons that we should stop AI research on Live Mint: Some months ago, I wrote in this column that a team of computer scientists at three different universities recently published a paper titled Stealing Machine Learning Models via […]

Good News: A.I. Is Getting Cheaper. That’s Also Bad News.

A Silicon Valley start-up recently unveiled a drone that can set a course entirely on its own. A handy smartphone app allows the user to tell the airborne drone to follow someone. Once the drone starts tracking, its subject will find it remarkably hard to shake. The drone is meant to be a fun gadget […]

Why Cybersecurity Needs Skynet…or Something Similar!

Read Chris Brake’s article about why we need a artificial intelligence based cyber security : If I have learnt anything from completing a degree in IT security, it is that the internet is a scary place. It is not just because Google can show you everywhere you have ever travelled and how you did it, […]

Banks say that AI is essential for digital transformation

Every single bank in the UK now has a digital transformation strategy set up, new research has found. A new global survey, conducted by IT consultancy GFT found that as many UK banks as going increasingly digital, AI is among the top priorities. Read about the new report by GFT which reveals that United Kingdom banks […]

Role Of Machine Learning And AI In Healthcare Cybersecurity

Read Jim Massey’s commentary about how machine learning and artificial intelligence can impact healthcare cyber security on Forbes : Security threats are major concerns to healthcare organizations due to the value and vulnerability of clinical data that is being recorded and distributed. Read his full article here.

How AI can help you stay ahead of cybersecurity threats

Read Maria Korolov’s article about how artificial intelligence can help companies stay ahead of cyber security threats on CSO Online : Since the 2013 Target breach, it’s been clear that companies need to respond better to security alerts even as volumes have gone up. With this year’s fast-spreading ransomware attacks and ever-tightening compliance requirements, response […]

Artificial Intelligence: Experts Talk Ethical, Security Concerns

The future of artificial intelligence was a hot topic at the third annual CYBERSEC Cybersecurity Forum, where security professionals representing Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom discussed the pitfalls and potential of AI, and its role in the enterprise. Read more about the expert panel discussion about artificial intelligence and cyber security at […]

Artificial Intelligence Transforms IT Capabilities

Read why Ray Bernard says that artificial intelligence will transfer IT capabilities in future on Security Info Watch : Fasten your seatbelts: In the next five years, networking will change more than it has in the entire business lifetime of any system integration company – chiefly due to AI and cloud computing. Networking will become […]

Spohn: Using Artificial Intelligence to Counter Cyber Threats

In 2016, 357 million malware threats were detected, leaving businesses scrambling to find effective ways to protect their sensitive data.1 Until recently, firewalls and antivirus software provided adequate cyber security for such threats. Read why Timothy Crosby of Spohn Security Solutions says that artificial intelligence is key to countering cyber threats on Benzinga.

The untapped potential of machine learning for detecting fraud

E-commerce fraud protection company Signifyd has recently signed up behavioral analytics expert Long-Ji Lin to fill the position of Chief Scientist. “For advertisers, Lin perfected his model’s ability to predict which users would take each desired action, such as a clicking on an ad or purchasing from an advertiser.” Read why machine learning can be the […]