Macs vulnerable to virtually undetectable virus that “can’t be removed”

A security researcher has discovered a way to infect Macs with malware virtually undetectable and that ‘can’t be removed.’ The attack, which has been called Thunderstrike, installs the malicious code into the Boot ROM of the system via the Thunderbolt port. Trammell Hudson, who works for hedge fund Two Sigma Investments and is also the creator […]

U.S. accounts for most Mac OS X attacks and websites seeded with malware

This year was a tough one for U.S. Apple users and U.S.-run websites, according to Kaspersky Lab’s year-in-review blog post. U.S. Apple users accounted for the largest portion of attacks on Mac OS X this year with 98,077 users being attacked, which accounted for 39 percent of all Mac OS X attacks Kaspersky documented. This […]

Google Chrome drops support for early Intel Macs

Google is rolling out Chrome browser version 39 to OS X users. This brings a big change – a shift from 32-bit to full and exclusive 64-bit support. By switching Chrome to 64-bit, Google hopes that it will be faster and use less memory. The update also patches over 40 vulnerabilities. But there is a […]

Google releases enterprise malware watchdog called ‘Santa’ for Mac OS

While some consumers find Apple’s XProtect anti-malware enough protection for their Mac, most enterprises running Apple machines don’t, including Google, which has developed its own lockdown software. Dubbed Santa, the software developed by Google’s Macintosh Operations Apple Team “keeps track of binaries that are naughty and nice”. Google released the tool on GitHub last week […]

Home Depot blames security breach on Windows OS

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal published an in-depth look at The Home Depot’s recent security breach of its payment data systems, in which 56 million credit card accounts and 53 million email addresses of customers were compromised. A root cause of the security breach: a Windows vulnerability in the retailer’s main computer network. […]

Serious security flaw in OS X Yosemite ‘Rootpipe’

Details are finally emerging about a serious vulnerability in Apple’s OS X Yosemite, called “Rootpipe” which allows root access by attackers. The privilege escalation vulnerability was discovered by Swedish hacker Emil Kvarnhammar, who has been asked by Apple to withhold details until January 2015 — since Apple likely wouldn’t allow details until they have a […]

Knock Knock tool to reveal executables that automatically boot in Mac OS X

Security research and development bod Patrick Wardle has released a tool to reveal executables that automatically boot in Mac OS X. The Knock Knock tool was open source and built on an extensible framework to encourage the community to evolve the platform. Wardle, of consultancy Synack, said he designed the tool because he was concerned […]