Lessons learnt – SMEs share their cyber attack stories

Read Nicole Kobie share some of cyber attack instances on small and medium businesses on Telegraph : Most people who are trying to protect their business from cyber attacks and malware that has run amok will turn to consultants and the security industry, but there’s another group worth asking for advice: those who have actually […]

WannaCry: A wake-up call to be safe (and smart) than sorry

Even as an international manhunt gets underway to find the perpetrators behind the WannaCry ransomware that hit hundreds of thousands of computers across 150 countries, experts and security researchers are warning of new strains of attacks like Adylkuzz that are even more stealthy and potent. Read about the lessons that businesses can learn from WannaCry […]

Breaches like Molina Healthcare’s show why you can’t skimp on security

Read Bill Siwicki’s article about how healthcare organisations can learn fromt he Molina Healthcare’s data breach on Healthcare IT News : The healthcare data breaches just keep coming. For example, Molina Healthcare, a Medicaid and Affordable Care Act insurer, shut down its patient portal recently in response to a security flaw that exposed patient medical claims data […]

Deconstructing the 2016 Yahoo Security Breach

Read Jacob Olcott explain the lessons we can learn from the 2016 Yahoo data breach on Dark Reading : Exactly two decades ago, in 1997, a new book rose up the best-seller list: The Perfect Storm, Sebastian Junger’s recounting of the fateful events that doomed the fishing boat Andrea Gail and its six-member crew in […]

The lessons you need to learn from the Yahoo data breach: Top four info security tips

The data breach stories continue to roll in this year. In the last few weeks alone we’ve seen familiar brand names including Wonga and Debenhams in the uncomfortable glare of the media spotlight as they reveal the loss of customer data. Read about the top four lessons from the Yahoo data breach on IT Pro […]

Cyber: What can we learn from the Wonga data breach?

Read  Lucy Hook explain what businesses can learn from the recent Wonga data breach on Insurance Business Mag : Earlier this week, payday loan firm Wonga revealed that it had suffered a data breach ‘affecting up to 245,000 UK customers’ – potentially including financial information such as bank account numbers, sort codes, and the last […]

What went down and what can be learned from the biggest data breaches of 2016

Read Noami Webb article on what businesses can learn from the mega breaches of 2016 on  TG Daily : Some organizations are surprisingly good at setting a very bad example. Especially when it comes to data breaches. Despite an untold number of warnings, and despite staggering data breaches making the news regularly for the last […]

What Businesses Can Learn From the CIA Data Breach

Read Jai Vijayan explain how businesses can learn from CIA data breach on Dark Reading : Like other major data breaches, the one that allegedly exposed the CIA’s entire arsenal of malware tools has raised familiar concerns about vulnerability stockpiling, insider threats, and the importance of a robust breach detection and response capability. Read his […]

FraudBuzz: Looking ahead by looking back

Typically, at this time of year, we start to look back at the events that shaped our work lives in order to predict or hypothesize how our new year may take shape. Will fraud be worse in 2017? Perhaps many of you are wondering if we will see a new threat emerge that takes up […]

Lessons Learned From Yahoo’s Monumental Breach(es)

Read  Jackson Shaw’s article about the lessons businesses can learn from Yahoo hack attacks on Information Security Buzz : Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that Yahoo has been in serious hot water lately. Two isolated breaches, disclosed separately from one another but totaling an impact of almost 1.5 billion users has […]