New Mexico Enacts Data Breach Notification Law

On April 6, 2017, New Mexico became the 48th state to enact a data breach notification law; the Data Breach Notification Act (the “Act”) will go into effect on June 16, 2017. Read about the newly enacted data breach notification law by New Mexico on JDSupra.

How will Australia’s mandatory data breach notification law affect health service providers

The apparent privacy breach illustrates the potential harm to reputation of health service providers and underscores the need to improve information handling practices in order to minimise the need to comply with the mandatory data breach obligation. Read about how the new Australian data breach notification law will affect healthcare firms on Lexology.

There are Dutch lessons in breach notification as GDPR approaches

Data protection laws and regulations are about to get a boost in the spectre of stiff fines. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes with a notification duty for data breaches, and the Dutch have pioneering experience. Read how Dutch data protection laws offer lessons about the upcoming GDPR law on Computer Weekly.

New Mexico’s New Data Breach Notification Laws

Read Edwin Tam explain the newly enacted New Mexico data breach notification law on National Law Review : New Mexico has followed other U.S. states in enacting data breach notification laws coming into effect on 16 June 2017. The statute will only apply to computerised data, which is narrower in scope compared to Australian laws […]

New Mexico Enacts Data Breach Notification Law

Governor Susana Martinez recently signed into law the New Mexico “Data Breach Notification Act” (the Act), making New Mexico the 48th state (plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia) to adopt legislation mandating the provision of notice in the event of a data breach. Read about the newly enacted data breach notification law by […]

New Australian Mandatory Data Breach Notification Legislation

Read Margie M. Tannock explain the newly legislated American data breach notification law on Lexology : Australian businesses have been warned they can no longer keep quiet about cyber security breaches, after the Senate passed laws mandating their disclosure 15 years after they were introduced in the US. The long anticipated Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill […]

Australia: What is a mandatory data breach notification?

Read Tal Williams and Lucy Williams explain what a mandatory data breach notification means for any business on Mondaq : If you store personal information of any kind you have strict obligations under the Privacy Act not to disclosure that information to third parties. Systems, however, can be breached. Read their full article here.

How businesses should prepare for Australia’s new mandatory data breach notification laws

Australia, like other countries, has not been immune to data breaches in which personal information has been exposed. The much-anticipated Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016, whereby organisations will be legally obliged to disclose data breaches, has been passed by the Australian Federal Government, and the laws will come into effect within the next […]

Congress addresses cyberwar on small business: 14 million hacked over last 12 months

A bill making its way through the U.S. Senate proposes to do what cybersecurity experts say is long overdue: Create a set of resources and guidelines small businesses can use to protect themselves from a steadily increasing number of cyberattacks. Read about the new bill placed in US Senate for small and medium business cyber […]

Consumers Seek Worldwide Class in Yahoo Data Breach Case

Yahoo! Inc. may have to face a worldwide class of consumers complaining about a data breach that exposed more than a billion user accounts ( In re Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litig. , N.D. Cal., No. 16-md-02752, consolidated class complaint filed 4/13/17 ). Read more about how consumers are seeking a worldwide class […]