All Roads Lead to Rome: Critical Infrastructure Security at the Crossroad

Read Phil Quade’s article about the state of critical infrastructure security on CSO Online : There’s an idiom that sums up the idea that there are many different ways to reach a goal: “All roads lead to Rome.” However, there is another, lesser-known understanding of that empire’s famous road system: it served as an extraordinarily effective pathway […]

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, energy industry’s controls provide an alluring target

Read why Collin Eaton says that energy industry’s control systems are a very alluring target on Houston Chronicle : A Coast Guard cutter glides along the waters of the Sabine-Neches waterway, conducting sweeps for unprotected wireless signals that hackers could use to gain access to oil, gas and petrochemical facilities. Read his full article here.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Read Steve Wintle’s article about why protecting critical infrastructure from threats is important on Power Magazine : Society is highly reliant on the safety and stability of critical infrastructure. From boiling a kettle to maintaining national security, an interruption in the electricity supply can cause serious damage to businesses and the economy. Read his full […]