CSO Interview: Must-have Skills for New-age Cyber Security Professionals

While the market is getting overwhelmed and proliferated with new age disruptive technologies like IoT, AI and Blockchain, the complexity of cyber-attacks has also increased, says Vimal Mani, CISO, Bank of Sharjah . Read Vimal Mani of Bank of Sharjah lists must-have skills for new cyber security professionals on Gizmodo.

Secure Solutions for the Internet of Things

As a firm comprised of veterans from Apple, Google, Amazon Lab126 and other tech industry giants, Afero is well-poised as a developer of encryption and authentication technologies designed for Internet of Things security. We told you recently about their Modulo-2 development kit. Read the interview with Joe Britt of Afero who gives some secure solutions for […]

The Bottom Line: Cyber Security And The ‘Internet Of Things’

This week Dave and Mark discuss cybersecurity at work and at home. They speak with Francesca Spidalieri, a Senior Fellow for Cyber Leadership at the Pell Center at Salve Regina University in Newport. She’s also a member of the Governor’s Cyber Security Commission. Read why Francesca Spidalieri, a Senior Fellow for Cyber Leadership at the […]

The Equifax Breach: Former White House CIO Believes Marketers Need To Be Engaged In Cybersecurity

From the Target breach to the Sony intrusion to the recent WannaCry global ransomware attack, the frequency and scale of cyberattacks is increasing. Last week’s admission by Equifax that sensitive consumer information was stolen is the latest, and arguably the worst breach we’ve seen to date. Read the interview with Theresa Payton, former CIO for […]

Convergence Q&A: When and Why Should We Move to a Cloud-Based Security System?

Increasingly I am hearing about IT departments asking what direction physical security system technology is moving in, and where cloud-based applications or systems fit on security’s technology roadmap. Read the interview with Ray Bernard of Ray Bernard Consulting Services (RBCS) who explains why companies should opt for cloud computing on Security Info Watch.

Nokia: ISPs and users must be aware of IoT security

Arnold Jansen, senior product marketing manager for IP/optical networks at Nokia, says broadband service providers, ISPs and end-users must be aware of IoT security to prevent DDoS disasters, and explains how its next-gen IP-routing technology could help them mitigate cyberattacks. Read the interview with Arnold Jansen of Nokia who explains why it is important for […]

CISO: To achieve security in IoT devices, remember the fundamentals

When it comes to security in IoT devices, it’s important to remember that fundamental IT security principles are still applicable, according to Ravi Thatavarthy, director of information security and CISO at Bedford, Mass.-based consumer robotics company iRobot. Read the interview with Ravi Thatavarthy of iRobot who spoke about how IoT is affecting the cybersecurity threat […]

Next WannaCry attack could cost insurers $2.5B

Cyber crime insurers largely avoided costly claims from the recent attacks that hit businesses around the globe. The next global virus could change that. “It’s exceptionally likely that we will see an event over the next months that will seriously affect insurers,” Graeme Newman, chief innovation officer at CFC Underwriting, said in an interview. Read the […]

Changing Cybersecurity Threats in the Context of the Internet of Things: Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It

In this hoganlovells.com interview, Washington, D.C.-based Hogan Lovells senior associate Paul Otto talks about security issues created by the exponential growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Read the interview with Paul Otto of Hogan Lovells who explores various cyber security issues related to Internet of Things on JD Supra.

The Changing Face of Network Security

Not so long ago, the information network was a tangible entity to manage and secure. Today, in the age of the cloud and connected devices, network security is a whole new creature. Michael DeCesare, CEO of Forescout, discusses how to respond to this evolution. Read the interview with Michael DeCesare of Forescout who talks about network […]