How Marketers Cause Data Breaches

What is marketing’s role in enabling and/or preventing cyber breaches? I recently started a series that looks at the topic from a variety of viewpoints. In the following article, I interview Juliette Rizkallah, CMO of SailPoint, the leading firm in the “Identity Management” space, helping companies manage and govern the access that company employees, suppliers, […]

What Marketers Need To Know About Cybersecurity

What do marketers need to know about cybersecurity? I recently started a series that looks at the topic from a variety of viewpoints (see here for how marketers can make a difference). Read the interview with Juliette Rizkallah of SailPoint who explains why the marketing guys need to be aware about cyber security on Forbes.

Executive interview: Brian Kelly, chief security officer, Rackspace

IT security is a bit of a strategy game, according to Brian Kelly, chief security officer at Rackspace. Kelly first got involved in cyber security while working for the US government in the late 1980s and early 1990s, trying to figure out information warfare. Read the interview with Brian Kelly of Rackspace where he explains why cyber […]

How employees transform security from risk to reward

Most businesses are concerned about security on some level, but they don’t necessarily see how it applies to them. What we’re seeing in the news is a series of high profile cyber security incidents such as the WannaCry ransomware, alleged interference in the US and French elections and non-stop reporting of data breaches. Read the […]

The NIST cybersecurity framework helps navigate modern threat landscape

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework helps organizations assess and manage their cybersecurity risks, but it can be arduous to master when organizations try to follow the guidelines, according to Steven Gutkin, deputy director at the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness. Gutkin spoke with SearchCIO at the recent Fusion CEO-CIO Symposium, produced by WTN […]

What To Do If One Of Your Accounts Has Been Hacked

Hacking is on the rise across the globe. Cybercriminals compromised 1.1 billion accounts in 2016, according to a new report. What do you do if you’re hacked? Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson speaks with Suku Nair, a professor of computer science and engineering at Southern Methodist University. Read the interview with Suku Nair who explains what […]

Cyber security is a business risk, not tech risk: Kelly Bissell, MD of Global Accenture Security

With cyber risks burgeoning, companies need to catch up and Accenture Security provides end-to-end security across industries with cyber fusion centres in Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Washington DC and Prague. In an interaction with ETtech, Kelly Bissell, managing director at the 5,000-plus skill force global firm talks about the role of the chief information security officer […]

The Cost Of Cyber Breach — How Much Your Company Should Budget

Ariel Evans is an American Israeli cybersecurity expert, entrepreneur and business developer. She recently took the helm of an Israeli cyber risk company that provide enterprises, cyber insurers and M&A teams quantification of cyber risk. Read the interview with Ariel Evans who explains the cost of data breach and how much should any company budget […]

Interview: Commvault on data protection, security & why businesses must prepare for failure

Commvault takes a unique perspective on data security. The market waits for no one, especially in an era when there are industry giants embarking on massive mergers and acquisitions. Read the interview with Dan Kieran of Commvault who explains why companies should prepare for a data breach on IT Brief.

How New Technologies Are Providing New Openings for Hackers

The evolution of cloud and mobile technologies, along with the growing number of internet-connected devices, is presenting new opportunities for hackers and new cybersecurity challenges for businesses. Read the interview with John Hering, the co-founder and executive chairman of Lookout Inc., and Andrew Rubin, co-founder and chief executive of Illumio who explain how the new technologies […]