Public and private partnerships help fortify critical infrastructure

Building public and private partnerships is imperative to protecting a country’s critical infrastructure, according to Steven Gutkin, deputy director at the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness. Gutkin spoke with SearchCIO at the recent Fusion CEO-CIO Symposium, produced by WTN Media. Read the interview with Steven Gutkin, deputy director at the New Jersey Office […]

The Cost Of Cyber Breach — How Much Your Company Should Budget

Ariel Evans is an American Israeli cybersecurity expert, entrepreneur and business developer. She recently took the helm of an Israeli cyber risk company that provide enterprises, cyber insurers and M&A teams quantification of cyber risk. Read the interview with Ariel Evans who explains the cost of data breach and how much should any company budget […]

Interview: Commvault on data protection, security & why businesses must prepare for failure

Commvault takes a unique perspective on data security. The market waits for no one, especially in an era when there are industry giants embarking on massive mergers and acquisitions. Read the interview with Dan Kieran of Commvault who explains why companies should prepare for a data breach on IT Brief.

How New Technologies Are Providing New Openings for Hackers

The evolution of cloud and mobile technologies, along with the growing number of internet-connected devices, is presenting new opportunities for hackers and new cybersecurity challenges for businesses. Read the interview with John Hering, the co-founder and executive chairman of Lookout Inc., and Andrew Rubin, co-founder and chief executive of Illumio who explain how the new technologies […]

70% Of Firms Report A Cybersecurity Incident: Why Marketers Should Care

Since the Target and Sony hacks, I have been interested in marketing’s role (or lack thereof) in preparing for and managing the consequences of data breaches. As part of a series exploring the topic in detail (see article #1 here), I talked with Holly Rollo, the CMO of RSA, a Dell Technologies business. Read about […]

Enterprise information security and privacy reliant on culture

Studies continue to show that insider threats are a big risk to companies’ data protection efforts. But despite these well-known, highly publicized threats, corporate leadership often does not do enough to set the right information protection tone in their organizations, according to Grace Buckler, founder of privacy consulting firm The Privacy Advocate LLC. Read the […]

Security and the Internet of Things [Q&A]

Last year saw the Mirai botnet harness routers and other IoT devices to launch DDoS attacks against internet services. Is this type of attack something we’re going to see more of in 2017, and what can companies and individuals do to protect themselves? We spoke to Sam Rehman, chief technology officer at attack prevention specialist Arxan […]

Venture Capital Pioneer Vinod Khosla Says AI Will Lead to Massive Job Displacement

Vinod Khosla is among the world’s most influential venture capitalists. He co-founded Sun Microsystems and served as its CEO before joining Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Mr. Khosla, 61, now runs Khosla Ventures. CIO Journal met with Mr. Khosla at the Structure technology conference in San Francisco on November 8. Read more about the interview […]

Inside the Mind of Cyber Criminals

To learn more about how cyber criminals operate in the dark web, we asked our own Andrei Barysevich a few questions. Below is what he had to say. You have spent a great deal of time studying actual cyber crime activity, forums, and behavior in recent months. What are some of the things you’ve learned that […]

With hacking as a profitable venture, the need for computer security grows

Dave Newell has been keeping computers secure since before information security even existed as a defined profession. As founder of East Aurora-based cybersecurity firm Loptr LLC, he’s at the forefront of the field today. Read the interview with Dave Newell of Computer Task Group who says that the need for cyber security is growing as […]