The IoT is happening – now it’s time to fix its security

Read why Michael Moore says that it is time to fix Internet of Things security on IT Pro Portal : The Internet of Things has enjoyed a huge surge in growth in recent years, with businesses and consumers alike flocking to get the world around them smarter and more connected. Read his full article here.

The Internet of Things Connectivity Binge: What Are the Implications?

Read Lee Rainie and Janna Anderson study the implications of Internet of Things on Pew Research Center : Connection begets connection. In 1999, 18 years ago, when just 4% of the world’s population was online, Kevin Ashton coined the term Internet of Things, Neil Gershenfeld of MIT Media Lab wrote the book “When Things Start […]

Six things every consumer should know about the ‘Internet of Things’

At least 40% of Australian households now have at least one home “Internet of Things” device. These are fridges, window blinds, locks and other devices that are connected to the internet. Read about the six things every consumer should know about the Internet of Things on Phys.

Balancing the Risks of the Internet of Things

Read Darren Anstee’s article about how companies can balance the risk of Internet of Things devices on Dark Reading : The connected world is here, and the Internet of Things (IoT) promises a plethora of business benefits such as automated services, optimized resource utilization, better green credentials, and so on. But as with all new technologies, […]

Managing large-scale IoT security solutions with VPNs

Read Julian Weinberger explain how companies can manage large-scale Internet of Things security solutions using VPNs on Tech Target : Enterprises are experiencing a rapid evolution in technology that is challenging traditional security systems and infrastructures. The arrival of business-oriented IoT devices creates even more demand for secure connectivity. Read his full article here.

Lack of Experience May Plague IoT Security Startups

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings with it myriad opportunities and benefits across a range of industries — manufacturing, retail, telco, healthcare, to name a few. Eighty-five percent of businesses plan to implement IoT by 2019, according to an HPE Aruba study. Read about the new study by HPE Aruba which reveals that Internet of […]

IoT Security: Nearly Half Of Businesses Experience Breaches Because Of Internet Of Things

Nearly half of all companies in the United States that use an Internet of Things (IoT) network have been affected by a security breach that has hurt annual revenue. Read about the new survey by Altman Vilandrie and Company which reveals that forty-eight percent of companies that use internet-enabled technologies as part of their supply chain […]

Survey highlights IoT security breaches at U.S. firms

A new survey shows that nearly half of U.S. firms using an internet of things (IoT) network have been hit by a recent breach, which can cost up to 13% of smaller firms’ annual revenues. Read about the new survey by Altman Vilandrie & Company which reveals that nearly half of United States firms which use […]

IoT Security Challenges, Opportunities

The specter of cybersecurity is haunting the Internet of Things—or more specifically, the lack of it. Big companies in information technology and telecommunications have embraced the IoT as a significant business opportunity, and the field is inspiring hundreds of startups in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Read about the Internet of Things security risks and opportunities on […]

Ten best practices for securing the Internet of Things in your organization

One of the biggest challenges with the Internet of Things (IoT) is the security headache that comes with it. This issue is exacerbated in the enterprise, where connected devices often control large, dangerous machines, or send and receive sensitive data. Read about the ten best practices for securing the Internet of Things devices in your […]