The Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act: A Good Start on IoT Security

Read why Nicholas Weaver says that the newly proposed Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act is a good start to IoT security on Lawfare : Senators Warner, Gardner, Wyden, and Daines have submitted a proposed bill titled the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017 (IoT-CIA), which is a good first step in securing […]

Proposed IoT Security Bill Well-Intentioned But Likely Hard To Enforce

Read Jai Vijayan analyse the proposed Internet of Things cyber security bill being debated in US Congress on Dark Reading : Security vendors this week praised a newly-proposed Senate bill that would require a minimum set of security controls for IoT devices, but they also expressed concerns that the legislation would be hard to enforce. Read his […]

Gaps found in Pentagon guidance on Internet of Things devices, overall cybersecurity

A government agency has found there are gaps in the Department of Defense’s policies on new Internet-capable devices such as smart TVs and also suggests cybersecurity efforts “can be strengthened.” Read about the new report by Government Accountability Office which found gaps in the Pentagon’s Internet of Things cyber security guidelines on CNBC.

Senators introduce bill to secure Internet of Things devices

A bipartisan group of senators have introduced legislation aimed at securing internet-connected smart devices, which were at the center of a massive cyberattack that brought down large swathes of the internet last year. Read about the new legislation being introduced in United States Congress to secure Internet of Things devices on ZDNet.

The internet of things and cybersecurity vulnerabilities

The internet of things is defined as the interconnectivity or networking of devices, sensors and electronics to communicate through software. With IoT and the typical computing infrastructure that is very familiar, the change in data, access, connectivity and monitoring requires a cybersecurity approach. Read the analytical article about Internet of Things and how it effects […]

Managing Third-Party Risks and Internet of Things

Efforts to mitigate third-party risks in the internet of things ecosystem are lagging, despite recognition that the IoT introduces new security risks and vulnerabilities, according to a new study. Companies rely on technologies and practices that have not evolved to address emergent IoT threat factors, according to “The Internet of Things: a New Era of […]

The future of the Internet of Things: security is everything

The Internet of Things (IoT) is counted among emerging technologies that promise to transform the South African market. While the opportunity for IoT is young in South Africa, its potential influence is far-reaching. For example, in the mining industry, devices monitor air quality, seismic activity, shaft stability, equipment wear, and energy usage Read why cyber security […]

IoT Security: How Elastic Are You?

Read why Matt Brunk says that Internet of Things embedded security systems need flexibility improvement to reduce incident response time on No Jitters : The Internet of Things is a wave of connected opportunities that brings in a broad range of data to enterprises. Being able to turn the data into actionable data quickly is […]

Majority of Consumers Believe IoT Needs Security Built In

While 90% of consumers across six different countries expect security to be built into their Internet of Things devices, the question about who should be responsible for implementing IoT security is divided, according to a survey released today by Irdeto. Read about the new study by Irdeto which reveals that majority of consumers want manufacturers […]

IBM boosts security testing for IoT, connected cars with new services from X-Force Red

BM Security announced on Monday that it would offer new security testing services for the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected cars. The services will be offered in conjunction with IBM’s security research arm, IBM X-Force Red, according to a press release. Read about the security testing tool for Internet of Things released by IBM […]