Satori Botnet Malware Now Can Infect Even More IoT Devices

The authors of the Satori IoT malware family have dramatically increased their pool of bot recruits for attack botnets with a new version of the tool targeting systems running ARC processors. The latest Satori variant, the fourth since the malware first surfaced in Dec. 2017, appears to be the first aimed specifically at ARC chipsets, […]

Hackers have released the exploit code for Huawei router vulnerability that helped to enable the Satori IoT botnet

Remember the dreaded Satori Internet of Things botnet that helped bring down hundreds of websites last month. For the uninitiated, the Satori Internet of Things (IoT) botnet disrupted the services of hundreds internet service providers (ISPs) earlier this month taking thousands of users offline. The Satori IoT botnet was traced to a vulnerability in Huawei […]

The Internet of (Secure) Things Checklist

If you own a small, medium business or even if you are a homemaker, chances are that you are using some kind of Internet-connected device called the Internet of Things. This device helps you in your day to day chores like a smart washing machine or a smart fridge. Businesses have their own Internet of […]

Proxy Cyberwarfare, GDPR And Blockchain – The Prospects For Security In 2018

The last year has been a significant 12 months in the short history of cyber security, with headline security breaches such as Uber and a scramble to come up with new approaches, particularly as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into force next May. According to Greg Sim, CEO at Glasswall Solutions, 2018 […]

IoT security needs a white knight

Read why Internet of Things connected devices need a white knight for cyber security according Jon Gold to on Network World : Thanks to the Mirai botnet attacks, few people in the world of tech need a reminder that IoT devices remain a serious threat to enterprise networks. Still, more than a year after the […]

Internet of Things security issues bleed into 2018

In 2017 Internet of Things (IoT) devices rose to prominence as attackers have continued to target and use them to support various cyberattacks. IoT devices are almost the perfect target for cyberthieves. They sit on internal networks, have their own IP address, and allow communication with other internet connected devices and systems. Unfortunately, IoT devices have little […]

Ten trends that will change business cyber security protection in 2018

2017 once again proved that the cyber threat landscape is complex and constantly changing, dictating the need for comprehensive and responsive defenses that step up to the real challenges that organisations face. AI-aided attacks, increased regulation and the exponential growth of endpoint and IoT devices present the opportunity for entirely new forms of risks to […]

What Can We Learn from Counterterrorism and National Security Efforts?

Cyber attacks changed drastically over the last few years. Cyber attackers now focus on disrupting our day-to-day operations or use attacks as a strategic weapon. For example, in December 2016, Kiev experienced a blackout, likely as a result of a cyber attack on the Ukrainian capital’s power system. In the 2016 Dyn attack, Internet of Things […]

IoT malware targeting zero-day vulnerabilities

Once it became evident that IoT devices can be relatively easily enslaved in botnets and that even their limited power can be used for a variety of nefarious purposes, it was open season for malicious actors. First, they targeted IoT devices with default or weak passwords, and manufacturers and users began changing them. Then they […]

Majority of Companies Lack Sufficient IoT Policy Enforcement Tools

A global survey of infosec decision-makers found 92% of respondents have security policies to manage IoT devices, yet 53% lack sufficient tools to enforce the policies, according to a Forrester Research report. Ten percent of the 3,378 survey respondents lacked any tools at all to enforce the policies, Forrester’s State of IoT Security 2018 report found. The […]