Effective intrusion detection for the Internet of Things

A group of researchers have devised a self-learning system for detecting compromised IoT devices that does not require prior knowledge about device types or labeled training data to operate. “We propose a novel approach that combines automated device-type identification and subsequent device-type-specific anomaly detection by making use of machine learning techniques. Read how a group […]

Microsoft Brings Linux Driven IoT Security to Azure

Microsoft has released Azure Sphere OS, a Linux distro for the internet of things. This has a lot of old school Linux advocates wondering whether that’s good or bad. One website reported the story accompanied by a photo of a frozen road to hell. A Linux writer for a maintream tech site was prompted to […]

How To Secure The Internet Of Things

Read Francis Dinha explain how we can secure Internet of Things connected devices on Forbes : We’re all connected. That’s not just some warm and fuzzy expression of sentiment, it’s the reality of the digital world we inhabit. That connection provides great benefits, but can also leave us vulnerable to those who would prey on […]

Russian hackers are attacking home routers, ISPs and business firewalls to spy and steal data, warns US, UK

Government-backed Russian hackers are using compromised routers and other network infrastructure to conduct espionage and potentially lay the groundwork for future offensive cyber operations, UK and US authorities have warned. In a joint statement, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – […]

Microsoft unveils new security tools for Internet of Things, edge devices

To help enterprises secure their data and networks against growing cyber attacks, Microsoft has announced new intelligent security tools and technologies for Internet of Things (IoT) and edge devices. The company introduced “Azure Sphere”, the industry’s first holistic platform to create secured, connected microcontroller unit (MCU) devices on the “intelligent edge”. MCU-powered devices are the […]

Real-time detection of consumer IoT devices participating in DDoS attacks

Could we detect compromised consumer IoT devices participating in a DDoS attack in real-time and do something about it? A group of researchers Princeton University have presented some encouraging results showing that the first part of that equation can be relatively easily solved. As IoT traffic is often distinct from that of other Internet connected […]

Securing the Insecure: Security Challenges Posed by the Internet of Things

Read G.H.Rao list the security challenges posed by the Internet of Things on IoT Journal : Many organizations are experimenting with the Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, ranging from automation systems and sensor networks to critical connected health-care solutions, connected vehicles, and industrial robotics. Such deployment scenarios can automate device management, improve efficiencies and reduce […]

2018 Internet Of Things 50: 10 Coolest IoT Security Companies

A central issue for the emerging IoT industry is security, as an increase in attacks — including Distributed Denial of Service attacks and critical infrastructure exploits — have targeted IoT systems. IoT security also comes with unique challenges due to the complexities involved with distributed devices that ultimately may be cloud-connected. The IoT security market […]

Mozilla: IoT a growing security concern, social fraud hitting ‘epidemic proportions’

Access to the internet has grown exponentially in the last 10 years and will continue to play an outsized role in our lives as more and more people and activities move to the digital realm. With more than 3.57 billion people now using the internet and efforts to digitize a panoply of processes well underway, […]

A Long-Awaited IoT Crisis Is Here, and Many Devices Aren’t Ready

Read Lily Hay Newman’s article about the security loopholes in routers, video gaming consoles and other Internet of Things devices on Wired : You know by now that Internet of Things devices like your router are often vulnerable to attack, the industry-wide lack of investment in security leaving the door open to a host of […]