Smart Forensics for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Read Usama Salama explain the smart forensics for the Internet of Things on Security Intelligence : Interconnecting smart devices open companies, government agencies and individual consumers to a whole new world of useful applications. But while the Internet of Things (IoT) makes our day-to-day lives more convenient and dynamic, it also creates more opportunities for […]

Can IoT security gaps be plugged before a massive attack?

Read Nick Ismail’s article about whether the Internet of Things security gaps can be plugged before a massive attack on Information Age : By 2050, there could be as many as 50 billion devices connected through the Internet of Things. There’s absolutely no doubt the internet of things is going to be widespread. What should […]

Protecting against IoT-powered cyberthreats

Last October, long-standing predictions that the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) would form a launching pad for new cyberattacks hit home in a big way. As many as 100,000 malware-infected IoT devices flooded two major internet service providers with superfluous traffic in a broad distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Read about how companies can […]

Prevailing Trends in Internet of Things in 2017

Every user requires a single access point instead of multiple interfaces which are well connected, smart and fast. Almost every industry is investing in Internet of Things (IoT) recently. Read about the 5 topmost Internet of Things trends to watch out for in year 2017 on I am Wire.

Security Testing Should Be The Highest Priority For The Internet Of Things

Read why y David Bolton says that security testing should be the top priority for Internet of Things on Arc Blog : Companies that integrate Internet of Things solutions into their working practices must make testing a priority, especially if they want to reduce the chances of a security breach. A recent report by global consulting firm […]

Internet of Things security: What happens when every device is smart and you don’t even know it?

Read why Danny Palmer says that Internet of Things connected devices are a security headache on ZDNet : Billions more everyday items are set to be connected to the internet in the next few years, especially as chips get cheaper and cheaper to produce — and crucially, small enough to fit into even the smallest […]

IT Workers Expect Industrial Internet of Things Attacks to Rise

As the technology industry races to embrace the internet of things (IoT) and all the benefits it can bring, it has also been quick to warn about the security implications too. There have already been a number of examples of everyday IoT devices, such as security cameras and webcams, being hijacked and used to launch […]

Evolution of the Internet of Unnecessary Things

Read why Nick Ismail calls Internet of Things, Internet of unnecessary Things on Information Age : Today, the Internet of Things extends to smart homes with heating, entertainment and security systems linked to streetlights and smart cities – meaning the infrastructure has now been put in place to support a connected world Read his full […]

What Is the Internet of Things?

Read Chris Neiger’s definitive article about Internet of Things on The Motely Fool : Defining the Internet of Things (IoT) can be simplified down to the connection of everyday things — like homes, industrial equipment, watches, etc. — to the internet, for the purpose of collecting data, tracking usage, and automating systems. While it encompasses many […]

Bruce Schneier on New Security Threats from the Internet of Things

Security expert Bruce Schneier says we’re creating an Internet that senses, thinks, and acts, which is is the classic definition of a robot. “I contend that we’re building a world-sized robot without even realizing it,” he said recently at the Open Source Leadership Summit (OSLS). Read cyber security expert Bruce Schneier’s views about Internet of […]