Connectivity How to Get One Trillion Devices Online

ARM Holdings designed the chips inside almost every single smartphone on the planet. But when the Japanese telecom company SoftBank acquired ARM last year for $32 billion, it had more than phones in mind. Read why Chris Doran of ARM says that cyber security is the biggest obstacle for the Internet of things on Technology Review.

Why chipmakers are taking IoT security Into their own hands

Read why chipmakers are taking Internet of Things security seriously according to Majid Ahmed on Network World : While much of the talk about the Internet of Things today concerns the economic growth and impending social change being fostered by it, IoT investors and enthusiast alike are increasingly turning their attention towards network security. Read his […]

The Bottom Line: Cyber Security And The ‘Internet Of Things’

This week Dave and Mark discuss cybersecurity at work and at home. They speak with Francesca Spidalieri, a Senior Fellow for Cyber Leadership at the Pell Center at Salve Regina University in Newport. She’s also a member of the Governor’s Cyber Security Commission. Read why Francesca Spidalieri, a Senior Fellow for Cyber Leadership at the […]

Why is an IoT Security Standard needed

Read why Marc says that a Internet of Things security standard is needed to regulate IoT devices on IoT Business News : The recent wave of cyber attacks is a clear reminder of the importance of proper information security. The latest Equifax breach didn’t just leave over 140 million customers exposed and vulnerable; it also […]

How To Adapt Your Security To The Internet Of Things

Read Shira Caldie’s article about how companies can adapt their cyber security to the Internet of Things on Kroll On Track Blog : From Amazon’s Alexa to Ring’s Video Doorbell, the Internet of Things (IoT) continues its transformation of technology. Not only is it enhancing the way human beings live, but also increasing the speed […]

IoT Ecosystems, Not Just Devices, Need Security

Read why Jason Koestenblatt says that Internet of Things ecosystems need good cyber security on Enterprise Mobility Exchange :04 The Internet of Things (IoT) movement has been underway since the first mobile device connected to a wireless network, but its momentum in the global enterprise space today is leaps and bounds beyond where it was a […]

Why won’t enterprises take IoT security seriously?

As connected devices permeate homes and offices worldwide, consumers and enterprises tend to overlook the serious digital and physical damage that cybersecurity failures in these devices can wreak. Read why security experts say that companies dont take Internet of Things security seriously on Tech Republic.

Secure Standardization Efforts Slowly Emerging for Fragmented IoT Ecosystem

The IoT represents a game-changing technological breakthrough. ABI Research forecasts 48.8 billion connected devices globally by 2021. But the ecosystem is volatile, fractured, and experimental. Read why  Michela Menting of ABI Research says that the Internet of Things is still vulnerable cyber threats on Business Insider.

Dealing with the Internet of (insecure) Things

A rapid rise of internet-connected devices offers huge potential benefits for businesses and consumers, however it’s also sparking increasing concern among IT security experts. The connected devices that form the Internet of Things (IoT) come in a plethora of form factors and are designed to undertake a range of different tasks. What’s less clear is now […]

Addressing the Security Risks of the Mobile Internet of Things

Read Cara Sloman’s article about how companies can address the security risks of the mobile Internet of Things on Techzone 360 : The mobile Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses much more than smartphones. It includes machine-to-machine (M2M) modules—such as wearables—autonomous cars and mobile-connected tablets. This vast worldwide network is growing at an unprecedented pace. Read […]