IoT attacks: 10 things you need to know

Something major happened in October. Internet of Things (IoT) devices were exploited by cybercriminals and turned into a rogue and malevolent army. A series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks affected websites connected to the cloud-based internet performance management company Dyn, including Amazon, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify and PayPal. It’s possibly a watershed moment. Read about […]

Sound the alarm: How to get serious about industrial IoT security

Read why Tony Paine says that it is time to get serious about industrial Internet of Things security on Tech Target : Steady adoption of the internet of things continues to dramatically influence industrial architectures. Organizations can now gather and draw insight from a greater volume and variety of data across more diverse sets of […]

How The Internet Of Things Is The Perfect Target For DDoS Attacks And Data Breaches

Read how Internet of Things connected devices are vulnerable vectors for DDoS attacks and data breaches on Tech Times : The world is taking advantage of the many benefits that the Internet of Things has to offer. However, along with these benefits comes the great threat of DDoS attacks and data breaches. DDoS refers to Distributed […]

Can government really fix the IoT mess?

Read Taylor Armerding’s article about the Internet of Things security mess and how it should be fixed on CSO Online : The private sector often views government as the problem, not the solution. But, in the view of a growing number of experts, the opposite is true when it comes to addressing the rampant and increasing […]

IoT: Internet of (Unsafe) Things

Read why Tushar Mehta says that Internet of Things is really Internet of unsafe things on PC Quest : Internet of Things is under threat from its ancestor – the world wide web (www or web as we know it). The market of IoT devices is flourishing on the banks along a river with riptides. […]

Security strategies for IoT top the CSO agenda

Nearly half of companies surveyed are investing in a security strategy for the internet of things (IoT), according to the PwC Global State of Information Security report. The report found that security strategies are becoming more nuanced and considered, with more thought going into sophisticated measures. The survey measured over 10,000 participants in 133 countries. Read […]

Will you be safe with an always-connected Internet of Things?

Read Michael Armentrout’s article about the security issues with Internet of Things connected devices on Embedded Computing Design : Rising connectivity across people, machines, and devices is highlighting the need for IT security, or security for the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) in particular. From industrial manufacturing to smart home technology and communications, decision makers […]

Security and the Internet of Things [Q&A]

Last year saw the Mirai botnet harness routers and other IoT devices to launch DDoS attacks against internet services. Is this type of attack something we’re going to see more of in 2017, and what can companies and individuals do to protect themselves? We spoke to Sam Rehman, chief technology officer at attack prevention specialist Arxan […]

What Does 2017 Hold for the Internet of Things?

Read Leo Sun take a look at how Internet of Things will fare in 2017 on The Motley Fool : The Internet of Things (IoT), which links mobile devices, wearables, home automation devices, cars, and other gadgets to each other and the cloud, is frequently considered the next big growth market for hardware and software […]

Protecting the internet of things

Read Rep. Earl L.Carter’s article about Internet of Things security on The Hill : We as a society are more intertwined and interconnected with our electronic devices than ever before. Today, everything from light bulbs to coffee makers have remote access. With the download of a new app or the touch of a screen, we can […]